50 Years of Australian Rock & Roll

50 Years of Australian Rock & Roll


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Wea Int'l


Disc 1

  1. The Wild One (Real Wild Child)
  2. Rebel Rock
  3. Gee
  4. Bombora
  5. Shakin' All Over
  6. The Loved One
  7. Friday on My Mind
  8. Big Time Operator
  9. Hey, Western Union Man
  10. Without You
  11. The Real Thing
  12. Turn Up Your Radio
  13. Eleanor Rigby
  14. Gonna See My Baby Tonight
  15. I'll Be Gone
  16. Seasons of Change
  17. Eagle Rock
  18. Get Rocked!
  19. Horror Movie
  20. Jump in My Car
  21. Howzat
  22. On the Prowl
  23. Hey St. Peter

Disc 2

  1. Girls on the Avenue
  2. April Sun in Cuba
  3. Who Listens to the Radio
  4. (I'm) Stranded
  5. Aloha Steve & Danno
  6. Bad Boy for Love
  7. Take a Long Line
  8. Khe Sanh
  9. Hit and Run
  10. The Nips Are Getting Bigger
  11. I Got You
  12. Who Can It Be Now?
  13. What About Me?
  14. Talking to a Stranger
  15. Don't Wanna Be the One
  16. Great Southern Land
  17. Solid Rock
  18. Sounds of Then (This Is Australia)
  19. Working Class Man
  20. Before Too Long
  21. Out of Mind out of Sight

Disc 3

  1. Pressure Down
  2. She's the One
  3. Run to Paradise
  4. Take Me Back
  5. What's My Scene
  6. That Ain't Bad
  7. You I Know
  8. I Touch Myself
  9. Better
  10. Treaty
  11. The Honeymoon Is Over
  12. Green Limousine
  13. Tomorrow
  14. Berlin Chair
  15. Just Ace
  16. Second Solution
  17. Are You Gonna Be My Girl
  18. Get Free
  19. On My Way
  20. Someday, Someday
  21. Woman
  22. Black Fingernails, Red Wine

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Johnny Young   Composer
Jerry Butler   Composer
Hunters & Collectors   Composer
John Lennon   Composer
Paul McCartney   Composer
Jonathan Cain   Composer
James Freud   Composer
Ed Kuepper   Composer
John Brewster   Composer
Christina Amphlett   Composer
Harry Bogdanovs   Composer
Kevin Borich   Composer
Rick Brewster   Composer
Jeff Burstin   Composer
Joe Camilleri   Composer
Tony Colton   Composer
Iva Davies   Composer
Tony Faehse   Composer
David Faulkner   Composer
Neil Finn   Composer
Doug Ford   Composer
Garry Frost   Composer
Mark Gable   Composer
Kenny Gamble   Composer
Peter Garrett   Composer
Colin Hay   Composer
Rob Hirst   Composer
Shane Howard   Composer
Leon Huff   Composer
Marc Hunter   Composer
Tom Kelly   Composer
Jim Manzie   Composer
Mark McEntee   Composer
Jim Moginie   Composer
Martin Plaza   Composer
Garth Porter   Composer
Deniz Tek   Composer
Harry Vanda   Composer
Grant Walmsley   Composer
Viola Watkins   Composer
Rob Younger   Composer
Brent Thomas   Composer
Richard Clapton   Composer
Stephen Cummings   Composer
Andy Kent   Composer
Greg Macainsh   Composer
Ted Mulry   Composer
Andrew Pendlebury   Composer
Glenn A. Baker   Liner Notes,Annotation
Gock   Composer
Paul Hewson   Composer
Keith Lamb   Composer
Daniel "Sonny" Norton   Composer
James Cruickshank   Composer
Badloves   Composer
Brad Carr   Composer
Chris Cheney   Composer
Ben Gillies   Composer
Mark Maher   Composer
Phil Jamieson   Composer
Craig Nicholls   Composer
Simon Day   Composer
Billy Green   Composer
Ian Rilen   Composer
Mark Callaghan   Composer
Johnny O'Keefe   Composer
Janet English   Composer
John Field   Composer
Nic Cester   Composer
Cameron Muncey   Composer
Joel Quartermain   Composer
Peter Hood   Composer
Andrew Stockdale   Composer
Chris Ross   Composer
Myles Heskett   Composer
Kav Temperley   Composer
Stuart MacLeod   Composer
Frederick Heath   Composer

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