365 Prescriptions for the Soul: Daily Messages of Inspiration, Hope, and Love

365 Prescriptions for the Soul: Daily Messages of Inspiration, Hope, and Love

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by Bernie S. Siegel

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Dr. Bernie Siegel writes with humorous, down-to-earth wisdom that has improved the lives of countless readers. In 365 Prescriptions for the Soul, he treats us to his most user-friendly work of all: daily doses of inspiration and humor that gently and joyfully help us live more peaceful, loving, and fulfilling lives.


Dr. Bernie Siegel writes with humorous, down-to-earth wisdom that has improved the lives of countless readers. In 365 Prescriptions for the Soul, he treats us to his most user-friendly work of all: daily doses of inspiration and humor that gently and joyfully help us live more peaceful, loving, and fulfilling lives.

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“Bernie Siegel dispenses spiritual medicine that’s good for you, and feels good too! I highly recommend these daily doses of eternal wisdom.”
— Marianne Williamson, author of Everyday Grace

“Bernie is one of the world’s most respected doctors. I would pay close attention to any prescription he offers. I read from this each day.”
— Wayne Dyer, author of Getting in the Gap

“Dr. Siegel’s soul medicine is dispensed in perfect doses to uplift, inspire, enlighten, and heal you. As always, Bernie’s wisdom and love gave me goosebumps, or should I say god-bumps. Buy a carton of this medicine-in-a-book and administer it to everyone you love.”
— Joan Borysenko, PhD, author of Inner Peace for Busy People

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365 Prescriptions for the Soul

Daily Messages of Inspiration, Hope, and Love

By Bernie S. Siegel, Andrea Hurst

New World Library

Copyright © 2004 Bernie S. Siegel
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-57731-700-5



* * *


When the soul collects all its interior powers within, and when the body collects all its external senses and unites them to the soul, the Holy Spirit approaches and breathes into this union quietude and peace.

— Father Andrew Leonard Winczewski, O.S.B.

What is a iTL[soulution? First let me define solution. A solution comes from our intellect. It is an attempt to solve a difficulty or dilemma by figuring out what the right thing to do is in any problematic circumstance. It comes from the mind and is based on thinking.

A soulution helps you to solve your problems by taking a broad approach. It speaks to you through your feelings, dreams, and visions and not through words alone. A soulution leads to right action. It truly resolves conflicts and difficulties in ways that lead to a deeper sense of peace.

Soulution of the Day

* * *

Accept the wisdom of your soul. Listen to the words it speaks, observe the dreams and visions it creates, and respond to your soulful feelings. Read on and pay particular attention to the Soulutions offered in this book.



* * *


There is more to life than increasing its speed.

— Mohandas Gandhi

My wife is always telling me to slow down, but my years of medical training have taught me to do things quickly to be prepared for emergencies. Although it's been hard to stop walking fast and gulping down meals, I keep trying!

The other day a policeman waved at me to slow down as I passed a construction site, and this led me to think about my wife's message.

Then, a few days later as I left my office and started walking toward my car, I heard a woman say, "Slow down!" So I did. As I started to walk slowly, I heard another woman start laughing. I turned to see what was funny, and it was me. She pointed out that the person saying "Slow down" was the mother of a little boy who had run into the parking lot as they left the building. I said, "Now you know what my wife and mother have been telling me for years. So I follow orders when I hear a woman's voice say 'slow down!'"

Sometimes the Creator works in mysterious ways. If the same message is coming to you from many different directions, heed it!

Soulution of the Day

* * *

As the Sufi poet Rumi says, "Your criticism polishes my mirror." When we hear the same suggestions over and over again, they may begin to feel like criticism. But if you stop to listen, they might just help you to slow down and smell the roses.



* * *


Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself.

— Kahlil Gibran

The greatest truth I know about life is that love is the answer. If you ask me what the question is, I will tell you it is every question you could ever ask. Love is always the answer to every question and problem. We are here to love and be loved and learn a few things in the process.

I can never be wrong when I choose to love. Love rewards me by bringing meaning to my life. I know when I choose to love I will always be in the right place at the right time. It provides my life with the order and harmony that bring me peace.

All I ask of life is to be given the chance to love, and I pray that I will be able to do that, despite my imperfections. My days are devoted to acting as if I am the lover I want to be, and I know someday I will become who I hope to be. Until that day, those around me remain grateful for my attempt.

Soulution of the Day

* * *

Whatever your problem is, the solution is love.



* * *


God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

— The Serenity Prayer

What is truly lasting? Polar ice melts. The ozone layer shrinks. A relationship ends. Your family or friends act differently for no apparent reason. So what can you rely on? There is only one thing — change. Change is the one constant that is ever present.

On a personal level, you do have choices about how you change. But the rest of the universe is not under your control. All of the universes, including ours, are like portions of God's canvas. They are constantly being worked and reworked. The Creator must have his or her reasons, and hopefully we will understand them someday.

