2012, The Next Y2k?

2012, The Next Y2k?

by C. William King

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Is December 21st 2012 the next Y2K?

Or, Is It The End of the World?

Many so called experts want you to believe that on that day the world will end in a horrific way and all life on it will cease. They say it is because the Mayan calendar stops that day. After all, the Mayans have made predictions that have come true in their calendar. But that's another story.


Is December 21st 2012 the next Y2K?

Or, Is It The End of the World?

Many so called experts want you to believe that on that day the world will end in a horrific way and all life on it will cease. They say it is because the Mayan calendar stops that day. After all, the Mayans have made predictions that have come true in their calendar. But that's another story.

But really, think about it for a minute. The earth has been around for a long, long time. Just because the Mayans stopped their calendar on that date, does it mean the end for all? I think not. This is a realistic look at some of the possibilities of occurrences happening in the world today.

The following was taken from the blog, 2012 the Next Y2Kblogspot.com. It is in chronological date order from October 2010 to July 2011. It shows current events of the time and ties together how these events can be twisted into possible reasons to support the doomsday theories for 2012 or not. It is meant to provoke thought, surprise you and sometimes give a bit of humor to brighten your day. By taking a subject and using the 'out of the box' mentality it can be fun and surprising to explore the possible outcomes of an event.

There are a few sections that can be a bit of a stretch, but when you think about the subject matter and the thought behind it, it might be an idea that you may have never thought of.

If nothing else, you might find one or two sections that you can take away something from. Be it a little different way of thinking about a subject or just a chuckle.

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2012 the next Y2K

Book One: The Realistic Possibilities
By C. William King


Copyright © 2011 C. William King
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4670-3860-7

Chapter One

The First One

October 22nd 2010

OK, well here we go. Will the scare of 2012 make you do things that you might not normally do? If you knew the world would not end on December 21st, 2012 would you look at the doomsday talk differently?

As the clock counts down are you aware of any events that might affect your future? Do you listen and pay attention to news reports, talk shows, or just listen to conversations of others? If something was going to happen, are you ready? Oh, wait a moment. Maybe it will come and go like the last big scare. You know that one, don't you? Y2K?

Back at the turn of the century, the big fear was the worldwide computer system. Changing the date from 1999 to 2000 would shut down all the computers worldwide. The experts said that the computers could not change the date from 1999 to 2000. The worldwide computer systems would crash because of it. That would create a crisis of biblical proportions. Because of the millions of computers crashing, there would be a world wide shut down of everything. No electricity, water, gas, heat, access to our money. Within hours there would be a run on all the food stores and they would soon be empty. All the computer systems would cease to work. No anything. Take it from me, it didn't happen.

So, with that being said, what about the end of the Mayan calendar? Just because it stops, does it really mean the end? Many experts want you to think so. They each have a theory of how the world will end. Many of them really believe their way is correct. They believe they are the only ones who will know what will really truly happen and many millions will die. Then there are those from the other school of thought. These experts say that in December 2012, there will be a new awaking of mankind. They believe a peaceful new society of people will begin; one which will have great tolerance and forgiveness for others. A new kinder world will emerge.

Only time will tell. Most likely, one day will become another and all of us go about our business the same as always.

Now What? Biblical tales coming true? Naw!

January 9th, 2011

Just last week things are starting to happen around this great country. In Arkansas for example, hundreds of black birds fell from the sky dead. A few hundred miles away, millions of fish were found dead along a few miles of a river. What happened to all these animals? It was a natural occurrence as some experts stated. Then just days after people forgot about what happened in Arkansas, millions of fish wash up on beaches in Chesapeake Bay area.

Could it be some secret government experiment? Maybe the visitors from other planets are testing their abilities? Terrorists using chemical or biologic weapons? Headlines tell us that the magnetic north pole is shifting 40 miles a year. Does that have something to do with these deaths?

For an explanation of these mysterious events, some newscasters and experts have turned to scripture, the Book of Revelations, and the Mayan calendar, which suggests the world, will end in 2012. But some wildlife experts say these massive wildlife kills were not the result of a manmade disaster or a spooky sign of the apocalypse. They are natural and normal ways to adjust the populations of an overabundance of certain animals. The birds that have fallen from the sky have happened before. The only difference was they fell in corn fields and were all eaten by foxes. One theory about the birds from the Washington Post is that the birds were all sleeping and there was a loud boom from fireworks, or a sonic boom, and it scared them so bad they all flew out of their roosts and died of natural causes just after leaving their perches.

