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20,000 Days and Counting: The Crash Course for Mastering Your Life Right Now

20,000 Days and Counting: The Crash Course for Mastering Your Life Right Now

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by Robert D. Smith, Andy Andrews (Foreword by)

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The day for change is today and it's more simple than you realize.

Most people sleepwalk through day-to-day life, passively letting time slip away. Unfortunately, the only thing that can usually wake people up to the intensity of life is impending death. But what if it didn't have to be that way? 20,000 Days presents breathtakingly simple


The day for change is today and it's more simple than you realize.

Most people sleepwalk through day-to-day life, passively letting time slip away. Unfortunately, the only thing that can usually wake people up to the intensity of life is impending death. But what if it didn't have to be that way? 20,000 Days presents breathtakingly simple strategies and concepts that, once applied, will enable readers to be 100% present and intentional with every passing minute of every day, for the rest of their lives.

The book is designed to be read in under an hour and the effect is immediate. Within each segment are tactics for mastering control for your life; principles such as:

  • Motivation is a myth
  • You only have two choices, yes and no
  • How to conquer rejection forever
  • How BECOMING the problem will SOLVE all your problems
  • Three sentences that will change your life immediately

These timeless principles apply to everyone from the pending graduate to the seasoned business professional; from the time-starved parent to the weary pastor to the restless entrepreneur.

On the 20,000th day of his life, the author sent an email that inspired and reminded a group of people of all ages to live in the moment. This group now includes you.

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Thomas Nelson

Copyright © 2012 Robert D. Smith
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-8499-4854-1

Chapter One


IN 2009, MIDWAY THROUGH MY FIFTY-FOURTH YEAR LIVING on this planet, I came to a realization that changed my life forever: I had been alive for nearly 20,000 days!

That's 480,000 hours.

28,800,000 minutes.

1,728,000,000 seconds.

Yet even with all those days, all those hours, all those minutes and seconds that had already passed, I had this overwhelming feeling that I still had so much more to do. I am aware of the fragility of life, yet somehow I continue to be shocked at how rapidly the days fly by. To this point, my life has slipped past so quickly I can hardly comprehend it.

I am blessed beyond belief with parents who have loved me, have encouraged me, and are proud of who I am still in the process of becoming. I have three sisters, all of whom have incredible families. I look forward to every moment with them.

I knew what I wanted to study years before I went to college. I attended Samford University in Birmingham, majoring in psychology while minoring in speech and drama and acquiring a secondary teaching certificate.

During the three years after graduation, I held a variety of jobs. Those included being a youth director for a church, selling cars, and acting as sales manager for a company that produced surgical stainless steel. At the age of twenty-five, I was asked to go into artist management. My only client was to be a friend I had met seven years earlier when he was in the ninth grade. That friend's name was Andy Andrews.

For the last three decades, I have been privileged to manage this one act. He started as a comedian on cruise ships, then headlined the college circuit for years before performing in arenas and major showrooms in Las Vegas with Kenny Rogers, Joan Rivers, Randy Travis, Cher, and many others.

Eventually, Andy transitioned from comedian to author of what most would call "inspirational" books. We self-published a series of books called Storms of Perfection that sold over 600,000 copies ... before Amazon existed. As far as publishing is concerned, Andy's tipping point happened when Thomas Nelson Publishers published his first novel, The Traveler's Gift. More about that later.

Bottom line: I am a behind-the-scenes guy. I have never had any desire to be onstage or even write a book. So yes, I am just as surprised as anyone that you are reading this. In fact, what you are about to read has always been for my eyes only. These are my personal notes about life and business and God, from journals that no one has ever seen.

But enough about the past; let's talk about the future.

What can you and I do right now in order to make the most out of the years in front of us? What can we do to accomplish more, to celebrate more, to touch more lives in our remaining years than we have to this point?

How can we live our next days to the fullest?

I am definitely one to plan things out. Planning is natural for me to do; however, on my 20,000th day, I did something entirely out of character. I packed a few things, hopped in the car, and drove. When the time seemed right, I stopped and checked into one of The Leading Hotels of the World with a single objective in mind for the next forty-eight hours: to celebrate my first 20,000 days by putting myself through a crash course in planning my next 20,000 days.

