The 24-Hour Turnaround: The Formula for Permanent Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, and Optimal Health--Starting Today

The 24-Hour Turnaround: The Formula for Permanent Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, and Optimal Health--Starting Today

by Jay Williams

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With a glut of health information assailing readers, there's never been a better time to bring the best, most reliable facts together in one source.

Jay Williams inspiring book offers a total life makeover, including all the latest information on:

* exercise that changes your metabolism by combining cardio and weights for the most


With a glut of health information assailing readers, there's never been a better time to bring the best, most reliable facts together in one source.

Jay Williams inspiring book offers a total life makeover, including all the latest information on:

* exercise that changes your metabolism by combining cardio and weights for the most effective workout;
* diet that interacts with exercise and hormones for maximum anti-aging effects;
* motivation: a new technique that can be used for weight loss - and anything else in your life;
* stress reduction: yoga, meditation, and other proven methods;
* hydration: the little secret that gives major results;
* hormones and how they affect weight loss, energy and aging; and
* sleep and its profound effects on aging, weight loss, hormones and mood.

Jay Williams provides a proven, quick 'jumpstart' action that will give you results within 24 hours - and inspire to keep going with more valuable lifestyle changes.

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The 24-Hour Turnaround
The Formula for Permanent Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, and Optimal Health--Starting Today


Your 24-Hour Turnaround Prescription

Aloha from the beautiful Kona coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. As an exercise physiologist and spa health consultant who has prescribed diet, exercise, and personal health programs for tens of thousands of men, women, and families, I want to tell you about an exciting program that gives you the benefits of antiaging, permanent weight loss, and total fitness and that starts to work immediately.

No matter what your age or health status, I know that you can become different in just 24 hours -- with increased energy, stamina, and libido, elevated mood, more fat-burning enzymes, and youthful vitality. Although a "24-hour turnaround" may sound unbelievable, I have the professional background, experience, and facts to convince you that it is true and that it can happen to you. Let me explain.

Your Personalized Turnaround

My clients come here because they have the utmost confidence in me and the 24-Hour Turnaround. Through the years they have seen my program work for friends or colleagues. Or they've heard about it through one of my regular corporate seminars, and they want to know if it can help them improve their own bodies and personal health. At the resort, I work one-on-one with clients, counsel couples, and help entire families to upgrade their nutrition, implement fitness programs, and make lifestyle changes, even helping them findalternative medicine practitioners. Often they fly me to their homes to work with their chefs and to introduce healthy lifestyle changes within their families' busy schedules. In most cases, my clients take my advice seriously and follow my instructions with diligence. The majority of my clients are not interested in the clinical research or the journal articles that back up the various recommendations I make. They usually say, "Please, just tell me what works."

Because I have thousands of people who rely on me for up-to-date, cutting-edge information about antiaging, weight loss, and health, my practice has always been somewhat ahead of the times, particularly when it comes to using clinical studies in the program. It often takes years for medical research to be approved and make it through all the bureaucratic red tape. By the time you read about a breakthrough study in the media, it could have been in a testing lab or clinical trial for five or ten years or longer. I find it's hard to be patient and wait on published journal results when you know that the outcome could help someone lose weight, get fit, or prevent a disease right now.

Throughout the book I have included the scientific studies and the supporting references that apply to my recommendations. But sometimes the life-changing results clients achieve come from the specialized, time-tested diet and fitness techniques I have developed through years of helping men and women to achieve lean, healthy, and youthful bodies. Some of these strategies are based on intuition, faith, and a commonsense philosophy of good health. These are all life practices I strongly believe in. Whether grounded in conventional science or common sense, the bottom line is that this program works time and again for the clients who come to my office, and it will work for you.

I am writing this book as if you are my client, sitting across from me in my office or on the telephone during a phone consultation. No, I can't see your face, gauge your reaction, or track your progress. But I am going to tell you the same things I tell my clients, and I know you will have the same success if you stay focused and motivated. You see, for the past twenty-six years, I have had a passion for knowledge about the human body. I've read literally hundreds of medical journal studies searching for the keys to optimal health and longevity. I've interviewed renowned researchers, prominent doctors, alternative medicine practitioners, and other health-care professionals who are experts in their fields.

