30 Days of Night [Original Soundtrack]

30 Days of Night [Original Soundtrack]


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Ipecac Recordings

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  1. Prelude/Last Day of Sun  - Brian Reitzell
  2. Girl Bait  - Brian Reitzell
  3. Muffin Muncher  - Brian Reitzell
  4. Soon There Will Be Just 5  - Brian Reitzell
  5. Vampires on the Horizon  - Brian Reitzell
  6. They Didn't Take Me  - Brian Reitzell
  7. Barrow Burns  - Brian Reitzell
  8. Ditchwitched  - Brian Reitzell
  9. Vampired Johnny  - Brian Reitzell
  10. Gus Loses His Head  - Brian Reitzell
  11. You Wanna Play with Us Now?  - Brian Reitzell
  12. The Bloody Fruits of Barrow  - Brian Reitzell
  13. Eben Shoots Up  - Brian Reitzell
  14. The One Who Fights  - Brian Reitzell
  15. Daybreak  - Brian Reitzell
  16. Overture  - Brian Reitzell
  17. Underture  - Brian Reitzell

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Brian Reitzell   Synthesizer,Percussion,Cymbals,Drums,Bass Drums,Gong,Bass Guitar,Electric Guitar,Harmonium,Hammond Organ,Moog Synthesizer,Surdo,Timpani,Korg,Electronic Drums,Waterphone,Roto Toms,Crotale,Syndrum,Synthesizer Drums,Flexatones,Metal Percussion,Prepared Piano
Tim Rutili   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
David Levita   Guitar,Electric Guitar,Stylophone,Marxophone
Abel Korzeniowski   Cello,Electric Cello

Technical Credits

Brian Reitzell   Composer,Producer,Engineer,Audio Production
Justin Stanley   Engineer
Eric "ET" Thorngren   Engineer
Mathieu Bitton   Art Direction
Richard Jory   Engineer
Daniel Hersch   Mastering

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