Consider this book your personal crash course. Following are the specific breakthroughs I took away from my 20,000-day planning period. Here are the thoughts and actions I have pledged to implement daily for the rest of my life in order that I live with intense purpose, constant joy, and lasting influence.

Anything that is wasted effort represents wasted time. The best management of our time thus becomes linked inseparably with the best utilization of our efforts.

Ted W. Engstrom American religious and social leader b. March 1, 1916, d. July 14, 2006 (He lived exactly 33,007 days)

Chapter Two


MY BIRTH DATE, MAY 5, 1955, CAUSES SOME PEOPLE TO speculate that the date must mean something. If so, I don't know what. Some think all those fives are auspicious and should be considered my lucky number. Others have suggested that I play it in the lottery. But I don't gamble.

I was honored and privileged when Andy Andrews and his wife, Polly, threw me a surprise fiftieth birthday party. How nearly ninety people could possibly show up at one location without me ever having a hint of what was going on from any family, friends, or associates is still beyond me. If you've ever experienced a truly happy surprise, then you can understand what I mean. It was simply amazing—a memory created for eternity!

Out of gratitude, I called Andy late that night because I wanted to share something I had never told anyone.

In my ninth-grade PE class, a good friend of mine, Paul Kartlick, tripped while playing basketball, hit his head hard on the outdoor concrete court, and died. Gone at fourteen years old. I was stunned. Shocked to my core.

I had been raised in the church and was very aware of God and spiritual things, but this hit me hard. It was my first realization that I am always, very literally, only one step away from dying, from meeting my Creator face to face. Any moment. Any day. Anywhere.

If you've ever experienced a tragedy, you probably have a good idea of how I was feeling. It was a pivotal point—a transition of some kind. Almost immediately, I began to reassess everything I thought I knew about life. We've all heard that life can change in an instant, but when that change results in the loss of life itself, it can become a huge and incredibly defining moment.

Since that day, I have lived with the odd sense that I, too, might die young. This experience and the feeling it fostered in me created a unique sense of urgency. Even at a young age, I began to seek out ways to fulfill my purpose. There had to be a purpose to life, right? There just had to be something to being divinely guided. But guided to do what? Every day became a major mission to find out why I was here and what I was supposed to do with my life.

I may not have fully realized my life's purpose as a freshman in high school, but I reasoned that it had to be a ton of little things adding up to something big. I had no idea what "big" looked like, but I understood little things. Consequently, I felt a pressing desire to accomplish these little things—make a phone call, write a letter, research an idea—as soon as they occurred to me. I constantly asked myself, What is important now? What is next? I could never escape those two questions as they spun around in my mind.

To this day, those same two questions keep me up late, get me up early, and create a never-ending quest of enormous possibilities and accomplishments. In truth, I never really want to be finished, though I am aware that one day, it will all end. But not yet.

I know I will die, but I do not know how long I will live.

To some, the very idea stated above may seem like a burden, but to me it's been a tremendous gift. Actually, it has been my motivating force.

With this thought weighing heavily on my mind, and added to the somewhat shocking revelation that I had been alive for 20,000 days, the first thing I did upon arriving at the hotel was to write and send forty-eight individual e-mails to the closest people in my life.

Every single one of them responded, many with an intense reaction. Some called. Some still talk about this e-mail to this day.

The following concept, if applied—will change your life immediately and forever.

From: Robert D. Smith

Subject: 20,000 Days & Counting

Date: February 6, 2010 6:11:50 PM CST

To: (48 undisclosed individual recipients)

A couple of years ago, I found a widget called a Countdown Calendar that told me how many more days were left until New Year's Day, or whatever future date you put. I wondered if it worked on days past. It did. I put in my birth date and was WOWed by how many days I had been alive.

I decided then that I would do something to celebrate when I reached the next big number.

Friday, February 5, 2010, was that day. I have been alive 20,000 days as of that day. I am grateful for each day, and for where they have brought me.