As for all the dead fish, simple, the Maryland Department of the Environment spokeswoman, Dawn Stoltzfus told Sky News Online that at the moment it does not look like pollution is to blame.

She said: "The dead fish are mainly juvenile spot fish, and they can't survive very cold water temperatures. Typically they should have left the bay by now." "Our working theory, that looks pretty strong, is that it's been caused by cold water stress.'"

So there you go. Take that Global Warming! Cold temperatures too soon in the season killed all the fish. But if you really think about it, what do you think will have to happen for the whole world to go into a complete collapse? It would have to take much more than a few dead birds and a bunch of fish washing up on the beaches. I remember the advice I have given people in the past, 'sometimes, things just happen'. Stories like these are just catching our attention now.

Everyone has heard of the end of the world in 2012 and it is easy to take any story and develop a twist to turn it into an end of the world story. After all it is big news to claim the world will end. But if you remember back in the 50's and 60's people were wearing sandwich boards (you remember the pieces of wood worn on front and back tied together with rope over the shoulders) claiming the world will end soon and to repent. Just after the atomic bomb discovery. They were wrong back then too. If fact people have been claiming the world will be ending soon for generations. When it is all said and done, the earth is a really, really big place and it has been around for billions of years and I doubt it will end two years from now.

The Super Computer and 2012

February 13th, 2011

When I first wrote this a few weeks ago, it was just ahead of the publicity of the event connected to it.

But, the events in Egypt seemed a bit more important, so this has been on the back burner 'til now.

IBM, the company who brought us computers for the business world has come up with something new. Watson.

It is a new super computer that has the ability to think. Well, like the human brain, that is. It can reason, calculate, understand options to a given problem and understand multiple possible outcomes to a situation. It was fed knowledge, millions of books, the Bible, encyclopedias and all the classics. To prove how good it is, IBM is going to put this computer on Jeopardy. After testing it will go up against 2 of the most winning players. Ken Jennings, winner of 74 games in a row. Brad Rutter, the highest money winner of all times at 3.2 million. On test runs the computer won some of the games at first, but couldn't understand the emotion behind some of the questions. As time went on, it started to learn on its own. In the end, it became faster in thinking and responding to the question than the world's two best players. By understanding the emotional response to an issue, it can deduct and reason the best outcome to a problem using all the same components we use in our brain. This means it can think.

One can only think of the possible results of a computer that can think faster and better than the human mind. Not only think, but reason. There have been many movies made from this concept. 2001 A Space Odyssey might have been the first most famous one of its time. If the computer can do work faster and better than the human brain, then who is to say it might reason and understand what its own capabilities will be? As it thinks of answers to questions or problems, what's to say it is also thinking of what else it can do? How it might be able to take control of the financial markets, all the credit card transactions, tap into your personal information and even know where you are if you have your phone in your pocket.

Scary? You bet! If there is more than one super computer, how long would it be before "The Terminator" becomes real life? Where is Sara Connors now? Do we need to find her? OMG, I'm scaring myself! All of a sudden, here comes December 2012 and BAM! On the 21st, the computer takes over everything. I mean everything! Cable, Internet, electrical distribution systems, gas supplies, and everything else connected to computers.

OK! Enough of that. Back to reality. How many think that this is a real possibility? If a computer could do all that and it starts doing so, how hard would it be to pull the plug, cutting off the electrical supply? Sure, I bet there are many people who would like this to happen in real life. But at the off chance something like this does happen, and I mean off chance, do you think you know someone personally who would not put up with it? I am talking about those who hold their convictions close to their hearts and would defend them even if it takes putting a few rounds into the big bad computer. Let's hope that the people responsible for developing this computer have only the best of intentions and maintain a high level of integrity.

After the 3 shows aired, it was pretty obvious that the computer started thinking for itself and grew in learning how to play the game. It did blow the champions away and for the record, as it learned, it won, so what else could a computer like this do? Think about it. Scary? No?

Full Disclosure

November 28th, 2010

Full disclosure? What does that mean? In most cases, it is to give all information on a particular subject or all knowledge about an item or event one has: To fully tell all. Explain completely. So, what has this got to do with 2012?

As mentioned, the Mayans have no further information after December 21, 2012. Could it be that is the date where the ones who have helped humans over the centuries come out and show themselves? You know the beings that have flown into and out of our planet's atmosphere decide to allow us to see them? Have they been the ones who have helped with the greatest structures on earth—the pyramids, faces on Easter Island, the temples in the Yucatan, and great faces and figures on the mountain sides in Peru?

