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by Sherinata Pollock

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This is not just another book about the shifts and changes predicted for 2012. In this handbook, the divine realm tells us why we need to prepare for the coming changes and how to create change within ourselves. They explain that our history is the evolution of our thoughts, and our world is merely a reflection of how we physically and emotionally treat ourselves and


This is not just another book about the shifts and changes predicted for 2012. In this handbook, the divine realm tells us why we need to prepare for the coming changes and how to create change within ourselves. They explain that our history is the evolution of our thoughts, and our world is merely a reflection of how we physically and emotionally treat ourselves and each other. Once we begin to change our thoughts and beliefs, we will begin to see improvements in our world - both in the environment and in manKind.

Mother Earth has sent channeled messages to Sherinata about the upcoming shifts for 2012. The Prophecies remind us of our power to create changes on the planet. The Prayers create the change and the Preparations contain six daily lessons to regain your personal power and prepare for ascension in the 2012 shift.

The mystery of 2012 is unfolding and we have been given a divine plan. How you prepare for the change will affect your life, the life of generations to come, and the continued existence of the earth as we know it. The key to survival is being foretold and our destiny will be determined by our preparation.

Please visit www.2012motherearth.com for more messages, information and updates from Sherinata and the Divine Realm.

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2012: Prophecies, Prayers and Preparation

Mother Earth's Plan for Humanity
By Sherinata Pollock

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2010 Sherinata Pollock
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-0076-8

Chapter One

The Call

Your Mother asks, "Why do you call yourselves manKind when there is no kindness left?" If you were kind to your Mother Earth and all that is, then you would be taking care not only of yourselves, but of the Earth and all that encompasses it.

February 2, 2010

The Light of God is among you. He watches and takes care of you, and He has done this on His own for a very long time. The majority of manKind prays to God, Jesus, Buddha, Yahweh, Krishna, and others. Unfortunately, for quite a long time, people have forgotten to pray to your Mother Earth, and She misses the energy of heartfelt, loving prayer. Bits and pieces of love have been received from ancient civilizations, intermittent societies, and the offspring of humans who have chosen to believe in more than what the churches of organized religions offer. Vast energy is spent praying to the Creator of all that is—and that is good. But as I have said, the majority of you have missed sending the powerful energy of prayer to your Blessed Mother. This is not the blessed Mother Mary. No. We speak of the ever-powerful and ever-loving Mother Earth.

Your Earth has energy of its own, and it has been tortured, it has been beaten, and it has been neglected. It is sad that on such a beautiful planet, massive amounts of negative energy have been given by manKind. Your Mother asks, "Why do you call yourselves manKind when there is no kindness left?" If you were kind to your Mother Earth and all that is, then you would be taking care not only of yourselves, but of the Earth and all that encompasses it. It is time to make the shift—the shift to the Age of Light, Love, and Purity. If you want to keep calling yourself "manKind", then be so kind as to pray to both your Mother and Father, the Creators of all that is—the Divine energy of the Universe. "All that is" is what we are encompassed of; it is the atmosphere, the sky, the galaxy—the energy in which we live.

A child loves their parents, or caretakers who feed them and provide shelter. Whether or not they are maternal or paternal does not matter. What matters is the pure innocence of a child's love—the purity that resides within the heart of a child where there is no negativity because the child has no veils to cover the illusions of truth. Children see purity and innocence. The perfect scenario of unconditional love is when the child loves their mother and father with unconditional love and the parents love their children in the same way. They miss each other when they are separated. Mother Earth is no different; she also misses her children, for you have ignored her far too long, and she wants you to come love Her again. Now is the time—and time is of the essence—to bring clarity, trust, honesty, and loving, heartfelt prayer to your most important home, your planet Earth.

The first step is to come forth with truth and honesty and to start treating each other with the kindness that is within the word "manKind". Next is the power of prayer, the power of positive thinking, and the laws of attraction. All of these things work and are very powerful. They are the resources we will use to create a shift or a change to become compassionate, loving, and understanding children of manKind.

Think of the synchronicity on our planet that makes it work so perfectly. This includes—but is not at all limited to—the trees, the water, the plants, the soil, the air, the weather, and the animals. When was the last time you were thankful for your bountiful and beautiful home? You must remember you are living here and borrowing the energy of Earth. It is a simple equation—one that you are becoming more familiar with. The more you take from Earth, the less you will have. The more you take, the more greedily you consume the Earth's bounty and destroy the gifts of the Mother, the less peaceful energy and resources future generations will have. Your Mother Earth will still produce her fruits when you start to recognize her as a source of energy and as a Creator who co-creates with the Father, but praying to Mother Earth may be a very hard pill to swallow for many members of organized religions. Is it Paganism? Is it blasphemy? No, it is none of that. God is the embodiment of the energy of creation. Mother Earth is the female energy of God with God being the male counterpart. We are created in His image - both male and female - and this constitutes a perfect balance. It is the universal energy of God residing inside of us that connects manKind to every part of creation through pure consciousness.