I've also talked with people like you who are desperate for answers to their diet and health questions and are suffering needlessly because of inaccurate information. My personal and professional quest motivates me to go beyond what conventional medical studies confirm as "truth" and seek known and little-known breakthroughs to help people get lean, feel younger and more energetic, and virtually halt or even reverse the degenerative aging process.

Making Total Life Changes (TLCs)

Until I see you in Hawaii, I want to do the next best thing to consulting with you in person. I'll give you eight Total Life Changes (what I call TLCs) that are vital to staying lean, looking and feeling young, and living an active life -- for the rest of your life.

These following eight TLCs will help transform your body, mind, and emotions as you make simple changes in the way you eat, think, sleep, and exercise each day.

TLC 1: Master your mood and motivation. You will prepare for your 24-Hour Turnaround by gaining new insight into how motivation, mood, and belief are essential components in achieving optimal health. You'll call upon these fundamentals to keep you focused even when you don't feel like staying with the program. I have witnessed clients who were chronically tired or even depressed and had a dramatic turnaround in energy, mood, and productivity in just hours by using the motivational strategies in TLC 1.

When we have the right motivational tools, we can immediately change our lifestyle, including poor eating habits, sleep problems, sedentary behavior, and how we cope with stress. The specific motivational steps offered here will give you the tools to feel healthier, change a negative thought process, and achieve weight loss and optimal fitness. In doing so, your relationships, career, and other aspects of your life that depend on positive communication will greatly benefit starting today!

TLC 2: Become your own personal trainer with the H.E.A.R.T. workout. I developed Heart-rate-specific Exercise with Aerobic Resistance Training (the H.E.A.R.T. workout) as a unique and effective way to promote and sustain weight loss without overstressing the body. Exercising at the wrong intensity ages your body unnecessarily; raises your blood sugar level; alters the hormonal environment in your body, making it difficult to burn fat for the rest of the day; and compromises your immune system, which increases your risk of disease -- not to mention that it hurts. Training at a specific heart rate (what I call your Zone One) personalizes the H.E.A.R.T. workout to your fitness level, ability, and body type. Aerobic resistance training is also far more effective and timesaving than the conventional approach to aerobics and weight training. The H.E.A.R.T. workout stimulates endorphins, natural "opiate" hormones that elevate mood and change chemicals in the brain, similar to the way some antidepressants like Prozac work. Exercising in your personal Zone One guarantees that you will develop the fat-burning enzymes you need to lose weight and, more important, speed up your metabolism to maintain that weight loss. You can increase those enzymes in the next 24 hours and be on your way to a lean and healthy new you.

TLC 3: Learn the ABC's of the Definition Diet. In TLC 3, I will teach you to nourish and feed (not starve!) your hormones, your bones, your cardiovascular system, your muscles, and your brain -- so you lose weight, balance raging hormones, have fewer mood swings, and remain youthful and strong at any age. My Definition Diet will give you a complete understanding of why the foods you choose must provide optimal nutrition. The array of natural, whole foods in the Definition Diet can speed up your metabolism and weight loss and slow down your biological aging today. I believe that food is medicine and can be used to keep your body balanced, healthy, and satisfied. No matter what you eat, from the moment you ingest it your body's chemistry changes. Food can immediately alter your mood, affect the widening of the arteries and blood flow to the brain and sexual organs, improve the symptoms of menopause, and help you sleep more soundly at night (or...keep you wide awake).

TLC 4: Quench your body's thirst with healing hydration. There's one more step you must take to function at an optimal level and to look and feel great: drink water, and lots of it. Drinking water may sound like an oversimplified Total Life Change, but it is necessary to stop the negative effects of aging. Nearly two-thirds of the human body is made up of water and fluid. This includes 90 percent of the blood, 80 percent of the brain, 73 percent of the muscle tissue, 60 percent of the skin, and 22 percent of the bone. When you go for only a few hours without replenishing the water in your body, it affects all your body's processes, even causing dehydration, characterized by headaches, fatigue, a feeling of extreme hunger, and foggy memory.

