3 CD Collection

3 CD Collection

by Smokie Norful

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Disc 1

  1. Celebrate
  2. Um Good
  3. Great and Mighty
  4. Run til I Finish
  5. In Time
  6. More Than Anything
  7. Where Would I Be?
  8. Put Your Hands Together
  9. Right Now
  10. Run To You
  11. Celebrate (Reprise)

Disc 2

  1. Power
  2. Power (Reprise)
  3. Worthy
  4. God is Able
  5. I Understand
  6. I Know the Lord Will Make a Way
  7. In the Middle
  8. Can't Nobody
  9. Nothing Without You
  10. Continuous Grace
  11. I Know Too Much About Him
  12. Healing In His Tears
  13. [CD-ROM Track]

Disc 3

  1. It's All About You
  2. I Need You Now
  3. Life's Not Promised
  4. Still Say, Thank You
  5. Praise Him
  6. The Least I Can Do
  7. Somethin', Somethin'
  8. Same Sad Song
  9. Just Can't Stop
  10. Psalm 64
  11. Same Sad Song

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Smokie Norful   Primary Artist,Piano,Background Vocals,Electro-Acoustic Piano
Ron Thompson   Background Vocals
George Duke   Synthesizer
Mark Baldwin   Guitar
Anthony Coleman   Background Vocals
David Angell   Strings
Vanessa Bell Armstrong   Soloist,Guest Appearance
Percy Bady   Keyboards
Lloyd Barry   Strings,Horn
Tyrone Block   Background Vocals
David Davidson   Strings
Mark Douthit   Tenor Saxophone
Freddie Flewelen   Bass
Richard Gibbs   Hammond Organ
Tim Godfrey   Background Vocals
Carl Gorodetzky   Conductor,Concert Master
Barry Green   Trombone,Horn
Mike Haynes   Trumpet,Horn
Roger Heiss   Background Vocals
Doc Powell   Guitar
Paul Jackson   Guitar
Lawrence Jones   Electric Guitar
Anthony LaMarchina   Strings
Sam Levine   Saxophone
Doug Moffet   Baritone Saxophone
Doug Moffett   Horn
Michael Neuble   Background Vocals
Dean Parks   Acoustic Guitar
Steve Patrick   Trumpet
Greg Phillinganes   Piano
Logan Reynolds   Organ,Piano
Tony Russell   Bass
Tommy Sims   Acoustic Guitar
Pamela Sixfin   Strings
Dino Soldo   Harmonica,Saxophone
Alan Umstead   Strings
Catherine Umstead   Strings
Gary VanOsdale   Strings
Mary Kathryn Van Osdale   Strings
Michael Williams   Organ
Sharay Reed   Bass Guitar
Daryll Wright   Bass
Nia Allen   Background Vocals
Cynthia Jernigan   Background Vocals
Willis   Guitar
Faith Howard   Background Vocals
Vinnie Ciesielski   Horn
Maurice Fitzgerald   Bass
Nick Sparks   Horn Engineer
Angela Primm   Background Vocals
Derrick Buckingham   Guitar
Cynthia Pasley   Background Vocals
Juan Winans   Background Vocals
Monisa Angell   Strings
Jerard Woods   Background Vocals
Julie Tanner   Strings
Tiffany Lee   Background Vocals
Carolyn Miller   Background Vocals
Markita Knight   Background Vocals
LeAnne Palmore   Background Vocals
Sheleta Taylor   Background Vocals
David Daughtery   Background Vocals
Janet Fuller   Background Vocals
Melinda Doolittle   Background Vocals
Asaph Ward   Keyboards
Sharon Wyse   Background Vocals
Matthew Long   Vibes
John Hinchey   Horn
Gerald Hardy   Electric Guitar
DeJuan Williams   Guitar
Dremond Williams   Drums
Donald Woods   Organ
Haskel Jackson   Background Vocals
Andrew L. Ward   Drums
Paul Garcia   Background Vocals
Rodney East   Piano
Terrence Marshall   Background Vocals
Michelle Pickett   Background Vocals
Michael Bereal   Piano
Vernard Burton   Background Vocals
Teddy Campbell   Drums
Ternae Jordan   Background Vocals
Mike Ripol   Acoustic Guitar
Moiba Mustapha   Background Vocals
Chonita Johnson   Background Vocals
Darcey Stewart   Background Vocals
Gloria Brand   Background Vocals
Antonio Dixon   Keyboards
Darrel Petties   Vocals,Guest Appearance
Tim Bailey   Organ
Marcus Finnie   Drums
Monique Griffith   Background Vocals
