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50-50 Parenting: Sharing Family Rewards and Responsibilities

50-50 Parenting: Sharing Family Rewards and Responsibilities

by Gayle Kimball

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Lexington Books
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What People are Saying About This

Elizabeth McGonagle
Full of great advice for kids, and parents too. In many ways, it�s a peer support group in print.
— (Elizabeth McGonagle, school social worker, founder of Banana Splits, NY)
Linda Sartori
A great book of ideas, written from the expertise of kids who�ve experienced divorce. One-of-a-kind.
— (Linda Sartori, teacher and editor of Kids� Express newsletter, CO)
Joseph Pleck
An enormously practical and inspirational look at the opportunitites and obstacles to shared parenting in all its forms- two-parent families, divorced families, and remarried families.
— (Joseph Pleck, Ph.D., author of The Myth of Masculinity)
Warren Farrell
Humane, readable, caring, and well-researched. A father who reads this will gain a practical guide to life�s most precious present: love.
— (Warren Farrell, author of Why Men Are the Way They Are)

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