5 Classic Albums

5 Classic Albums

by Jimmy Buffett

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Geffen/Universal repackaged and re-released five Jimmy Buffett LPs as a slipcase box set. It's not a bad way to acquire the albums if you don't already own them, but isn't recommended for the casual fan.


Geffen/Universal repackaged and re-released five Jimmy Buffett LPs as a slipcase box set. It's not a bad way to acquire the albums if you don't already own them, but isn't recommended for the casual fan.

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Geffen Records

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Disc 1

  1. Everybody's Got a Cousin In Miami
  2. Fruitcakes
  3. Lone Palm
  4. Six String Music
  5. Uncle John's Band
  6. Love In the Library
  7. Quietly Making Noise
  8. Frenchman For the Night
  9. Sunny Afternoon
  10. Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost
  11. She's Got You
  12. Delaney Talks To Statues
  13. Apocalypso

Disc 2

  1. Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes
  2. Wonder Why We Ever Go Home
  3. Banana Republics
  4. Tampico Trauma
  5. Lovely Cruise
  6. Margaritaville
  7. In the Shelter
  8. Miss You So Badly
  9. Biloxi
  10. Landfall

Disc 3

  1. Son of a Son of a Sailor
  2. Fool Button
  3. The Last Line
  4. Livingston Saturday Night
  5. Cheeseburger In Paradise
  6. Coast of Marseilles
  7. Cowboy In the Jungle
  8. Mañana
  9. African Friend

Disc 4

  1. You'll Never Work In Dis Bidness Again
  2. The City
  3. Last Mango In Paris
  4. Come Monday
  5. Today's Message
  6. A Love Song (From a Different Point of View)
  7. One Particular Harbour
  8. Honey Do
  9. Cheeseburger In Paradise
  10. A Pirate Looks At 40
  11. Jolly Mon
  12. Gypsies In the Palace
  13. Fins
  14. Margaritaville
  15. Jamaica Farewell
  16. Volcano

Disc 5

  1. Woman Goin' Crazy On Caroline Street
  2. My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink and I Don't Love Jesus
  3. The Captain and the Kid
  4. Big Rig
  5. Defying Gravity
  6. Havana Daydreamin'
  7. Cliches
  8. Something So Feminine About a Mandolin
  9. Kick It In Second Wind
  10. This Hotel Room

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jimmy Buffett   Primary Artist,Guitar,Vocals
Zachary Richard   Accordion
Nicolette Larson   Vocals,Guest Appearance
Ralph MacDonald   Percussion
Savannah Jane Buffett   Percussion
Robert Greenidge   Percussion,Steel Drums
Roger Guth   Drums
Brie Howard   Percussion,Vocals
Amy Lee   Saxophone
Mac McAnally   Guitar,Vocals,Guest Appearance
Jim Mayer   Bass,Bass Guitar,Vocals
Peter Mayer   Guitar,Vocals
Jay Oliver   Keyboards
G.E. Smith   Guitar,Guest Appearance
Greg "Fingers" Taylor   Harmonica
Michael Tschudin   Keyboards,Mallets
Michael Utley   Keyboards
John Lovell   Trumpet
Claudia Cummings   Vocals
Johnny Padilla   Saxophone
Nicky Yarling   Violin,Vocals
Mary Harris   Vocals
Angel Quinones   Percussion,Conga
Dena Iverson   Vocals
Katherine Maisnik   Vocals

Technical Credits

Jimmy Buffett   Arranger,Composer,Liner Notes
Jerry Garcia   Composer
Jesse Winchester   Composer
Robert Hunter   Composer
Keith Sykes   Composer
Ray Davies   Composer
Matt Betton   Composer
Steve Burgh   Composer
Barry Chance   Composer
Hank Cochran   Composer
Harry Dailey   Composer
Rob Eaton   Engineer
Glenn Frey   Composer
Don Gant   Producer
Roger Guth   Composer
David Hewitt   Engineer
J.L. Jamison   Drum Technician
Will Jennings   Composer
Amy Lee   Composer,Horn Arrangements
Mac McAnally   Composer
Jim Mayer   Composer
Peter Mayer   Composer,Vocal Arrangements
Deborah McColl   Composer
Vince Melamed   Composer
Norbert Putnam   Producer
Elliot Scheiner   Producer,Engineer
G.E. Smith   Arranger,Composer
Michael Tschudin   Composer
Jeffrey "C.J." Vanston   Arranger
Willie Weeks   Composer
Michael Utley   Composer,Producer
Irving Burgie   Composer
Amy Dakos   Art Direction
Kosh   Art Direction
Virginia Team   Art Direction
Phil Gitomer   Engineer
Eric Junker   Art Direction
Brian Wittman   Art Direction
Bobby Holcomb   Composer
Sunshine Smith   Personal Assistant
Tom Corcoran   Composer
Coral Reefer Band   Arranger
Bryan Leskowicz   Engineer
Kathleen Gould   Staff
G. Taylor   Composer
M. Gardens   Composer
Jim Thomas   Engineer
J. Slagsvol   Composer
Mike Ramos   Personal Assistant,Trainer
S. Goodman   Composer
J. Leo   Composer
M. Chapman   Composer
Russell Kunkel   Arranger,Producer
Pat Lynes   Engineer
Mary Harris   Vocal Arrangements
Helen Greene   Accounting
Cora Culmer   Staff
Brenda Lee Lewis   Accounting
Larry Janis   Engineer
Keith Pacheco   Tour Accountant
S. Rothermel   Composer
Virginia Cayia   Studio Manager
Virginia Borrows   Staff
Shirley Spence   Staff
R. Brent Malone   Illustrations
Rob "Julian" Randolph   Guitar Techician
Peter Crory   Assistant Photographer

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