I decided to celebrate by taking a 48-hour crash course on planning the next 20,000 days, all while staying in a beautiful suite at one of The Leading Hotels of the World—at an undisclosed location.

I would like to share a verse that has influenced my life. "Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom" (Psalm 90:12; Bible, Sacred Scriptures of Christians and Judaism).

Life is short.

Our days are numbered.

Our lives are limited.

Life can pass extremely fast.

The Bible says that a person's life is like a breath or vapor (Psalm 39:4–6).

The Bible also says that life is like a shadow that only temporarily appears (Ecclesiastes 6:12). And like a flower that flourishes then quickly withers and fades away (Job 14:2).



• Counting my days has created a sense of intense urgency, causing me to choose how I am going to live and know what I am living for now.

• I must desire wisdom with all my might. "Exalt her, and she will promote you; she will bring you honor, when you embrace her" (Proverbs 4:8). Wisdom is not only critical but also valuable for me to make important daily decisions.


• It is so easy to take my relationships for granted. Counting my days reminds me of how precious they are. This causes me to be more loving, more forgiving, and more unselfish. Time is merely the measure of passing events. Time is inflexible. You cannot manage it. It cannot be compressed or expanded. Bottom line: don't focus on time, but on events themselves. When you control the event, you control your life. Fill these events with people you love. Relationships will be enhanced and memories created.


• Counting my days compels me to want to spend my remaining days and years in serving my Creator. I must stay watchful, alert, and committed.

• I am grateful for every moment. Every possibility. Every person I meet throughout the day. I am fully open to god. I am an empty vessel to fill, a building with no doors. I seek what to do and where to go, living on the edge of great expectations.

• The sum of what I do today is more expansive and far reaching than I can comprehend. This gives me certainty to continue with tons of massive action all day.


• The Bible says that without a vision the people will perish (Proverbs 29:18). A vision or dream has given me direction, something to aim at, to work toward. It keeps me marching forward.

• I do not want to close my eyes and fail to see the vision. I face today with my eyes wide open, actively looking for the next action to take. Today I will practice love in all my actions, taking calculated risks and living more adventurously.

• I know I am creating a life book. Today is but a chapter—maybe even just a few paragraphs. Each sentence I write with on-purpose intention. We all dream. But not equally. To make your dreams possible, act on them with open eyes.


• Counting my days makes things of eternal value feel much more important. I am more aware than ever that my life is preparation for eternity. One day my heart will stop, and that will be the end of this body. But not the end of me.

• Knowing that the quality of my life will never exceed the quality of my questions, I must ask outstanding questions. What am I doing that will count two hundred years from now? For eternity?

• Present success or failure does not measure the true value of your life's work. You still have now.

Six words continue to motivate me: No Reserves. No Retreats. No Regrets.

I am eternally grateful that YOU are in my life. The impact you have on me daily is beyond measure. What I do, what I think, who I am, and what I am becoming has been hugely influenced by you. For this I deeply and gratefully thank YOU!! I am so very proud of YOU and that god brought us together.

I look forward to counting more time with you and creating more memories that will truly last for all eternity.

Love you!! TheRobertD

No reserves. No retreats. No regrets.

William Borden Christian missionary, heir to the Borden, Inc. fortune b. November 1, 1887, d. April 9, 1913 (He lived exactly 9,290 days)

Chapter Three


THOSE SIX WORDS—NO RESERVES. NO RETREATS. NO regrets—made a huge impression on me. But wait until you've heard the story behind them.

William Borden was already wealthy when he graduated from a Chicago high school in 1904; he was the heir to his family's massive fortune. For his graduation present, William's parents gave him a trip that would take him around the world, to countries whose suffering he never could have imagined within the confines of his comfortable life.

At some point, as he traveled through Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, a simple burden began to grow heavy in his heart. He wanted to help these people who were far less fortunate than he had ever been.

At that moment, William decided to become a missionary once he finished college. He wrote home, explaining his decision to family and friends.

When he finished his travels, he attended Yale, where he quickly distinguished himself from his typical peers. He started a small morning prayer group, and by his senior year, a thousand students were meeting in similar prayer groups inspired by his.

