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200 love poems

200 love poems

by George Pospelow
Nuances of 40 year love evolved in India, and strengthened in Russia, Canada, and the US. Thus, the four chapters are: "Indian spring", "Russian summer", "Canadian autumn", and "American winter".


Nuances of 40 year love evolved in India, and strengthened in Russia, Canada, and the US. Thus, the four chapters are: "Indian spring", "Russian summer", "Canadian autumn", and "American winter".

Editorial Reviews

BBC - Riam Dalati
Dallas, TX - Billie Durand
"…His struggle to remain whole is laid bare in language which calls the blood to surface."
“Zeta,” Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico - Gabriela Olivares
"As in the Homer's famous pilgrimage, the literary work which Pospelow now shares, is populated with characters,situations, distant and adventurous places, fountains of inspiration. …From the start to the end the adventure is called love. The love of epic proportions…"
Zhengzhow, Henan, China - Zhang Tuan
"Exotic, thoughtful and tantalizingly emotional, George Pospelow gives the ultimate ode to our most tender, yet most dreaded, emotion: Love, in all its forms
and varieties."
Cairo, Egypt - Noor Al-Zubaidi
"The poet depicts thrillingly magnificent images of love in the context of his travels around the world. The picture of this eminent passion makes you try to discover its enigma. To no avail ― in the end you surrender to a mysterious fascination of ardor."

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Meet the Author

George Pospelow, an American of Russian descent, is a man of 50 professions — a career diplomat in India, a consul in Greece, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh and a woodcutter; a scientist having a Ph.D. in World History, MLIS in Information, MA in Literature, BA in Linguistics and a loader; a translator who knows 12 languages and a manager of a company; a traveler having rambled in 22 countries during many years, sometimes for half a year like in India and a teacher; a University librarian and a writer.
In Russia he was a Head of the analytical Department of the Consular Service at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR and then Russian Federation. The most important document prepared by him was a draft of the renewed Law “How to enter and exit the USSR.” It was endorsed by the Foreign Minister but rejected by the Supreme Soviet. He tried to prove that everyone had the right to leave Russia, and although could not persuade the Supreme Soviet, proved it to himself.
Until now George remains crystal clear honest in all his actions. George always had low positions which instead of headaches at high ones gave him tons of free time to read and write. He’s been and remains a writer — this is the only profession that he has.
Well, theoretically two because George’s got his Master’s in Information Sciences from an American University and worked as an ordinary University librarian for a while. He doesn’t count it and all other positions which helped him pay his bills although he gave all his energy to every job that he had or has, even the salary was not high. His only profession always helped him.
At a law firm, he wrote poems to 33 secretaries who loved them so much that established his good relationship with the lawyers. At the other one, George also wrote poems but not so many. As recognition of his “outstanding customer service,” 100 American lawyers organized a special surprise party for him. That was done only once in the history of that law firm.
He developed a people-oriented personality instead of being a fiercely independent individual, became democratic instead of autocratic. He loves people basing on their personal qualities, not on anything else.

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