Understanding won't eliminate change. But acceptance of this truth will enable us to live in a more peaceful state. When we don't resist change, we flow with the process of creation and help make it a true work of art.

Soulution of the Day

* * *

Say the Serenity Prayer when feeling troubled, and remember its message.



* * *


To begin anew, we must say good-bye to who we once were.

— Anonymous

The first time I was asked to give a report to the Board of Directors of Heaven I was quite nervous. When I finished I said, "The end," and God said, "No, that's not the end."

I thought I was in big trouble because I hadn't done a good job, so I said, "That's the end of my report. I have no more to say."

God responded, "I understand, but in Heaven when we finish a report we say, The Beginning. For instance, does the Bible end in conclusions?"

"No, Revelations," I said.

"Right," God said. "And do you call a graduation a termination?"

"No, it's a commencement."

"Right again. Remember, Bernie, life is a series of beginnings. The changes, losses, illnesses, and afflictions are not endings, but beginnings. We are changed and have to start a new life each time. So what do you say now?"

"I shall try to find for myself, my family, and my patients the strength and courage to live this way."

The meeting was adjourned.

Soulution of the Day

* * *

Have the courage to begin the new life that each day brings you. No matter what changes or losses you have experienced, step back and see where you need to begin.



* * *


And Joy is Everywhere; It is in the Earth's green covering of grass; In the blue serenity of the Sky.

— Rabindranath Tagore,JOY

How do we find joy in our lives? Too often it comes at a significant price. You learn you are mortal, and suddenly what used to seem important isn't. Things that used to bother you don't anymore because they have become insignificant. What then becomes significant are the people who you love and who love you.

When you know your time is limited, every moment becomes precious. You step out the door, and a flower brings you joy because it may be the last flower you ever see. Time becomes a gift, not a burden, because you choose to spend it with the things and people you love and stop doing the things that are meaningless. You wear whatever you like and stop worrying so much about what others think. When you appreciate the now, weather becomes fascinating instead of a problem. It turns a frost-covered window blocking your vision into an awesome work of art.

Enjoy what lies before you, and be in awe of the beauty of creation. What I have learned from the words, "Seeing something for the last time is almost as good as the first" is to start seeing everything for the first time again. I think of myself as an extraterrestrial every morning and see the world as if it were my first day on earth.

Soulution of the Day

* * *

Today try being an extraterrestrial and glory in the beauty and variety before you.



* * *


Love conquers all things; Let us surrender to love.

— Virgil

The other day i watched two geese flying by. The male was leading and honking to his mate, who followed behind him and reassured him with her answering honks. They are a unit and experience life together. Their fidelity makes the pains of life tolerable for them both and brings them more joy.

They reminded me of when my wife and I go out biking. I lead or follow to make it safer for her and ring my bell when I am concerned about where she is riding. When we open our hearts to others and allow them into our lives, our journey becomes meaningful.

I once wrote a poem for my wife entitled "A Beautiful Burden." In it I speak about all the traveling, especially flying, that we do together. I always carry all of the luggage, and tease my wife about how heavy hers is and how love is supposed to make one's burdens lighter! She knows that her presence brightens my day and makes all the traveling more joyful. To quote the last lines of my poem:

    I learned from traveling alone
    That the load is really no lighter
    For a lonely heart weighs more
    Than a bag that can't be packed any tighter.

Soulution of the Day

* * *

The birdcalls and the call of one's mate are the call to life.



* * *


Sometimes what looks like fresh footprints that will lead you to a new destination is really only a sign of a well-beaten path.

— Lin Ann Ho

One day after a big snowstorm I was jogging through the deep snow and really struggling to make my way. I realized how much of an effort it was to make my way with no plowed path or footsteps to follow. The next day it was much easier. The snow was still soft, and my footprints were easy to follow. Five days later the snow had frozen, and the rigid ice made it dangerous for me to try to fit into the old footprints. I had to create a new path or risk breaking my ankles.

What I learned is that at different times in my life I must make different choices. At times it is all right to be carried. At other times, following in the footsteps of others is appropriate, and at others you must make your own way. Sometimes it is proper to leave the old ways and start a fresh path. You find your way by attending to what feels right for you and not by looking for the easy way.

You must remember that if you constantly follow in the steps of others you will lose your way. Remember that at times other people's ways may be wrong for you and even endanger you. So find your own way and let others go theirs. True natives can be your guides only when they have shared your experience.

Soulution of the Day

* * *

Make your own path. Do not follow those who are not true guides, for if you do, you may be lost forever.



* * *


Passwords are the words that help you pass through the strange and bad lands of life's experience.

— Ben Zion

Many words and sayings stay with us as we go through life. I call them "passwords." When I run into difficulties I recall words that help me deal with whatever is before me. A whole book may be a password if it teaches me how to handle something the author has already overcome.

Sometimes it is one word that when repeated, like a mantra, sustains me. Or it may be an Internet password that leads me to helpful information. We all need to find the passwords that get us through, just as a passport gets us through customs when entering a different country.