As we get older, we begin to dry out, leading to flaky and wrinkled skin, constipation, reduced saliva, and even joint aches and pains. With age we also lose sensitivity in our thirst mechanism -- which is why we must follow a regular schedule to drink water each day. I will give you a hydration schedule, along with the facts about fluids and your health that will affect your life (and your family's life). The following are just some of the benefits you will gain in the next 24 hours by increasing water in your daily diet:

  • More efficient digestion

  • Reduced hunger between meals

  • Hydrated skin cells

  • More energy and an improved mood

  • Increased ability of muscles to burn fat

  • Increased removal of toxins

  • Reduced chance of constipation

TLC 5: Learn about the myth of alcohol moderation. In this Total Life Change, we will evaluate the effect of alcohol on weight loss, aging, optimal health, and sleep. Chemically, alcohol acts as a diuretic and causes dehydration -- just what you want to avoid to look and feel young. While the accepted wisdom for most people is that a glass of wine every evening is good for your heart, it may, in fact, be packing on the pounds and contributing to wrinkled skin. More research confirms that just one glass of wine inhibits your body's ability to burn fat for the next 48 hours. But here you will learn how to turn this fat-burning condition around in the next 24 hours.

In TLC 5, I'll also unravel the "French paradox" and give strong evidence revealing that alcohol is linked to some types of cancer, as well as age-related diseases.

TLC 6: Extend your life with antiaging deep sleep. In TLC 6, I show how healing sleep can extend your life, boost your immune function, prevent aging, and even help you drop unwanted pounds. It's no news that most Americans are sleep deprived. Nearly one in three people surveyed by the National Sleep Foundation reported getting six hours or less of sleep each night during the week -- although 98 percent of those surveyed said sleep was as important to them as exercise and good nutrition.

New studies confirm that sleep affects more than just alertness: it influences your memory, your productivity, and your reflexes. Cellular regeneration takes place primarily during sleep, and the amount of deep sleep and dream sleep you get every night may be a fair indicator of your life span. Research confirms that lack of deep sleep can tear down your immune system, making you more susceptible to viral and bacterial infections, and greatly affect your youthful good looks and how you relate to those around you. So TLC 6 is important to decreasing your biological (as compared with your chronological) age.

But what about those who have difficulty getting to sleep or even maintaining restful sleep? TLC 6 will help you incorporate important sleep steps in your daily routine so that you feel younger and more alert, energetic, and productive in the next 24 hours.

TLC 7: Balance your hormones -- naturally. While hormone replacement therapy (HRT) used to be the gold standard when a woman entered menopause, many recent studies are now waving a red flag when it comes to introducing foreign hormones into the body. Not only do prescriptive hormones increase your risk of breast and uterine cancer, we now know that women who have heart disease may further increase their risk of a second heart attack by taking HRT Heart disease is the number one cause of death for women, so this is a topic we all must take seriously.

In TLC 7, I help you understand the hormone fluctuations of perimenopause, a normal period of change leading up to menopause that usually lasts four to five years, as well as the decline of estrogen during menopause and how this can affect your physical and emotional state. I will give you some natural remedies, including hormone-friendly whole foods, increased cellular hydration, antiaging exercise, and natural hormone balancers that can give you amazing relief from perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms. I will give you the opportunity to feel young and alive again -- each and every 24 hours of your life.

TLC 8: Destress and halt aging with mind-body techniques. You won't miss the calming benefit of alcohol once you learn how to destress naturally, using the relaxation response, meditation and deep breathing, yoga, or biofeedback. When confronted with life's stress, your body produces adrenaline. The release of adrenaline is like sending a thousand messages to various key parts of the body at once, resulting in a racing heart, increased blood pressure, and a system on red alert. These messages prepare your body to deal with the stress.

