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39 Steps to Seattle

39 Steps to Seattle


Product Details

Release Date:
Diablo Records Uk


  1. You Are My Friend
  2. Mountain of Love
  3. Dream Is Gone
  4. It's Ok
  5. Ron Klaus Wrecked His House
  6. When You Smile  -  Dream Syndicate
  7. I Had a Dream
  8. Speak the Same to Everyone
  9. A Stranger (Never Says Goodbye)
  10. Crazy Girl
  11. Inside
  12. Downsiders
  13. The Drifter
  14. Wild Dog Waltz  -  Band of Blacky Ranchette
  15. Everything You Need and Everything You Want

Album Credits

Performance Credits

American Music Club   Track Performer
Big Dipper   Track Performer
Dream Syndicate   Track Performer
Green on Red   Track Performer
Long Ryders   Track Performer
Naked Prey   Track Performer
Sidewinders   Track Performer
Thin White Rope   Track Performer
Russ Tolman   Track Performer
Downsiders   Track Performer
Giant Sand   Track Performer
Incredible Casuals   Track Performer
Rain Parade   Track Performer
Band of Blacky Ranchette   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Sidewinders   Producer
Thin White Rope   Producer
Russ Tolman   Producer
Chuck Prophet   Contributor
Steven Roback   Contributor
Jack Waterson   Contributor
Steve Wynn   Contributor
Ron Nagle   Producer
Matt Piucci   Contributor
Kendra Smith   Contributor
Chandler Travis   Contributor
Chris Bauer   Contributor
Jozef Becker   Contributor
Chris Cacavas   Contributor
Chris Campbell   Contributor
Paul B. Cutler   Producer
Dennis Duck   Contributor
Mark Eitzel   Contributor
Will Glenn   Contributor
Sid Griffin   Contributor
Paul Q. Kolderie   Producer
Roger Kunkel   Contributor
Guy Kyser   Contributor
Henry Lewy   Producer
Alex MacNicol   Contributor
Tom Mallon   Producer
Cole Marquis   Contributor
Scott Mathews   Producer
Steve McCarthy   Contributor
Paul McKenna   Producer
Steve Michener   Contributor
Rain Parade   Producer
Karl Precoda   Contributor
Mike Simms   Contributor
Greg Sowders   Contributor
Johnny Spampinato   Contributor
Tom Stevens   Contributor
Dan Stuart   Contributor
Vince Valium   Producer
John Von Feldt   Contributor
Vudi   Contributor
Eric Westfall   Producer
Stephen Yerkey   Contributor
Mark Perrodin   Contributor
Andrea Curtis   Contributor
David Slutes   Contributor
Van Christian   Contributor
John Convertino   Contributor
Howe Gelb   Producer
Tom Larkins   Contributor
Bill Goffrier   Contributor
Jeff "Killer" Kane   Contributor
Gary Waleik   Contributor
Rich Hopkins   Contributor
Eddie Kalwa   Contributor
Jeff Oliphant   Contributor
Dave K. Seger   Contributor
Jim Hill   Producer
Frank French   Contributor
Keith Foust   Contributor
Peter Catalanotte   Contributor
Brad Brooks   Contributor
James Bedbrook   Producer

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