William's actions even reached beyond the campus. He founded the Yale Hope Mission in order to rehabilitate drunks forgotten on the streets of New Haven. A friend wrote that William "went down to the meetings a great deal, and might often be found in the lower parts of the city at night—on the street, in a cheap lodging-house or some restaurant to which he had taken a poor hungry fellow to feed him—seeking to lead men to Christ."

Given his family's position, he received numerous high-paying job offers after he finished his studies at Yale, but he turned them all down. After completing graduate work at Princeton Seminary, William sailed for Egypt, where he planned to learn Arabic before beginning his missions work in China. But while in Egypt, he was infected with spinal meningitis. The same month, William Borden died at the age of twenty-five.

The story of his life and death quickly made its way around American newspapers, capturing the attention of the entire country. His biographer Mary Taylor wrote, "A wave of sorrow went round the world.... Borden not only gave his wealth, but himself, in a way so joyous and natural that it was manifestly a privilege rather than a sacrifice."

William's all-out dedication to making his life matter is reflected in a story that circulated after his death. According to the story, William had jotted down resolutions in the back of his Bible each time he faced key decisions in his life. The first, when he decided to become a missionary: "No reserves." The second, when he rejected the high-paying job offers: "No retreats." And the last, before his death: "No regrets."

No reserves. No retreats. No regrets.

William Borden made every day count. In the process of following his dream to become a missionary to the far corners of the world, he had a remarkable effect on those in his own community. He remained focused on his goal without losing sight of the here and now.

Did he reach his goal? No. But he fulfilled his purpose.

Before we can move forward and discuss how you, too, can truly live every day with purpose, we have to talk about a topic that is uncomfortable. Scary. Depressing. Taboo, even. We have to talk about death. Why? Because facing death, acknowledging it, and coming to terms with it is the best way to really live.

The next few chapters will explore the amazing, freeing perspective that comes from acknowledging our mortality. It's simple, attainable, and life changing, and you can work it into your daily mind-set in positive, uplifting ways.

Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.

James Dean American film actor b. February 8, 1931, d. September 30, 1955 (He lived exactly 9,000 days)


Excerpted from 20,000 DAYS AND COUNTING by ROBERT D. SMITH Copyright © 2012 by Robert D. Smith. Excerpted by permission of Thomas Nelson. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.


Meet the Author

Robert D. Smith has overseen the career of New York Times best-selling author Andy Andrews for more than three decades. He has also served as a private consultant to numerous best-selling authors, speakers, entertainers, and organizations, educating them on the methods he has employed throughout his career.

Hailed by a New York Times reporter as “someone who has quietly become one of the most influential people in America,” Andy Andrews is a best-selling novelist, speaker, and consultant for the world’s largest corporations and organizations. He has spoken at the request of four different United States presidents and recently addressed members of Congress and their spouses. Andy is the author of three New York Times bestsellers. He and his wife, Polly, have two sons.

