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58 Poems

58 Poems

by Stephen Berg

Praise for Berg:


Praise for Berg:

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Hayden Carruth
“From Joyce to Morrison, the great accomplishment of the twentieth century was to establish what a Writer is. Not many are left, but Berg is squarely among them.”
Gerald Stern
“It is the (terrifying) domestic life he sings about. These are beautiful poems, great passion, vision. Above all, humanity.”
Jorie Graham
“In reading Berg you will be reading the master of the prose poem.”
C.K. Williams
“Berg’s is a unique, powerful voice in American poetry. Eloquent and zany, his poems deal with the most raw and emotionally rending themes, while maintaining a startling forthrightness of vision.”

Meet the Author

STEPHEN BERG is the founder of The American Poetry Review, which he has edited for more than thirty years, and the author of important collections of poetry and translations, including Halo, Rimbaud: Versions and Inventions, and The Elegy on Hats, published by Sheep Meadow.

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