Surely, to think humans were the only ones to do such great feats by themselves without modern tools and machines, one must think 'how was that possible'? Everyone, at one time or another, for a second or two, had to wonder if there was help back then. For years there have been reports of things in the air, people being abducted and lights flying in the night sky.

Since Roswell, more and more people have reported seeing things. Many governments have released their files on UFO's and some of the unexplained sightings. Britain was one of the first countries to release the information. The Pope has even commented on creatures of 'non-human' beings, saying that if they are there, 'they are creatures of God's creating'. Now with all this being said and released, how is it we are the only beings in the universe? Have you looked into the sky lately? There are a lot of stars and planets there. Just like the bottom of the sea.

There was a phrase scientists used to say for years and years referring to life's inability to live in extreme environments. You know, "life as we know it". That phrase went out the window when they discovered creatures living under the sea at hot water discharge ports around active volcanoes. The water they live in is at the boiling point of just over 210 degrees.

So who thinks with all this information, that in December 2012, the new world change is going to be the aliens revealing themselves? Will we finally find out the truths from the past and the history of the world will be re-written at that time? Or, did the Mayans just run out of paper? Well, stone for that matter and the calendar just stopped? Only time will tell.

Sub cultures in America. Bigfoot and 2012

March 12th, 2011

The idea of hidden cultures over the world is not a new one. There is a tribe of people living in the Amazon that were first discovered in the 50's. There are a number of sub cultures living in the good ol' USA that have mostly been undetected for generations. These are groups of illegal aliens that left their native countries and migrated to America. There are people from Mexico, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, many middle eastern countries, along with the old Soviet bloc countries just to name a few. Some get in and over stay their visas and then, disappear.

An example I will use first is a make- believe family from China. Let's say a family moves here from China. They have a son already and the wife is expecting. In China, multiple children are not allowed, so they leave; buy their way to enter America. While in America, they start working in a Chinese restaurant and she gives birth. Years move on and yet another child. All this time they keep working and living in their sub culture with other Chinese living and working for the restaurant. Sometimes living in the restaurant in the basement or in an apartment building they all stay in for years. The children are home schooled and grow up together. All this time, they are unknown to the government, successfully hidden by their lack of documentation.

There are other sub cultures of very poor Americans. Many of them move around all the time. Many don't have social security cards or ID's of any kind. They are born in America, but to the extreme underclass or extremely poor. Hardly anyone notices them but we all have known one or more of them without knowing it. They are generations old. Their parents came from excess poverty doing what they could to earn a dollar, meal or place to sleep that is safe and warm. Parents who may have never married and children who were never born. Officially, at least, no paperwork on them is ever filled out.

These people work for cash, doing jobs that most others will not or do not want to do. This culture has no benefits offered to them. They cannot get help from any of societies many programs. There has never been any paperwork filled out on them. No birth certificate, marriage licenses, or anything else that proves they exist. Since they have nothing, they cannot have anything. Why? The reason is they do not exist. They are invisible. They have never been in any medical facility and always relied on others; sometimes for good and sometimes for bad; prostituting themselves for the necessities of life. They never stay in the same area very long. If a child wanted to go to school, they used information copied or stolen or bought from others. No one really knows that much about them. But they are there. This is real and still unknown.

Using these examples of hidden cultures, you may not believe that they are there. But they are. Sometimes the best place to hide something is to leave it out in the open. Act like nothing is wrong, and no one will suspect that anything is wrong. Hiding in plain sight is it not hiding then? If the government wants to hide information, could it not leak some of it? They would purposely put it out there for many to read or hear about. Then they have their so called experts say it is not true? We all know that concept is used in Vegas all the time. Bluffing, while playing cards, magicians using sleight of hand or distracting during a trick. So who is to say that things we think are not really real aren't real after all?

Take Bigfoot as an example. We all hear stories of them being alive all over our continent and the world, for that matter. Sasquatch, the Abominable Snowman, Stink Ape in Florida, or whatever you want to call them. Could it be that they are another hidden culture who are smart enough to avoid too much contact? We are lucky to have just enough to let us know they are there.

Let's also say the Government has proof they do exist. Thinking they might be protecting us from the truth and not starting a mass panic, they leak out stories about them. Then, their so called experts go about discrediting the witness. They put on a hoax so people will continue to think it's incredible and not possible. It's all hoaxes.

It keeps information under control. Those who control the information control all. Space ships, aliens, the Lock Ness Monster, chupacabra, moth-man, phoenix birds, are all among other urban legends.


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