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4-H Guide to Dog Training & Dog Tricks

4-H Guide to Dog Training & Dog Tricks

5.0 5
by Tammie Rogers

Teaching a dog commands, let alone tricks, can be—well, tricky. This step-by-step illustrated guide introduces beginners to the basics of dog training. In no-nonsense, easy-to-follow terms, the guide covers everything from establishing trust and authority to leash-training, mastering simple commands, and teaching basic tricks. Whether you’re training


Teaching a dog commands, let alone tricks, can be—well, tricky. This step-by-step illustrated guide introduces beginners to the basics of dog training. In no-nonsense, easy-to-follow terms, the guide covers everything from establishing trust and authority to leash-training, mastering simple commands, and teaching basic tricks. Whether you’re training your dog for a 4-H project, in preparation for a local fair or show, or simply for pleasure (your pet’s, too!), The 4-H Guide to Dog Training & Dog Tricks provides all the information you need to get started—and to succeed.

Editorial Reviews

School Library Journal
Gr 5 Up—This is not simply a how-to-train book; it is also a guide to cultivating a respectful relationship with your dog. The excellent information is comprehensive, and it is presented in a clear and detailed style. The author covers different training methods, discussing the tools needed from food to collar selection. Using this manual, dog owners can move through the basics (sit, down, etc.) to obedience competition and fun tricks and activities. The high-quality, full-color photos, featuring 4-Hers with their pets, are exceedingly well matched to the text. They capture the unique bond between the dog and its owner as the pups often gaze in rapt attention at their person. A good sampling of sizes and breeds appear in the photos. Even some unique skills such as turning off lights and pulling clothes out of a dryer and putting them in a basket are illustrated and explained. Readers who are serious about learning how to train their dog effectively will find this book an invaluable and interesting resource that will make that special bond even more rewarding. This guide is definitely Best in Show quality.—Carol Schene, formerly at Taunton Public Schools, MA

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Voyageur Press
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4-H Guide Series
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6.38(w) x 9.14(h) x 0.54(d)
Age Range:
11 - 14 Years

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Tammie Rogers and her husband, Robert, reside in Brownstown, Illinois, where they operate DarnFar Ranch, a full-service, professional dog-training facility. Assisted by Border Collies, they also maintain a commercial flock of Dorper-cross sheep. Tammie provides instruction in basic through advanced obedience, service dog training, and livestock herding, and she teaches 4-H dog-training classes. Several of her students have earned high honors at the state fair. In 2002, Tammie left a twenty-year career as a biologist in the biomedical field to devote her full attention to dogs and their people. http://www.darnfar.com

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4-H Guide to Dog Training & Dog Tricks 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
grandma_carol More than 1 year ago
it says that its not availble until january, but, i had preordered at the publisher because i teach a 4H class and read about it in a 4H newsletter. It's definitly a better deal here at B&N - so you can wait a couple weeks to get this price. I read it, cover to cover, in an afternoon, because it's really an easy read and is FULL of great pictures of kids and their dogs doing the training which is great to me. I love the photos and there's both step by step and also has decriptions that are very clear. The author clearly has years of experience training dogs. the competition section is what i was seeking to help my 4Hers get ready for the fair and this book does not leave you wanting for any details about that information. It also has a big section on training for good manners like pulling on the leash and jumping up. And, it has a tricks section for fun. Loved it and will recommend it to my 4H kids and their parents as well as any of my neighbors and friends that cannot seem to get their dogs under control! The message in this book is Loud and Clear that you need to have the right attitude to train a dog, which cannot be over stated.
luv2read_old_guy More than 1 year ago
I was able to see a copy of this as soon as it was published. The photos are great. The instruction is comprehensive - but, you may skip the step-by-step for an exercise and just check out the great photos for that skill. I don't think i have read a "how to" book on dog training that is so comprehensive - going from using treats to teach puppies to how to really address a problem via a correction. It was refreshing to read because there isn't any of that typical jargon that seems to be in so many of the dog training books. I bought this for my granddaughter, but read it first, it was quick and easy to read and the photography is super. The author puts a bit of personal touches when describing some of the training, which is interesting, too. So, it's not just a "manual". A really nice book that I'd recommend for kids and adults, too.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I expected a book with the name 4-H Guide in the title would be written at a child's level, but I found it very informative and useful, and I'm a (very young) grandmother! The "Dog Tricks" books that I have picked up never seem to have the details necessary to really teach the dog the trick! They may have lots of great photos, but not enough text. This book has both text and photos - and spends most of its time explaining how to really teach a dog how to be a well mannered pet, a competitor for a kid or adult, and then also have a section on tricks. The trick section sometimes refers back to areas of the book that were dedicated to training, which is what is missing in the typical dog trick book. I found this aspect very unique and valuable. This author isn't afraid to use the word "correction", but also focuses on how to train with treats. This is another apect of the book that I think is very unique. There are three methods described and then the various exercises are explained and the method that is best suited for that exercise is recommended. But, there isn't a pushiness or "my way or the highway" attitude about the writing style. If you want to teach your dog to retrieve, the section on fetching is very extensive and also is unique compared to how I have seen it described in other books. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to train their dog, and especially to kids who will be competing with their dogs at the Fair this summer.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I usually am not motivated to read another dog training book as everything seems the same old same old. THIS BOOK SEEMS DIFFERENT IF THAT IS POSSIBLE? I think that nothing is new in the possibilities to training buut this one certainly puts it all in a form and fassion that is a exciting read regardless of ones perspective on how to train a dog. The pictures and down to earth approach seems to offer something for everyone. Once I checked out ALL the pictures in the scroll bar on the bottom of the review I just had to get the book to read the information contained in the book. I throughly enjoyed the book although I am sure that not everyone will appreciate some of the methods but then again that is what the book so DIFFERENT in that it offers up contrasting alternatives to almost every method. The pics are so simple and helpful in understanding the issue at hand. One of the b etter purchases and reads I have made in a while. Something for everyone young and old and the personnal stories are great and heat warming. It will go into my collection of books to read over and over.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago