40 Years in Mathematical Physics

40 Years in Mathematical Physics

by L. D. Faddeev

ISBN-10: 9810221983

ISBN-13: 9789810221980

Pub. Date: 10/28/1995

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated

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World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
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World Scientific Series in 20th Century

Table of Contents

Comments on Paper 11
130 Years in Mathematical Physics3
Comments on Papers 2-429
2Perturbation Theory for Gauge-Invariant Fields31
3The Feynman Integral for Singular Lagrangians52
4Covariant Quantization of the Gravitational Field65
Comments on Paper 577
5Introduction to Functional Methods79
Comments on Paper 6119
6Inverse Problem of Quantum Scattering Theory. II121
Comments on Papers 7-10185
7Quantum Completely Integrable Models in Field Theory187
8The Quantum Method of the Inverse Problem and the Heisenberg XYZ Model236
9Integrable Models in (1+1)-Dimensional Quantum Field Theory294
10From Integrable Models to Conformal Field Theory via Quantum Groups342
Comments on Paper 11367
11The Search for Multidimensional Solitons369
Comments on Paper 12383
12Hamiltonian Approach to the Theory of Anomalies385
Comments on Paper 13409
13The Energy Problem in Einstein's Theory of Gravitation411
Comments on Paper 14425
14Lagrangian Mechanics in Invariant Form427
Comments on Paper 15439
15Einstein and Several Contemporary Tendencies in the Theory of Elementary Particles441
Comments on Paper 16461
16A Mathematician's View of the Development of Physics463

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