28 Days to Ecstasy for Couples: Tantra Step by Step
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28 Days to Ecstasy for Couples: Tantra Step by Step

by Pala Copeland

Would you like to experience erotic sex like never before? Go beyond pleasure to find true bliss? Connect with your lover to reach new levels of spiritual ecstasy? Enjoy all of this and more as you discover the depths of Tantric sex.

With a daily practice averaging just 20 minutes, 28 Days to Ecstasy offers the perfect way to fit Tantra into your busy


Would you like to experience erotic sex like never before? Go beyond pleasure to find true bliss? Connect with your lover to reach new levels of spiritual ecstasy? Enjoy all of this and more as you discover the depths of Tantric sex.

With a daily practice averaging just 20 minutes, 28 Days to Ecstasy offers the perfect way to fit Tantra into your busy life. Short on time or away from your partner? Try fifty quick exercises designed to keep your passion white-hot.

Clear illustrations and numbered steps show you exactly how to perform each blissful lesson. As you move through each day of the plan, you'll learn many sexy techniques to thrill your lover:

· Extend your lovemaking sessions to several hours by controlling your sexual energy
· Explore new ways to deepen intimacy with Kama Sutra positions
· Create multiple orgasms for you and your partner
· Increase your sexual fitness with pleasure-enhancing toning exercises
· Keep your bedroom hot with sexual role-play and fantasy games
· Bring your lover to peaks of excitement with erotic massage

. . . and enjoy the most intensely pleasurable sex you have ever experienced!

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Tantric sex, the art of sacred loving, elevates your sexuality beyond the physical. This ancient practice of uniting sex and spirit is especially relevant for modern lovers who long for deeper connection and greater pleasure. A life-view that celebrates the joys of the body, Tantra helps you open freely and fully to your partner, sharing your glory and your vulnerability. While you can spend many years exploring Tantra's depths, you can also realize some of its intense benefits in a very short time, which is particularly appealing to lovers caught in the hectic pace of life today. In fact, this book is written especially for lovers who are very busy. It shows you that Tantra is a practical approach to intimacy that can have a profound impact on your life without requiring a great deal of extra time. It will help you understand that life can be very pleasurable indeed, and that's a good thing—good for you and for everyone and everything around you.

This Tantric sex playbook contains a detailed twenty-eight-day plan with step-by-step instructions for simple, fun-to-do activities that will strengthen your relationship and intensify your sexual and spiritual connection. The exercises are quite short—from one to thirty minutes. On average, you'll spend no more than twenty minutes per day on your sacred loving practice—less time than you may spend watching a sitcom or the evening news on TV. Once per week, there are longer love-making periods, in which you will reap great delights from the skills you've been learning.

We've endeavored to present the exercises and activities so that it's compellingly easy for you to take action.

· Chapter 2, "How to Use This Book," gives you brief and direct instructions for working through the twenty-eight-day plan.
· Chapter 3, "The 28-Day Ecstasy Plan," contains the step-by-step plan, with specific exercises for each of the twenty-eight days. We teach you how to engage in non-goal-oriented lovemaking. The purpose of Tantric sex is union with the beloved through shared pleasure, not the pursuit of orgasm—although you'll certainly experience many of them. .
· Chapter 4, "Tantric Loving Step by Step," explains the eight elements an extended Tantric lovemaking session comprises. You learn how to make love for several hours, during which time both lovers can naturally become multiorgasmic. .
· Chapter 5, "Ecstasy Recipe—Your Joyous Steps to Bliss," suggests fifty specific activities to engage in during your exTantric loving time. This section is a "recipe" for sexual and spiritual ecstasy, independent of how long or short the session may be.
· Chapter 6, "Continuing Your Practice," provides guidelines for carrying on your Tantric practice over the course of your life together.

The techniques you will learn include conscious intention and attention, sexual physical fitness, intimate emotional connection, and energy circulation and exchange between lovers, as well as sexual, ceremonial, and ritual play. Included with each day's activities is an inspiring message—a thought for the day— related to relationships, sexuality, and spirituality. They help you focus on key elements of your relationship, such as profound intimacy, soaring passion, trust, surrender, and the most expansive love imaginable.

