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500 More Fat-Free Recipes

500 More Fat-Free Recipes

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by Sarah Schlesinger
While more and more Americans are discovering the health benefits of a low-fat diet, the thousands of cooks who made 500 Fat-Free Recipes a bestseller and a classic on fat-free cooking are also enjoying the rich flavors Sarah Schlesinger brings to fat-free meals. With 500 More Fat-Free Recipes, Schlesinger has created an even more diverse collection that should make


While more and more Americans are discovering the health benefits of a low-fat diet, the thousands of cooks who made 500 Fat-Free Recipes a bestseller and a classic on fat-free cooking are also enjoying the rich flavors Sarah Schlesinger brings to fat-free meals. With 500 More Fat-Free Recipes, Schlesinger has created an even more diverse collection that should make every meal of the day a healthy and delicious success.

Beginning with a much expanded list of ingredients--reflecting the greater variety of foods now available on supermarket shelves--Schlesinger has drawn inspiration from cuisines around the world--Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Indian, and more. Wonderful, often underused flavors like curry, lemongrass, fresh ginger, rose water, and balsamic and wine vinegars brighten dishes that are a far cry from the bland, repetitive meals people often associate with the restrictions of fat-free cooking. Who would imagine that dishes like these have only one gram of fat or less per serving?: Persian Apple-sauce, flavored with rose water and mint; Cardamom-Ginger Cantaloupe; Cold Carrot Soup with Thyme; Cucumbers with Horseradish; Wild Rice-Red Grape Salad; Curried Lentils and Rice; Baked Ziti, rich with roasted red peppers, eggplant, and mushrooms; Cannellini Beans with Shells and Sage; Spinach-Topped Crostini; Papaya Sorbet; and Molasses Cake.

Schlesinger makes steamed dumplings with wonton wrappers, and blends blueberries and seltzer water to make a frozen fruit ice. Robust vegetable stews are made more interesting with barley, bulgur, and couscous. She moistens and enriches cake batter with prune purée in place of butter or shortening and makes crumb crustsfrom fat-free cookies. And in her variation on chocolate-covered strawberries, cocoa powder, which has no fat, replaces the melted chocolate.

This fresh and wonderful collection is a celebration of the foods we can eat on a fat-free diet, and its five hundred dishes guarantee that every day will bring meals that are healthy and full of great tastes.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
In her latest attack on the fat-filled American diet, Schlesinger (500 Fat-Free Recipes; 500 Fat-Free Pasta Recipes) slashes recipes down to one fat gram or less per serving. Her ploys include eschewing oils, meats and egg yolks; enhancing flavors through generous applications of herbs, spices and other assertive tastes; and sauting aromatics (onions, garlic, etc.) in small amounts of chicken broth rather than fat. She also brings real ingenuity to unusual combinations. Schlesinger suggests such innovative fare as Strawberry-Spinach Salad with a nonfat yogurt, lemon and honey dressing; Baked Onion Rings battered with egg white, skim milk and flour and then dipped in corn flake crumbs; and Dijon-Corn Soup, a corn-and-potato potage aggressively intensified with mustard, garlic, honey and cayenne. Ethnic influences abound, from Thai Rice bright with ginger root, lemongrass, jalapeno, coriander and turmeric to Burritos with Black Bean-Corn-Raisin Stuffing. Salads are as simple as Mixed Green Salad with Balsamic Vinegar (no oil) and as piquant as Potato Salad with Pickle Relish, in which relish mixes with nonfat mayonnaise and yogurt. Snacks include Steamed Vegetable Dumplings made with wonton wrappers and Bean-Stuffed Eggs, deviled eggs without the yolks. Desserts are largely fruit-based breads, cookies and cakes. Home cooks serious about avoiding fat won't find a more appetizing cookbook. Nutritional analyses are given for each recipe. (Feb.)
Library Journal
Although some food writers and editors have been heard to say "fat-free is dead," that's apparently not yet the case, as these three new titles demonstrate. Schlesinger's first batch of 500 Fat-Free Recipes (Villard, 1994) was a best seller, and she's added others to the series, including 500 (Practically) Fat-Free Past Recipes (LJ 2/15/97). Odd then, that her health information is out of date, for her introduction asserts that dietary cholesterol contributes to high cholesterol (it doesn't) and that everyone should avoid salt because it can cause high blood pressure (sodium is a danger for only a small percentage of the population). So there's no fish or poultry, let alone meat, no salt, and almost no fat in her recipes. Most are short and simple; there are indeed 500 recipes, but some seem little more than variations on a theme. For libraries where Schlesinger's other books are popular. Bluestein and Morrissey have several other titles in their "Fat-Free" series too, including 99% Fat-Free Appetizers and Desserts (LJ 2/15/96). This time they offer easy menus for entertaining, for "family meals," and for lunches, brunches, and casual dinners, along with an extra chapter of desserts. Their recipes are more imaginative and more sophisticated than Schlesinger's, and each menu includes a game plan for preparation and presentation; nutrition analyses give the essentials only, calories and fat. For most diet collections. In comparison to these two titles, the recipes in Fergie's book seem practically decadent, with some of them containing 10 grams or more fat per serving. The Duchess is a spokesperson for Weight WatchersTM (WW) now, and she presents menus from their plan (recipes include the number of WW points as well as nutrition analyses). Admitting that she doesn't really cook herself, Fergie provides the text here, from the reminiscences about Castle Balmoral that introduce A Highlands Picnic to the memories of meeting Prince Andrew for the first time that accompany the Formal Luncheon menu. The recipes are mostly simple and on the sophisticated side; expect demand.

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Sarah Schlesinger is the author of 500 Fat-Free Recipes, 500 (Practically) Fat-Free Pasta Recipes, and 500 Low-Fat Fruit and Vegetable Recipes, and the co-author of The Low-Cholesterol Olive Oil Cookbook, among others. Her interest in fat-free cooking resulted from her husband's ongoing battle against coronary artery disease. A lyricist and librettist for musical theatre, she is the chair of the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Schlesinger lives with her husband in Greenwich Village and in Lewes, Delaware.

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500 More Fat-Free Recipes 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the best of the Schlesinger Fat Free series - although all are good. Great soup recipes especially. I've looked in every bookstore and it has been soldout, so it must be popular. We are new to low-fat, fat-free cooking and this cookbook has made it easy!