21st Century Earth: Opposing Viewpoints

21st Century Earth: Opposing Viewpoints

by Olivedr W. Markley

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Gr 7 Up-These series entries give YAs the opportunity to consider, evaluate, and ultimately develop a better understanding of important contemporary issues. The first book begins by examining both sides of the question, "Is violence a serious problem in America?" It discusses some of the possible causes and devotes particular attention to the problems of domestic and youth violence. The final section includes debates on policies to reduce violence, the use of anti-crime measures, increased gun control, and increased incarceration. 21st Century deals with an assortment of forecasts for the near future. The first section, "How will demographic trends affect humanity?" includes discussion of overpopulation, the gap between haves and have-nots, and teens vs. senior citizen as the dominant age-group. The impacts of new technologies and trends that might affect the global ecology are addressed. One section speculates on the future of international relations, and the final section contains a potpourri of "wild cards." Each book includes graphs, charts, statistics, cartoons, and bibliographies to support the varying viewpoints. Written in a popular style that makes the articles accessible to students, these books are valuable resources.-Dana McDougald, Cedar Shoals High School, Athens, GA
Anne O
Will the earth be overpopulated in coming decades, or is that old warning just an empty fear? Is global warming less disastrous than we usually suppose? This Opposing Viewpoints title tackles these and many other futuristic issues. Five major topics are considered: demographic trends, impact of new technologies, global ecology, international relations, and "wild card" items that include effects of human longevity and the realms of robots and aliens. Thirty-two opposing viewpoints, originally published between 1990 and 1995, cover the issues. For its depth of coverage and provocative points, the Opposing Viewpoints series is hard to beat. As is customary, a short preface and a few guiding questions introduce each pair of viewpoints and help readers focus on main points. Students researching topics for speeches, science, social studies, and persuasive essay assignments on futuristic topics will find the readings and their supplemental bibliographies invaluable. Teachers will find much useful material for supplementary class readings as well.

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Opposing Viewpoints Series
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