Mother Earth is an energy created as one with God. She is part of the I AM, and is one with your energy as well—and if you want to keep planet Earth safe, you must set aside your preconceived notions.

We must raise the consciousness of manKind and send prayers of gratitude to Her. I will say this one more time—if you want to keep your planet Earth, you must raise the consciousness of the human race, or you will lose your planet Earth as you know it. This is an emergency cry from the many Beings of Light that have been watching over your planet Earth for thousands of years. We have helped you. We have guided you. We do not want to lose you. Many civilizations over the years have listened to their intuition. This is the time you must listen to yours. You must do what is right and what is desperately needed. This is the time to begin the Prayers of Peace and Love to your Mother Earth. This is the time to let Her know you love Her.

This is the time to put your feet in the dirt or the grass and embrace Her with your energy as if you are giving Her a heartfelt hug. Anchor yourself on the beach, look at the waves and give thanks for the beauty that She has given you. She will feel the energy of your love if it comes from your heart. Open your heart and be very thankful.

Mother Earth—or Gaia, as some prefer to call her—provides the intricate design of nature. God, the Heavenly Father, created this planet; however, it is the energy of the Mother that keeps it going in its ever-so-perfect design.

The first level of prayers must begin now. This book is structured for all religions, all races, and people of every color to say these prayers as outlined on the specific days. This is how we can slow the Earth's magnetic frequencies, solar flares and disasters, and diminish the chaos of the Earth's frantic and fast-paced energy patterns.

As you pray to the Earth, the veils will come down for all of manKind. To gain trust and rid itself of lies and deception, manKind must embrace the future with pure peace and love. Hatred and other forms of negativity will simply create more natural disasters.

Whether you are a Christian, Jew, Muslin, or a member of any other organized faith and have doubts, use your intuition and ask your Deity to guide you to the Truth. God, the Creator of all that is, will answer you. As we said before, this is a call to all faiths and all spiritual beings, for this is a time of true emergency, and you are being called upon to serve and save your planet. This is a historic event, and the future of manKind lies in the balance. You should feel privileged to have the prayers and the understanding necessary to accomplish the task. Do not view it as a burden; the prayers and lessons are short and simple, and the goal is golden.

The children of the Earth are ready. They understand that the Earth must be saved, and you should lean on the children for their guidance. Children naturally love Mother Nature. Let them be part of the Plan, and see how they flourish in higher frequencies. The children will understand, because they understand love better than adults. They love with their hearts and not with hidden agendas. Trust in them.

Chapter Two

The Plan

This is not about the power of religion. This is about the strength and power that lies within humanity.

Feb. 4, 2010

It is time to bring on the changes in the Earth and lessen the frequency of the natural disasters, the negativity, and the fears that subside within manKind and around the Earth. It is time to bring unity in the purpose of peace and harmony as you anchor the life of humanity into the Earth's energy. Our purpose is to remove the disharmony from the Earth and its atmosphere and to stabilize the human race.

The only way this can be done is by prayer. The systematic prayer cycle we propose will begin to raise the harmonic frequency of the Earth—and little by little, day by day, the Prayer Plan given to you will transform the energy necessary to save this beautiful and special place we call planet Earth. Through the Ascension Prayer Plan, you will reintroduce and reinforce the emotions of love, gratitude, forgiveness, and trust into the planet's matrix. The frequencies of these emotions must be sent on a grand scale in order to create a shift. And it must be done by large numbers of people, on the same day, at the same time.

This is the final destination of the journey. It will involve several sequences of prayers and lessons that will not only help the Earth, but will also accelerate your personal and spiritual growth. The shifts of the Earth can only happen if the humans who inhabit the Earth raise their frequencies. So there are essentially two parts to this book: six spiritual lessons and six planetary frequency prayers (contained within the six prophecies). These must work together in unity—as one. For as you raise the frequency within your body, you will naturally begin to raise the frequency of the Earth around you; therefore making the intentions of the prayers and mantras even stronger. It is time to shed the veils, the burdens, the selfishness, and the anger. You must spread the truth of humanity and well-being for the highest good of all to come forth. You need to use the necessary imprints that God has given to you and integrate them through every cell in your body. This will allow you to learn, grow, and shed your emotional skin, lightening your load and preparing you for the shift. It will allow you to become a creator in this most blessed journey.

Authors note: The 'Prayer Plan' refers to a series of six lessons for self empowerment plus the Ascension Prayers, which are associated with the prophecies. Together they comprise the planetary Prayer Plan, but most often throughout the text they are simply referred to as 'the prayers'.

This book is the first phase for the prayer cycle. There will be a total of three cycles over the next three years, and as I mentioned before, it is mandatory for the prayers to be recited together in large groups around the entire planet to make this shift happen. Mother Earth is in a fragile state with many natural cycles coming to fruition. It is a scientific fact that a great deal of turbulence resides beneath the Earth's surface. There have been many unusual occurrences in the atmosphere and many unusual weather patterns. This plan of joint effort will strengthen the planet and create the peaceful awakening of your Mother Earth.