The problem with high levels of stress is that they can weaken the body, reducing the number of T-cells -- the killer cells in our immune system that help to ward off diseases. This effect happens immediately and can last for days. Ongoing stress can also result in unresolved muscle tension, increased blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, and general arousal -- as if we couldn't get out of passing gear (as opposed to normal or low gear). Eventually the tension, arousal, and tightness seem normal, and we find ourselves more vulnerable to illness and poor self-care habits. Chronic tension can lead to weight gain, skin problems, knotted muscles, lower mobility, degenerative joint and spine problems, and sheer exhaustion.

Meditation and deep breathing induce the relaxation response, which can slow down your heart rate, reduce blood pressure, and calm the feelings of anxiety that you experience during chronic stress. You will learn how to change a highly charged moment into a period of calm (I call it "relaxation on demand") and protect your body from the ravages of increased stress hormones today and every other day.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Unlike many authors of more trendy diet and exercise books, I am not an advocate of the "one size fits all" health philosophy. Instead, I believe there are many turnaround options, depending on your age, fitness level, and specific health and weight-loss needs.

There are thousands of competing health books in the bookstore about diets, exercise, motivation, hormones, relaxation, yoga, and meditation, all offering conflicting information. Perhaps that's why clients always ask me, "Can't you recommend one book that combines proven information that really works for total life change?" My answer to that is The 24-Hour Turnaround. To give you added insight, throughout this book I will relate personal experiences, anecdotes, and comments from clients and seminar attendees who did a complete turnaround and reclaimed lean bodies, increased vitality, and a new outlook on life.

Sure, I could have given you a book exclusively about quick weight loss. I have a strong background in nutrition and fat metabolism, and diet books sell. But I'm here to tell you that good health and defying aging are not just a matter of counting calories and eating carrot sticks: everyone has already done that at least once. One client, Mira, told me that she had lost more than 300 pounds over a period of two decades on a low-calorie diet -- losing and gaining the same 15 pounds twenty times. Can you imagine the sense of failure and frustration she experienced? And she is not alone with her years of yo-yo dieting. Most clients come to me with lengthy histories of eating disorders, diet deprivation, and sedentary lifestyles. Many have hit middle age tilting the scales at the highest number to date and have experienced immune dysfunction, chronic health problems, and lack of motivation. Sadly, they also have a biological age that is greater than their chronological age.

My Story

I too have experienced the consequences of not always taking care of myself during times of great stress and know firsthand how quickly life's interruptions can age you and add pounds.

Let me share a personal story. When I separated from my first husband in 1984, the stress was incredible. No one could have prepared me for the unending court battles, followed by emotional custody decisions over our son, Dustin. Not only did the divorce deplete my energy and self-esteem, it was financially draining. Here I was a single mom with no financial or emotional support; I felt hopeless.

Trying to play the role of both mom and dad, along with working to pay the rent, I had no time or energy to take care of my body, mind, or spirit. Despite my belief in a healthy lifestyle, I found myself eating on the run -- sometimes convenience and fast foods that I normally would never eat. Dinners for my son were quick and easy -- the typical "busy family" fare. I found myself skipping exercise, particularly on days when I needed it the most. And I was moody, even depressed, as I saw the reality of my life with no reprieve in sight and no time to take care of me.

One day as I was sitting in the car waiting for Dustin's soccer practice to end, I glanced in the rearview mirror and was shocked. The woman I saw in the mirror could not be me! My skin looked horrible from lack of a healthy diet, good sleep, and exercise; I had put on an extra 20 pounds; I had dark circles under my eyes. As I stared at this tired older woman in the mirror, I realized that while I might be talking the talk, I was not walking the walk.

I decided at that moment to turn my life around and begin to take care of myself so I could be a happier, healthier person and a better mom.

I knew which negative habits had to be changed. I just had to motivate myself to change them -- and believing you can accomplish something is half the battle, as I will explain later. I was determined to take responsibility for my health and wellbeing and devise a schedule that would include time to exercise, quiet time to meditate, and a bedtime that allowed the sleep needed to feel young and energetic again. I threw out the boxes and cans in my kitchen and returned to the "real" whole foods that had always kept me lean and healthy. I woke up the next day (without the alarm clock!) ready to take on my busy schedule with a completely different attitude toward life.