This book emphasizes action rather than ideas. It's a companion playbook to our book Soul Sex: Tantra for Two, which is much more detailed in its treatment of Tantric concepts and their role in relationships. This book is short and directly to the point: to encourage you to actually add the practices of Tantric sacred sexuality to your active lifestyle. Just reading the book won't help you much. To receive the benefits of Tantra, you must do four things:

· First, act in spite of any residual shame or guilt about sex you may carry from previous experiences and conditioned learning.
· Second, give yourself permission to experience pleasure.
· Third, open your heart to give and receive love—and reopen it each time it closes, again and again.
· Fourth, actually practice the exercises and apply yourself to the activities that we describe.

If you do these four things, then the exercises in the twenty-eight-day plan, although short and simple, will have a cumulative effect and will transform the quality of your relationship. You are not required to give up the way you currently make love, or anything else important to you, including your values and beliefs. But by the end of these twenty-eight days, your life will have changed, in some ways profoundly for the better.

You can have the relationship happiness you've dreamt about. You can experience the most sublime intimate connection emotionally energetically, and spiritually with your lover. You can have all the great sex you want.

You can give and receive pleasure and love in abundance. You can heal and become whole. You can have it all. The only question for you to answer is this: how good are you willing to have it?

Sex is essential in a fulfilling mate relationship unless you have consciously chosen to have one that is platonic, that is, more akin to friendship than marriage. In a true marriage based on lifelong commitment, sexual fulfillment and abundance in love and pleasure are inseparable from relationship happiness. And relationship happiness is the surest, quickest, and easiest route to your personal emotional maturity and spiritual awakening.

Sex is good, and pleasure is not only good, it's actually necessary for peak mental and emotional well-being. Sexual fulfillment is good for you personally, and it's good for everyone else around you. Your children, friends, neighbors, and coworkers will benefit from your happiness, vitality, and positive state of mind. You'll also discover that sexual fulfillment and its accompanying high state of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being make you more productive in your work, more creative in your art, and more excellent in your sport.

Taking time to feed your body with the sensual nutrition of erotic touch, connecting on the most intimate levels with your lover, experiencing beyond any doubt that you are cared for and loved—these make everything else in your life work better. You're not being selfish; you're not robbing other important aspects of your life by taking time to be Tantric lovers. On the contrary: you're choosing to be free, to live your life to the fullest. You're acting to be completely alive and productive.

If you actually do the short, simple exercises in 28 Days to Ecstasy for Couples, you may begin to experience anew what it felt like when you first fell in love, rekindle the passion in your lovemaking, realize new heights and depths of intimacy with your mate, and experience sexual and spiritual ecstasy—all within twenty-eight days.

By following this simple plan, you will gradually begin to notice many of these benefits:
· greater ability to communicate intimately with each other
· increased comfort with giving and receiving sexual pleasure
· ease in surrendering to your lover and opening your heart
· increased sexual stamina and endurance
· extending lovemaking over hours and experiencing lovemaking as timeless
· successfully delaying ejaculation
· increased awareness of your sexual energy and skill in circulating that energy through your body and exchanging it with your lover
· building high sexual charges and carrying hot sexual energy with relaxed comfort
· enhanced desire for your lover
· increased passion in your lovemaking, your relationship, and your life
· becoming more readily orgasmic, with the potential for multiple orgasms (men and women)
· increased enjoyment of ceremonial and ritual lovemaking practices
· enhanced creativity and imagination in lovemaking and the rest of your life
· improved health and vitality
· feeling better about yourself, each other, and your life together
· expanded sense of well-being, delight, astonishment, and joy
· balanced emotions
· decreased stress, worry, fear, insecurity, and other negative emotions
· return to playfulness and lightness of being
· experiences of mystery, ecstasy, and mystical states It generally takes three to four weeks to establish a new behavior pattern or new habit. And this simple ecstasy plan is habit-forming.
Once you've been through the twenty-eight days, you won't want to turn back. Rather, you'll sail forward on newly discovered wings of love, happiness, and ecstasy. These are your birthright of body, mind, heart, and soul freedom. You need only claim them with action to know this is the truth.

Meet the Author

Al Link & Pala Copeland (Ottawa, Canada) have been leading retreats on sacred loving for ten years. As experts on the subject of sexuality and Tantra, they have appeared on radio and television and have contributed to many publications, such as Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, Body and Soul, and the Wall Street Journal.

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