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20,000 Days and Counting: The Crash Course for Mastering Your Life Right Now 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 27 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was such a great, fast and much needed read. It really just does take an hour to read. It moves so fast that you want to keep up but then you also want to stop and highlight some areas. So now I just keep it on my coffee table as a reference. I also gave one to a friend.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved reading this book! It was a quick and easy read, yet it was packed with powerful ideas for living your life to the fullest. I highly recommend it! J. Newsome
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book has a great premise and is wonderfully executed. I am constantly struggling with ways to appreciate where I am in the present. I like Robert D's premise of appreciating how many days I have been alive (15,927 today). It adds a perspective that I have been missing.
DonnaMMc More than 1 year ago
I just finished this book! I thought since Robert is Andy Andrew's manager, the book would be similar to those that Andy has written. I was wrong! Instead of coming around to the point like Andy the book was straight on, yet told you things for a different view point. THis wasa very enjoyable read. I know Iwill read a second time so that I take it all in! Thank you Robert
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Morgie More than 1 year ago
Three o'clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do. Jean-Paul Sartre FRENCH WRITER, PHILOSOPHER 1905 - 1980 Do you spend more time looking back over your life than talking about the future? Are your regrets keeping you from making the most out of the years in front of you? Are you living your life to the fullest? Do you need help making a successful plan for the years in front of you? 20,000 Days & Counting,The Crash Course for Mastering Your Life Right Now is here is help you take the first step and the next to change your thoughts. R provides the tools to help you change your mind-set. This book is genuine, direct, life changing, inspiring and short. There are quotes you will find yourself repeating throughout the day. This book is life-changing (a statement I do not make lightly!). It is one of those books you will share with others. Enjoy. Notice: A copy of this book was provided by Thomas Nelson for review. The words are my own.
Teresa_Konopka More than 1 year ago
This is a nice self-help book about making each day count.  The chapters are very short, and some pages are devoted to just a quote.  With around 100 pages, this leads to a very short book that can be conquered in as little as a day or just 5 minutes every day if you like to spread out your reading.  There was a big theme of "live as if you would die tomorrow" and "make each day count."  The themes in this book were great.  However--here comes the however--I do not think this book is worth the $14.99 which it retails for.  While this book boats of being a "quick read," it lacks substantial information to make for a great reference book.  Also, the main ideas found in this book can be found on any self-help site.  This book is fun and well-written, but I do not think it's worth the cost.  That's just my opinion.
MRCROCCO More than 1 year ago
A strong message of encouragement Robert D. Smith writes an abridged version of a self-help book to guarantee that everyday counts - making no excuses. He offers his opinions and strategies for success, such as; saying yes to new possibilities, not assuming you are the victim, and never be misled by the hours in a day. Even if you don’t agree with all of Smith’s strategies, 20,000 Days and Counting reads as an expressway to ‘hurry up and decide’ to control your life – specifically the present moment. The book serves as the perfect device to get back on track, or to start creating a track. 20,000 Days and Counting by Robert D. Smith is a short and practical tool one can apply to improve your life - even as you read. Smith practices what he preaches and wastes no time. I’m 21,436 days and counting.
lisaflorian More than 1 year ago
One of the best hours of time I have spent in a looooong time. Read through quickly and going back today with my highlighter! Getting copies for all my kids so hopefully they can Grasp this principle early in life and not wait until they're at 20,000 days like me!
JohnHMerrill More than 1 year ago
The D in Robert D. Smith obviously stands for Doctor because Robert D. is a doctor of the heart, soul, and mind, and 20,000 Days and Counting is the prescription for paralysis of inaction. It is my privilege to recommend this book to anyone that would like to improve their personal and/or professional relationships with others and to whomever would like to get the most out of their own life.
agmerrill More than 1 year ago
As a favor, my father asked me to read this book, and since I knew nothing about the background of the author, I was a bit skeptical.  However, after reading about how to live my life more effectively, I am recommending it to many of my peers.  Robert Smith unknowingly encouraged me and taught me how to examine my current life and live with more intentionality.  For that, I am eternally thankful. Allie Grace Merrill 7,241 days young
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Read it twice and will read it again! I am getting copies for my kids, family and friends. The power of the information that Robert shares is his incredible insight and perspective. The book is right on target and a very easy read. Most importantly, what Robert shares with us does work and will work for all who read it. We had "Desert First" New Years Eve and had a blast! Thank you Robert D. Smith
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is exceptional!  It is so very profound yet so very simple!!  I love the way Robert puts everything in such a different perspective.  This is truly a life changing book.
Pjgfather More than 1 year ago