As a species, it is your ultimate freedom of choice to determine the condition of the planet and how you want the existence of your planet to proceed. Those who do not follow the Prayer Plan should take heed of the coming disasters. As we have said, the prayers are brief; they do not take a lot of time to recite, but you must make time for them. And when you pray, open your heart. It doesn't matter to whom you pray because it is not the path that is important but the final destination. All prayers within the heart lead to God or the Divine Mother. Remember—this is not about the power of religion; it is about the strength and power that lies within humanity to love and show gratitude to Mother Earth and God.

Joyously sing out the songs, "Let There Be Peace on Earth" or "This Little Light of Mine." These songs will help our cause of remembering that peace, the Earth, light, and manKind are all one on the beautiful spaceship Earth. Through the Prayer Plan, you will be strengthening the light and bringing peace—not only in your hearts, but into the core of the Earth and up to the heavens. As you pray, you will awaken and touch the beings within the Earth—the angelic beings of light and the Creator of all that is.

What do we mean when we say we will awaken the beings within the Earth? As there are angels that move in the multiple dimensions in the universe that you call the Heavens, there are angelic beings of light that live within the multiple dimensions of the cores of the Earth. They are there to guide you and strengthen you, but they are gravely concerned that you do not understand the value and importance of this great shift. They have started sending out signals for guidance and understanding to manKind. They ask that you release your fears, because the more you hold on to fear, the harder it is to let go and let the divine love of and peace of God flow through you to the Mother. Let go of all your fears and worries so that you can send clear signals back to the Earth angels. If done in this manner, they will receive the vibration of the love you have for your Mother.

Life on Earth is not easy. There are trials and tribulations, there is pain and suffering—but there is also beauty, joy, life, and love because of the duality that exists here. But duality is not a bad thing if you have balance. It is when the scales of balance tip too far to the dark sides that fear rules. When fear becomes the dominant frequency or emotion, you begin to question and doubt your Creator. Once fear has become the dominant force in your thought system, it permeates and dominates every aspect of your life and leaves you fearful and powerless. The first step to releasing the grip fear has on your life is to become very aware of your thoughts. When you detect a fearful thought, let it go, and replace it with a peaceful, loving idea instead. Trust that the source of all love and peace is guiding you now. Allow all your fears to be swept away. As you practice this, your heart will be opened, and the quiet, powerful perfection of creation will be restored.

You must learn to trust your heart and not your head. Humans today have learned to over-think everything. Your head is full of chatter and chaos, and you are driven by preconceived concepts of fear-based thinking. Having the awareness to disconnect from fear-based, negative thinking is the first step. Making the decision to flip the switch to peaceful coexistence is the second step. Actually flipping the switch and quieting the mind is the last step. At that point, all prayers in the Prayer Plan will become more powerful as they are transmitted energetically through your frequency to the Earth.

Live, love, and trust in all that is said here. Although this period on the Earth is full of physical and mental hardships, it is promised that by letting go and submitting to the Prayer Plan with your heart, your transition will be made easier, and you will ultimately be emotionally protected through these trying times.

Chapter Three

The Activations

You should be honored to be living on this planet at this time and be a part of this magnificent shift.

Feb. 8, 2010

As it stands, life on this planet will begin to change very soon. As soon as manKind begins the first Prayer Plan, the unity coherence activations for Earth will begin an acceleration of its own kind. There are many good activations happening around this planet aimed at personal growth and healing the planet. However, the introduction of this activation is new to the Earth's realm and is aimed at helping to stabilize the ripple effects of the turbulence of energy that is coming to Earth. We are referring to the negative vibrations that you as a people are creating. Once you begin the activations, your world will not only be better environmentally, but it will help to bring peace and happiness to its inhabitants.

In the beginning of the first Prayer Plan, some people will take heed and understand its importance; however, many other people will not believe, because of previous core beliefs and religious indoctrination—or the concept may be so foreign that they cannot wrap their minds around it. Perhaps this is due to stubbornness. However, as the Prayer Plan catches on, it will spark a light in many doubters and begin a powerful chain reaction. People who have never prayed before will begin to add to this beautiful, omnipotent energy. Those who make a conscious choice not to step up to the activations, however, will be forgotten when the disasters strike, and there will be many changes coming to the Earth in the future. Some will be caused by humans; others will be natural disasters.


Excerpted from 2012: Prophecies, Prayers and Preparation by Sherinata Pollock Copyright © 2010 by Sherinata Pollock. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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2012: Prophecies, Prayers and Preparation: Mother Earth's Plan for Humanity 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
HopeNC More than 1 year ago
The entire book is loaded with tons of information that one can not negate any more. The facts are already know to all of us but have we learned the lessons yet? Here is your personal guide book teaching you how to do it every step of the way. Let go of all hte fears and uncertainties and step into a world of love and light. Fill your heart with gratitude and live your life to the fullest! Thank you Sherinata for sharing your gift with the entire world and with that guiding each one of us into a brighter and much lighter future!
tinydragon More than 1 year ago
No matter your religion, or belief system this book is a beautiful and healing message that can change a way of thinking and in doing so change the world. Thank you Sherinata for bringing this message to the world.