2009, Year of Us

2009, Year of Us

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by Shinee

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Sm Entertainment Kr

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Shinee   Primary Artist

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2009 Year of Us 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Jackie03 More than 1 year ago
01. Y.O.U (Year of Us) What I think is the best track on the EP. It's a sweet ballad-type song. SHINee does very well with ballads, but aren't given a whole lot. This fortunately is beautiful and sung extremely well. Even Minho who isn't known to sing does a good job.(favorite track) 02. Ring Ding Dong The song that catapulted SHINee to larger recognition. As the song that did this, it is of course super catchy. Its a great pop song and one of the more well-known K-POP songs. As a bonus it includes wonderfully bad catchy english. It's FANTASTIC ELASTIC! 03. Jo Jo The follow up single to RDD is very sweet (but in a different vein from Y.O.U). This could have easily been the title track, but its a little too sweet. The song is like a combination of their early 'Replay' days combined with the sound of this EP. Really great song. 04. Get Down Something different from SHINee's usually music is the rap song by Minho and Key. The raps are good and the background vocals by Jonghyun and guest Luna (of f(x)) really lift up the song. The only problem with this track is the line "I'm the cool cat (meow)" and that it should have been a little bit faster. 05. SHINee Girl This is very upbeat and a lot of fun to listen to. The actual lyrics aren't too great, but the beat is very catchy. Definitely the best song on the track to dance to. 06. The Name I Loved (¿¿ ¿¿¿¿ ¿¿) (feat. Kim Yeon-woo) The last track is a classic Korean ballad and solo by Onew. Onew's voice really fits ballads and he sings this song wonderfully. A lot of emotion is felt. Its very soft and the lyrics are better from the previous track. The packaging is thick paper, so its a bit flimsy. The photos are awesome and my favorite SHINee concept so far. No photocard though. :( The only real problem I have with the physical (which I have with all SHINee CDs) is how the CD is held in. It's not that secure and could have at least had a foam button. [tl:dr All the tracks are great and the photos are awesome. Must buy.)