30 Glorious Years Of The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra

30 Glorious Years Of The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra

by The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra

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Disc 1

  1. Fiddlers To the Fore
  2. Bluebell Polka: The Bluebell Polka/Liberton Pipe Band
  3. The Flower O' The Quern
  4. Salute To J Scott Skinner: Scott Skinner's Compliments To Dr MacDonald/
  5. The Strings of Bon Accord
  6. The Heroes of Longhope
  7. Petronella: Petronella/Neivie Neivie Nick Nack/Come Let Us Dance And Si
  8. The Hen's March O'er The Midden
  9. Eva Three-Step : Dovecote Park/Mary Sandeman's Farewell To Ness
  10. Reel of the 51st Division: Drunken Piper/The Barren Rocks Of Aden/The H
  11. Canadian Barn Dance: Jock MacCallum Of Rodel/Harvest Home
  12. Am Muileann-Uisge/The Old Water-Mill
  13. Fiddle Duet/The Hardanger
  14. Pipe Marches: Hills Of Alva/The Scottish Horse/Bugle Horn
  15. Music O' The Spey
  16. The Miller O'Hirn/MacKenzie Fraser
  17. The Blackthorn Stick: The Blackthorn Stick/Jackson's Jig/Rory O'More/Ro
  18. The Northlands: The Northlands/The Fire-Horse Reel

Disc 2

  1. Ceud Mile Failte: Ceud Mile Failte/Prince Of Wales Jig/Kenmure's On An'
  2. Auld Rants: Marquis Of Huntley's Highland Fling/The Kilt Is My Delight/
  3. Whistling Rufus
  4. The Flower Of Portencross
  5. Swinging Reels: Jenny's Bawbee/Denise's Tune/Paddy O'Brien/Early In The
  6. Rosebud of Allanvale
  7. When The Battle Is Over: When The Battle Is Over/Heroes Of Vittoria/Bat
  8. Scented Fairy Bower
  9. The Musical Flea
  10. Irish Fantasia: Phil The Fluter's Ball/The Irish Washerwoman
  11. Gentle Annie
  12. March of the Cellos
  13. Scotland the Brave
  14. Highland Scottische: John MacMillan Of Barra/Angus McQueen Of Uist
  15. Dance of the Basses
  16. Ontario Swing: Murray River Jig/Lemonville Jig/Elliot's Reel/Bowing The
  17. Jigs from the Gow Collection : Miss Grace Hay's Delight/Drum
  18. Flying Fiddles Reels: The Old Woollie Jumper/Birthday Girl/Dancing In T

Disc 3

  1. Hamilton House: The Hon. Colonel Hamilton's Delight/Miss Sally Hunter/I
  2. Dancie Shuttleworth: Dancie Shuttleworth/Londonderry Hornpipe
  3. Gay Gordons: Meeting Of The Waters/The Glendaruel Highlanders
  4. Tribute To Sir Jimmy Shand: Lunan Bay/Bonnie Dundee/Six-Twenty Two-Step
  5. La Russe : La Russe/Shean Trews/Lottie And Chatt
  6. Our Princess Royal
  7. Colin L O'Riordan
  8. Lady Gethin
  9. Eamonn Gilmartin's Eclipse: Eamonn Gilmartin's Eclipse/Girl With The Be
  10. Echoes In the Glen
  11. The Flowers Of Edinburgh: The Flowers Of Edinburgh/Lass O'Patie's Mill/
  12. The Old Man of Hoy
  13. The Drummers
  14. The Horticulturist
  15. Concert Finale: Kemnay House/Golden Slippers/Willie And Bessie/The Peed

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