Today I'm remarried, but this time to the man of my dreams. My life is still incredibly busy, as my family has grown from one to three children. My career is demanding but rewarding, and I love it all because I feel young, lean, healthy, and energetic even though I'm now over fifty.

Reliable Information Is the Key

I've been there, and I want to teach you -- once and for all -- that no matter what your life circumstances may be, you can take crucial steps to regain control of the way you take care of yourself -- for an immediate change. Even if you've never had a major crisis but have simply neglected yourself, The 24-Hour Turnaround will help you see dramatic changes. In this book I will show you how the 8 TLCs can affect you today, tomorrow-and in years to come.

Not long ago, one of my clients, Kim, came into my office with a look of frustration and announced, "I've eaten virtually nothing for the past two weeks but salad, and I'm starving. The scale has not budged, and I can't take it one more day. I have no energy and am so irritable that I have to drink several glasses of wine after work so I don't snap at my husband or kids. I need help!"

I calmly asked, "Well, what if I told you that just one glass of wine stops your body's ability to burn fat for forty-eight hours? And no matter how much you diet, exercise is the key to burning fat and building muscle?" Kim responded with surprise, saying, "Wine causes you to stop burning fat? My doctor told me a glass or two of wine may help me relax, and I've read that wine is good for your heart. I really need to lose weight and increase my energy. How can I turn this around?"

Now you too, just like Kim, can have the answer to this question. I will give you the most up-to-date health information -- and information is the foundation for a belief system. A significant reason for eating food that is not beneficial to health or weight loss is having a weak belief or grave misunderstanding about the need for eating nutritious food. A typical reason for living an inactive life is a weak belief or, again, misunderstanding about the body's ability to affect the mind and the emotions. And most people have very little belief or knowledge about the effect water can have on the aging process. Through my years of diet and health counseling, I've seen that lack of credible information is the reason most people fail when they begin a new diet or health plan. Knowledge is power, and information is how you get it.

So where do you turn for credible health information? Most of us get health information from our doctors, health or diet books, TV commercials, magazines, celebrities, and the Internet. But problems arise because this information is often incomplete, ineffective, outdated, and only occasionally tested on humans, if at all.

While there are a few doctors, including Dr. Dean Ornish, who have provided extremely valuable studies and information in their books, most of the popular diet and health books that I've reviewed are based on a theoretical nutritional premise or on clinical experience limited to a particular disease condition. Very few authors of modern diet books actually work with people on a daily basis, tracking their progress and listening to their problems.

Celebrity Diets: Prime Time or Waste of Time?

Not only are popular diet and health books presenting inaccurate or slanted information to readers, books written by celebrities may be setting you up for failure as well. These highly marketed books usually prescribe a celebrity's glitzy fad diet or health gimmick rather than a practical lifestyle plan that really works. In my opinion, most celebrities have the least experience at solving problems of weight loss or degenerative medical conditions. I know this because I work with celebrities! The truth is, many people (especially young people) are infatuated with what celebrities say and do and therefore are influenced by their opinions. But when it comes to your health, following a celebrity's advice could be a grave mistake -- especially when you see that the same public figure who is promoting a diet book or miraculous health cure also recently endorsed a cigarette company.

Bringing Exercise Up to Date

Unfortunately, the exercise industry, like the medical industry, tends to wait until studies are complete to implement new and effective changes. Therefore, trends in training are somewhat behind the latest information, and it's not always easy to locate a fitness professional who is current with all the latest findings. The industry as a whole has not been successful in painting a complete picture of how profoundly a single hour of exercise can impact the other 23 hours of your day, and they have failed to adequately describe -- at least in the popular press -- how exercise interacts with your weight, your hormones, and ultimately with how quickly or slowly your body ages. There are many manufacturers of so-called wellness and fitness products that are more concerned with their profits than your health or weight loss. I find this irresponsible, especially with new reports that some 300,000 Americans die each year from illnesses caused or worsened by obesity, a condition that may soon overtake cigarette smoking as the chief cause of preventable deaths -- and one that could be halted with the 24-Hour Turnaround.

