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50 Wonderful Ways to Be a Single-Parent Family

50 Wonderful Ways to Be a Single-Parent Family

by Barry G. Ginsberg
In 50 Wonderful Ways to Be a Single-Parent Family, child and family psychologist Barry G. Ginsberg distills three decades of experience to show single parents how to raise self-confident, positive, happy children.

In this slim, accessible book Dr. Ginsberg, a well-known family enhancement therapy expert, provides busy single-parent families with insightful


In 50 Wonderful Ways to Be a Single-Parent Family, child and family psychologist Barry G. Ginsberg distills three decades of experience to show single parents how to raise self-confident, positive, happy children.

In this slim, accessible book Dr. Ginsberg, a well-known family enhancement therapy expert, provides busy single-parent families with insightful and inspiring suggestions on how to heighten familial intimacy, balance work and home life, enhance communication, and boost the family fun factor.
In the last 20 years, single-parent families have become more common than their so-called nuclear counterparts. These families share the challenge of being under a lot of stress, and single parents often report feeling a lack of confidence at being parent enough to keep the family members connected and content within their family structure.

He offers concise techniques and engaging activities that single parents can use to navigate the rough spots, strengthen their bond with their children, and make family life fun. These fifty “wonderful ways” are divided into four groups, each of which addresses a vital facet of single parenting. These are: 1. Coping with Transition and Change, in which readers learn specific skills, such as building a support system, to help them acclimate to the new world of single parenting. 2. Talking and Listening, in which single parents learn tips for saying what they mean and actively listening to their children. 3. Working and Playing, in which they learn to juggle home and work life, make time for play, and integrate fun activities into everyday life. 4. Getting Along, in which readers learn how to set boundaries, be flexible, and make conflict an opportunity for strengthening problem-solving skills...and yes, they’ll also find tricks for getting along with their teen!

This book offers 50 simple and straightforward tips that will enable single parents to feel good about the benefits their family situation provides the children. Easy-to-use techniques include talking with children about sharing decisions, developing family rituals and traditions, listening to children of different ages, balancing the pressures of work and home, making the family a team, making time to play, discovering common ground, negotiating, and establishing boundaries.
By focusing on the positive, readers learn to embrace their role as a single parent and their entire family as a complete unit. This confidence helps them raise their children to be strong, optimistic, and enthusiastic about life, and improves the children's chances of having strong self-esteem and the ability to sustain healthy relationships.

Editorial Reviews

Francis A. Martin
This book demonstrates an understanding of the lives of single parents and provides useful information based on this understanding. This shows in Ginsberg's attention to both women and men who are single parents and in straightforward advice. It is good because it provides single parents with invitations and directives to take care of themselves, just as they dedicate themselves to taking care of their children. This book is good because it speaks to single parents in practical approachable ways
Mary Ortwein
All through the book parents are encouraged to create love in their homes through showing understanding, working and playing together, and working conflicts through–in literally 50 practical, wonderful ways. In its presentation it is respectful and supportive of the needs of single parent families–and their strengths. It practices what it preaches. I see it as a wonderful resource for home assignments and supplemental reading for many of my clients.
Susan K. Perry
Any single parent who is struggling with the burden of child rearing all alone, whether new to the role or not, would pick up insights here. There are really more than "50 wonderful ways" described clearly and realistically in these pages. What parent couldn't benefit from being reminded of what matters and what can be let go of in the interests of a more positive and happy family life? Ginsberg has left nothing important out -- and has included many anecdotes, specific suggestions, and more.

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Meet the Author

Barry G. Ginsberg, PhD. has practiced child and family psychology for more than 35 years. He is the Executive Director of the Center of Relationship Enhancement, an education and training center; and Ginsberg Associates, a child and family psychology practice in Doylestown, PA.
Dr. Ginsberg is a specialist in Filial Therapy in which parents conduct weekly child-centered play sessions at home. He also specializes in Relationship Enhancement© Couple & Family Therapy which improves communication, intimacy stability and satisfaction in close relationships. He has trained professsionals and nonprofessionals throughout the world in these powerful and effective approaches
For six years, Dr. Ginsberg hosted a twice-weekly Cable TV program on parenting and was a contributor to a column on parenting in the local newspaper. He chairs the Parenting & Family Committee of the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce. He has conducted many parenting seminars and trained thousands of parents. Dr. Ginsberg has presented workshops and training programs to professionals on parenting, parent-child relationships, couple and family relationships, Filial Therapy, Parent-Adolescent Relationship Development, and Relationship Enhancement therapy/education throughout the US and Canada.
Dr. Ginsberg is the author of 50 WONDERFUL WAYS TO BE A SINGLE PARENT FAMILY (New Harbinger Press, 2003) and RELATIONSHIP ENHANCEMENT FAMILY THERAPY (John Wiley & Sons, 1997). His numerous publica¬tions, which have appeared in many professional journals, academic press, news¬papers and popular magazines, emphasize clinical and preventive interventions with children, couples and families and parenting.
Dr. Ginsberg is a fellow of the American Psychological Association and the Penn¬sylvania Psychological Association, Diplomat in Family Psychology of the Ameri-can Board of Professional Psychology, Diplomat, Academy of Family Psychology, Clinical Member and Approved Supervisor of the American Association for Mari-tal and Family Therapy, Diplomat, Academy of Family Therapy, Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor, Nationally Certified School Psychologist and a Certified Family Life Educator.
He can be reached at:
The Center of Relationship Enhancement
70 West Oakland, Suite 205 Doylestown, PA 18901

Website: www.relationshipenhancement.com

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