This wonderful book put all the things about life that we have or should have learned during our lifetime. I have over 27,000 days and it was a pleasure to find all of these common sense life tools in one concise easy to read guide for life. I would like to think I have practiced many of these life-tools but there were many that I haven't thought about and therefore haven't applied. I plan to work on those. The simplicity yet thoughtfulness of the ideas outlined here should be required reading by every level of our society. In these disturbing, turbulent times the universal application of these life altering ideas would be a start to healing our divided society.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Robert is a truly uniquely skilled behind the scenes business manager. But after reading 20,000 Days And Counting, you will want him front and center stage because of the wisdom in his message. Robert’s zest for life and infectious personality clearly comes through and challenges the reader to make the most their allotted time – and to start now! This book is dynamic and yet so practical. Truly a rare find!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow! 51 minutes to read. 51 minutes absorbed. 51 minutes to a new way of thinking. Having met RobertD I am not at all suprised. He is an astonishing and one of the most vibrant and alive people I know. Thank you, Robert D! Judi Ginder Franklin TN
marlam2 More than 1 year ago
Robert D. Smith is the personification of a young man who is wise beyond the 20000 days and counting that he has been alive. I have known this even since I met him in May of 1980. This new creation will cause the reader to reassess his or her life- past , present, and future ; if implemented in one's own life, it should pave the path to Gods will. Martha Luker Hales, Retiree following 31 years as bookkeeper at Thompson High School,Alabaster Alabama.
TEH1 More than 1 year ago
A concise treatise of principles for happiness in a world where everyone has to be some where else in the next fifteen seconds. Tommy E Hill J.D.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Having known Robert since his college days, he has always been organized and had,”Desert First”. This book makes us all stop and think how we manage our time with the hours God has given. Joyce L Hill Birmingham, Al
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Robert D. Smith has channeled his incredible energy into giving readers an optimistic, reassuring, and positive way to look at their life each day. As he plans for his next 20,000 days, he instills his positivity and love of life into each and every page. This is a well-written easy read that should lift any reader out of the doldrums of their life and reflects the true joy the author gains from his personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Thanks, Robert D., for putting a pen to your words of encouragement!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The first day I got my Drivers License almost 30 years ago I was so excited I ran two stop signs. Have you ever gotten a new car and caught yourself spending over the speed limit just because you were so wrapped in the moment of excitement. The thrill of excitement can cause these types actions - at least for me anyway. I preface that by saying I am a 'highlight reader' for sure, yet I caught myself so wrapped with excitement in reading 20,000 DAYS AND COUNTING and forgetting to highlight for the first 30 pages and had to go back and ink up my new book. Robert (D.) Smith's knowledge, wisdom, and excitement for life purpose, success, and hope deliver in this book like none before. He is a straight shooter and this book is no different. Make time for this quick read and it will make you more for your future choices of success and joy. Awesome job Robert D. Can't wait to share with others!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Get out the highlighter....write in the margins.... This book is so well written.  The message is not buried, leaving the reader guessing at the author's philosophy!!  This is going to be required reading for my adult children and the "birthday " gift for all of my family and friends this year!!  Thank you, Robert D. Smith for this recipe of a fuller and more enriched life!!!  
suneyejenn More than 1 year ago
I just completed '20,000 Days' and the best way to sum it up is that it is a 'swift kick in the behind.'  I am actually currently working towards a specific professional goal and I was doing a 'coin toss' as to whether to work on my project or sit down to begin reading '20,000 Days'.  I chose the latter and DID finish it within an hour.  My take-aways from the book are this: Robert D. Smith is thoroughly entertaining and endearing and wraps your attention around his little finger. He suggests in the beginning of the book to grab a highlighter and so I did.  I didn't have to highlight a lot of places to make me feel my focus become sharper and my intensity become deeper.  I actually ended the book feeling as if I want to achieve this current goal as much for Mr. Smith as for myself! I know in my core that I will read this book over and over again until I reach this goal and then again when I form the next.  Count up! Jennifer – 16025 days old today
Dell_Anne_Hines_Afzal More than 1 year ago
I have a personal knowledge of everything Robert says about his life since he has been in mine since day one. His youthful enthusiasm, ability to make work fun and desire to make something of himself prove his methods have definately worked for him as well as many others. His rise to the top of his field has been steady and most certainly inspirational to those of us within his circle. His methods are simple and make you know you too can do whatever is important for you to accomplish in your life. His delivery is exuberant and joyful which sums up his entire life ... JOYFUL for the chance to serve and help. His faith is contagious and I welcome you to share his knowledge and help. You won't regret it!