What's Holding You Back?

Before you can make any lifestyle change, including breaking negative habits, you need to look inside yourself to see what's holding you back. I have heard all the excuses people have for not losing weight, for not exercising, and for not doing something about their health. From my experience, I have identified the following four main stumbling blocks that keep men and women from sticking with a diet and fitness program. The good news is that all of these can be resolved to allow you to become different -- healthier, leaner, and younger looking -- starting today.

Check the statements that apply to your situation, and then keep reading to find ways you can use the Total Life Changes to get past your stumbling blocks or negative habits.

  • Boredom

__The exercise routine gets old after a week or two.

__I get sick of eating just lettuce, carrots, and apples.

__I fall asleep when I meditate.

__I never lose weight fast enough, so eventually I stop dieting.

  • Stress

__I have problems in my marriage (or other relationship).

__I have too many deadlines at work to stick with a plan.

__I have an important event in a few weeks and feel overwhelmed.

__Having to prepare a special diet makes me anxious since I'm not a cook.

  • Avoidance

__I gained 20 pounds after my divorce, and a new diet won't help now.

__I broke my ankle a few years ago, and I'm hesitant to start exercising again.

__I've always been overweight. Both my parents were overweight. It just runs in our family.

__I don't feel good while I'm exercising or when I'm finished.

  • Habit

__I always watch the news after dinner and then read in bed. I couldn't start a new routine at this age.

__We always have pizza on Thursday night and Chinese food on Friday night. I'd hate to change this.

__When I get up in the morning, I immediately drink coffee. There's no way I could force a glass or two of water down first.

__I religiously have a glass of wine with dinner every night. I can't substitute water or tea.

Taking Charge of Your Health

No one can resolve your personal weight and fitness issues but you; each of us must take personal responsibility for our own health. But we all know that no matter how good our intentions are, the people we love can either support us or undermine our actions. I will show you how to deal with family members and friends so they do not sabotage your 24-Hour Turnaround.

Forty-two-year-old Vivian said that after starting the 24-Hour Turnaround, losing 20 pounds, and meeting a new man, her friends acted thrilled and sent her a bottle of expensive champagne. "They knew I made the 'no alcohol' pledge because drinking packs on the pounds and is unhealthy. I felt like they were trying to sabotage my efforts. So I took the champagne to a birthday luncheon a few weeks later and watched my girlfriends drink it all. The temptation was gone for me, and I wasn't interested in adding any more toxins to my body."

Keep in mind that you are doing the 24-Hour Turnaround for you -- not for your husband, children, mother, sister, doctor, or best friends. Let your motivation to start the 24-Hour Turnaround come from within and then watch how it changes you into a completely different, more contented person. if family members and friends try to discourage you and get you off track, reread the chapter on Total Life Change 1 to reevaluate why you are doing the program and motivate you to recommit to good health. Within each chapter I'll also give you a few surefire tips on how to include family members in your healthy antiaging program so they can reap positive health benefits too.

I invite you to come to Hawaii, check into the spa, and take time for you. There are so many actions, large and small, that you can take to lose weight and reduce problems associated with aging. I want you to learn these techniques that have successfully changed so many lives. In the meantime, I offer you the same effective program in The 24-Hour Turnaround. By tomorrow, I know that you will be well on your way to a leaner, stronger, and healthier body -- and a totally different you!

The 24-Hour Turnaround
The Formula for Permanent Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, and Optimal Health--Starting Today
. Copyright © by Jay Williams. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

Meet the Author

Jay Williams is a former professional basketball player and current ESPN analyst. While at Duke, Jay won the Naismith College Player of the Year Award, was named the AP Player of the Year in 2002, and was a unanimous first-team All-American. Jay was drafted by the Chicago Bulls as the second overall pick in the 2002 NBA draft. He is a motivational speaker, president of the Jay Williams Group, managing partner of the Leverage Agency, and a committed member of a number of charities.

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