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4.8 5
by TLC

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How good is TLC? So good that they survive the tragic, early death of a key member -- Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes was killed in a car accident during the recording of 3D -- with grace and style, turning out a record that sits comfortably next to their modern classics,


How good is TLC? So good that they survive the tragic, early death of a key member -- Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes was killed in a car accident during the recording of 3D -- with grace and style, turning out a record that sits comfortably next to their modern classics, Crazysexycool and FanMail. Perhaps surviving members Chilli and T-Boz spend a little too much time in the lyrics paying tribute to their colleague, but it's easy to glide past that and just concentrate on the strong songwriting and stylish production. Like their previous albums, the particulars don't matter as much as the overall impression. No member of TLC has an astounding voice, but their skills are exploited to the hilt, since the material not only suits them, it's melodic, memorable, and grows in stature with each play. Best of all, the production plays to the strength of the song, balancing the group's character and abilities with the hooks and character of the song. Perhaps 3D doesn't blaze trails like their other albums, but it never plays it safe and it always satisfies, and it's one of the best modern soul albums of 2002. A bittersweet triumph, perhaps, but it's better to go out on a positive note.

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Release Date:
Sbme Special Mkts.


Album Credits

Performance Credits

TLC   Primary Artist
Babyface   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Keyboards
Debra Killings   Bass,Background Vocals
Shorty B.   Bass
Colin Wolfe   Bass
Rodney Jerkins   Vocals,drum overdubs
Raphael Saadiq   Bass,Guitar
Chilli   Background Vocals
Missy Elliott   Background Vocals
Tony Reyes   Guitar
Mark Pitts   Background Vocals
Tomi Martin   Guitar
Sharliss Ashbury   Vocals
Kelvin Wooten   Keyboards
Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes   Rap
Tom Knight   Drums
Sigurdur "Siggy" Birkis   Drums
Tavia Ivey   Background Vocals
Danny ODonough   Guitar
Marde Johnson   Vocals,Background Vocals
Jasper Cameron   Vocals
Sharliss Asbury   Vocals
DJ Ruckus   scratching

Technical Credits

Babyface   Producer,drum programming
Dallas Austin   Arranger,Producer
Leslie Brathwaite   Engineer
John Frye   Engineer
Organized Noize   Arranger,Programming,Producer,drum programming
Rick Sheppard   Engineer
Daryl Simmons   Producer
Rodney Jerkins   Producer,Vocal Producer,Instrumentation,Introduction
Raphael Saadiq   Producer
Chilli   Producer
Missy Elliott   Producer
Timbaland   Producer
Jeffrey Schulz   Art Direction
Paul Boutin   Engineer
Carlton Lynn   Engineer,Pro-Tools
Josh Butler   Engineer
Seb Janiak   Cover Photo
Pharrell Williams   Instrumentation
Sean Davis   Engineer
Marqueze Etheridge   Composer
Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes   Composer,Producer
Brian Garten   Engineer
Chad Hugo   Instrumentation
Marvin "Chanz" Parkman   Composer
Andrew Coleman   Engineer
Rico Wade   Composer
Pat Brown   Composer
Ray Murray   Composer
Neptune   Producer
Fabian Marasciullo   Engineer
Rob Skipworth   Assistant Tracking Engineer
Morgan Garcia   Engineer
Carlos "El Loco" Bedoya   Engineer
Eddie Hustle   Producer,Instrumentation
Mark "Exit" Goodchild   Engineer
Steve Fisher   Engineer

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3D 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
T-BOZ and CHILLI have showen us how much they have acomplished over the past 11 years, and how strong they where to put this album out with the pasing of their member and sister Lisa lefteye Lopes. T-BOZ has shown us through her writing on the songs how much see has struggled,and grown throught the years. TLC souns better than ever on this new album, scence FAN MAIL and CRAZY SEXY COOL. 3D is not a sad album infact Tlc have also shown us a new side and a new sound. TLC has spiced up their lyrics, sounds , and beats that we have never heard from them befor. TLC still to this day is the biggest, and the best sell group in the world and in the music world. T-BOZ and CHILLI have stated on several interview that TLC is going to go on with out LEFTEYE, and they plan to keep puting out albums. So keep a watch out for more TLC albums over the years.
Guest More than 1 year ago
TLC did great with this CD, it was certified platinum. But the death of Lefteye struck the fans and this CD was not promoted well enough so they have to end their career!!!! The Best of 2002!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
tlc is the best female group in history and this album shows it. it has CrazySexyCool all in it. it also has a senitve side to it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
this title is one of the paragraohs that appears in 3d , the new TLC´s album , that´s amiazing¡¡ lisa (rest in piece) appears in a so little time, but the cd is so addictive, like one of her producters,missy elliot, may say. "Quickie" is a great song and Dirty Dirty" enjoys to "Left eye gets a moment of silence
Guest More than 1 year ago
Re: Stephen Thomas Erlewine article. I quite apalled with statement made in reference to the tribute to Left Eye from Chilli and T-Boz, those of us that loved her understand the words of tribute and more than likeley, feel just as sad. So NO, can't glide over the tremendous loss that we must now all endure. Also, to make such a bold statement as, "No member of TLC has an astounding voice...", is showing the writers true ignorance or lack of knowledge about these three amazing, strong women. Chili has an exceptional voice, she can most definitely let it go, but for TLC, she maintains her part. T-Boz can sing as well, but for her part in the group the raspy voice was made her thing. And of course, Left Eye, who played the piano, classical & more, in a most exceptional manner. These are three women that remind me through many of their lyrics as well as by the women that they are that we can be crazy, intelligent, and ambitious women. We must take care of ourselves and so much more, that have said so eloquently with each of their songs. I hope all of the real, true appreciators of TLC, do go out & buy the new CD, 3D. For it is going to be just like every other time a new TLC, hella jammin'!!! The only difference now is we will appreciate it so much more, know that it is the last of something unbelievably amazing that so many of us were let in to share by the spectacular women of TLC.