My favorite passwords are love, laughter, faith, prayer, and miracle. I use miracle more than any other because it keeps me open and expecting the positive aspects of life. For me, it's a reminder of what Dr. Carl Simonton said: "In the face of uncertainty there is nothing wrong with hope."

Soulution of the Day

* * *

Pass your words of hope on to others.



* * *


I cannot prove to you that God exists, but my work has proved empirically that the pattern of God exists in every man and that this pattern in the individual has at its disposal the greatest transforming energies of which life is capable. Find this pattern in your own individual self and life is transformed.

— C. G. Jung

Oh, my God! When you see those words, what do you think? Many of us use the word "God" without any clear concept of what we are talking about. Stop and ask yourself what God means to you. If you had to write an essay on God, what would you say about him, her, it? You see how easy it is to get into problems trying to describe God. Words don't fit, and that's the problem. Some say, "God is love." But they don't define love, and love has no gender associated with it. I don't see my God as having a gender or human form.

If I had to describe my God I'd say, "Look around you and you'll see my God. My God is in you and the tree and the computer. My God has many faces, and we are all one of them. God is love and more. God is things we can't touch, like consciousness, intelligence, and energy, and God is things we can touch like matter and the things that matter. We are all God, or at least an extension of God."

Soulution of the Day

* * *

Contemplate what God means to you.



* * *


The outside of a horse does good for the inside of a man.

— Winston Churchill

One day I Found a horse roaming free near our home. I jumped on him and got him back on the road. Whenever he strayed from the road, I guided him back. Many miles from where we started he turned into a farm. The farmer said, "That's my horse. How did you know he belonged here?"

"I didn't know," I replied. "The horse knew. All I did was keep him on the road."

The horse has an intuitive wisdom and follows it.

Another time I tried to keep a horse I was riding from going under a tree. I stood up in the saddle and pulled with all my might on the reins, but the horse won and a branch of the tree knocked me out of the saddle. The horse left and I waited. I knew he would go back to the barn and that people would come looking for me.

Sometimes we have guides and teachers that help keep us on the path. At other times people and events lead us astray. But ultimately we all need to live like the horse and know our own way home.

Soulution of the Day

* * *

Where is your home? If you were a horse, and someone let go of your reins, where would you head?



* * *


The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.

— Joseph Campbell

When we need to find our energy and source, the place to look is in the darkness. It is in the black holes that the energy of creation lives. Whether we are speaking of the universe or of an individual, darkness is the source of life.

When facing emotional despair, hopelessness, or physical anguish, going into the darkness helps us to find our self and renew our life. It is in the nothingness that we can stop and find peace and answers. When we see our true potential, we can then create ourselves anew. We can become like a blank canvas and begin the act of creation out of the darkness.

When I lecture, I hold up a piece of paper with a black dot on it and then ask people to describe what they see. Many say a black dot, while others answer correctly and say a piece of paper with a dot on it. You can decide to focus on the darkness or use it to appreciate that your life contains light too. You would never appreciate the light if you didn't have the darkness.

Don't be afraid of the darkness. Let the Director show you the way! Go inside, discover your own black hole, and emerge with new energy and the true light of awareness. Let the tomb become a womb.

Soulution of the Day

* * *

Spend some time in the dark today.



* * *


Be strong, get beyond all superstitions, and be free.

— Swami Vivekananda

Some fears are just superstitions. For instance, why fear the number thirteen? In Judaism a boy or girl's thirteenth birthday is a day to celebrate and have a bar or bat mitzvah.


Excerpted from 365 Prescriptions for the Soul by Bernie S. Siegel, Andrea Hurst. Copyright © 2004 Bernie S. Siegel. Excerpted by permission of New World Library.
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Meet the Author

Dr. Bernie Siegel is a well-known proponent of alternative approaches to healing that involve not just the body, but the mind and soul as well. As the author of several books, including Love, Medicine & Miracles and Peace, Love & Healing, Bernie has been at the forefront of the medical ethics and spiritual issues of our day. He and his wife (and occasional coauthor), Bobbie, live in a suburb in Connecticut. They have five children and eight grandchildren.

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365 Prescriptions for the Soul: Daily Messages of Inspiration, Hope, and Love 2.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
JBluestein More than 1 year ago
I read one of these everyday and it always makes me sit back and think about everything and everyone in my life. Well written and easy to follow.
mkaybill More than 1 year ago
This book is much like other Julia Cameron books, in that it takes the reader into the world of spirituality and creativity. As always, Cameron's writing style pulls the reader in and holds his/her attention in a way that speaks directly to the soul. The book is full of Bible quotations and will attract Christian readers, however, her attempt to rewrite the Creation Story (Myth) may turn some off. Even considering this, I would recommend it to anyone who is pursuing a creative path and needs spiritual guidance. Easy to read -- it flows naturally and fluently. I truly enjoyed the book.