Rachel Hockett   Background Vocals
Carissima A. Joseph   Background Vocals
Antoinette Linton Gibesgus Lacy   Background Vocals
Bernard Long   Vibes
Doug Mofitt   Saxophone
Cyndy Paisley   Background Vocals
Lemajor Purnell   Vibes
Scooter Sledge   Background Vocals
Missi Hale   Background Vocals
D.O.A.   Guitar,Background Vocals
Derrick "Swol" Ray   Drums
Isaiah Lyons   Background Vocals
Daphne Douglas   Background Vocals
Gale West   Background Vocals
Zita Smith   Background Vocals
Denise Rutledge   Background Vocals
Carla Barnes   Background Vocals
Carya Holmes   Background Vocals
Emoni Wilkins   Background Vocals
Patrick Robinson   Keyboards
Jason Tyson   Organ,Piano,Keyboards,fender rhodes
Rexsell Hardy   Drums
Terrance Marshall   Background Vocals
Derrick "Buck" Buckingham   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Chad Brawley   Wurlitzer
Alexander Ward   Keyboards
Tavarius Johnson   Drums
Vangos   Background Vocals
Lenasia Tyson   Background Vocals
Pastor Norful   Spoken Word
Linda Willis   Vocals
Asaleana Elliott   Background Vocals
Jonathan Dubose   Guitar
Craig E. Nelson   Strings
Reggie Grisham   Horn
Todd Dulaney   Background Vocals
Ashley Washington   Background Vocals
Tony Russell   Bass
William Hazel   Percussion
Kimberly Waits   Background Vocals
Charlotte Rutledge   Background Vocals
Fedrick Braggs   Background Vocals
Stella Woodard   Background Vocals
Erika Harper   Background Vocals
Charnetta Richardson   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Neil Young   Engineer,overdub engineer,Vocal Engineer
George Duke   Producer
Ronn Huff   String Arrangements
Derek Allen   Producer
Percy Bady   Arranger,Composer,Producer,drum programming
Lloyd Barry   Horn Arrangements,String Arrangements,String Conductor
Cedric Caldwell   Composer,Producer,Engineer,Vocal Engineer,Instrumentation
Victor Caldwell   Composer,Producer,Engineer,Vocal Engineer,Instrumentation
Jud J. Friedman   Composer
Roger Heiss   Engineer
Bryan Lenox   Engineer
Mike Poole   Engineer
Randy Poole   Engineer
Logan Reynolds   Composer,Producer,overdub engineer
Tony Russell   Arranger
Hal Sacks   Engineer
Tommy Sims   Producer,Engineer,Instrumentation
Larry Sturm   Engineer
Erik Zobler   Engineer
Allan Rich   Composer
Ken Pennell   Executive Producer
Karen Philpott   Art Direction
Smokie Norful   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Vocal Arrangements,Vocal Producer,Instrument Arrangement
Kevin Randolph   Arranger
Andy Selby   Programming,Engineer
Myron Butler   Composer
Fred Paragano   Pro-Tools
Jim Gray   String Conductor
Vashawn Mitchell   Composer
Asaph Ward   Producer,Engineer,Vocal Engineer
Jeremy Lawton   Engineer
Donald Woods   Arranger
Haskel Jackson   Composer
John Jascz   Engineer
Paul Garcia   Engineer
Josiah "Chuks" Bell   Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer
Antonio Dixon   Composer,Producer,Engineer,drum programming,Vocal Producer,Instrumentation
Joe Archie   Composer,Instrumentation
Tobey Betthauser   Vocal Engineer
Dave "Natural Love" Russell   Engineer
Dabung "Hobby Boy" Harward   Engineer
D.O.A.   Arranger,Composer,Instrumentation
Brian "Big B" Porter   Engineer
Jason Tyson   Composer,Producer,Instrument Arrangement
Michael Davis   Live Recording
Alexander Ward   Producer,Engineer,Vocal Engineer
Ron Huff   String Arrangements
Tavarius Johnson   Instrument Arrangement
Josiah Bell   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Donald Buster Woods   Composer
Priscilla White   Composer
Tony Russell   Instrument Arrangement
Edwin James Oliver   Producer,Executive Producer

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