6-Day Body Makeover: Drop One Whole Dress or Pant Size in Just 6 Days--And Keep It Off

6-Day Body Makeover: Drop One Whole Dress or Pant Size in Just 6 Days--And Keep It Off

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by Michael Thurmond

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Want to look great for that special date on Saturday? Wish you could firm up for that looming reunion? Want to wow them at the wedding next weekend? Now you don't have to starve yourself to do it! With this groundbreaking guide, television's fitness and makeover specialist Michael Thurmond delivers the proven program that allows you to eat more, exercise less, and


Want to look great for that special date on Saturday? Wish you could firm up for that looming reunion? Want to wow them at the wedding next weekend? Now you don't have to starve yourself to do it! With this groundbreaking guide, television's fitness and makeover specialist Michael Thurmond delivers the proven program that allows you to eat more, exercise less, and shed as much as 10 pounds-a whole dress or pant size-in just six days! Through his 25 years of experience and as a diet and fitness expert on television's Extreme Makeover, Michael Thurmond has helped thousands of people from every walk of life take off pounds quickly. Now, in 6-Day Body Makeover, he shares his secrets of accelerated weight loss and reveals his easy-to-follow, proven program to help you shed pounds quickly and keep them off! Because no two bodies lose weight in the exact same way, Michael has developed an exclusive "body type blueprinting system" that allows you to customize a diet regimen that's effective for you. Just fill out the simple questionnaire, pinpoint which of the five types best describes your body, and follow the targeted meal plan designed to maximize weight loss for your body type. Together with Michael's exclusive, fat-burning, low-intensity exercises, you'll have a scientifically balanced regimen that can help you quickly lose as much as 10 pounds-and keep it off. Complete with menus, recipes, foolproof tips, and a maintenance schedule for the seventh day and beyond, 6-Day Body Makeover shows you how to: * Identify the Right foods to spark weight loss * Exercise Less while increasing the amount of fat you burn * Break through plateaus when the scale won't budge * Maintain your weight loss without deprivation or unhealthy gimmicks * Quickly take off pounds gained during vacations or holiday time. After just six days you'll look and feel so fabulous, you'll have the confidence to continue losing until you reach your total weight-loss goal.

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6-Day Body Makeover

By Michael Thurmond

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Copyright © 2005 Michael Thurmond and Provida Publishing, LLC
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0-446-57785-5


You Can Be Slimmer by Friday

Suppose today is Sunday. Imagine gazing in the mirror next Friday-just six days from now-and seeing yourself leaner, lighter, and fitting into a dress, jeans, pants, or some other outfit that is one size smaller than you normally wear. There you are, ready for the weekend: You are slimmer. Your tummy is flatter. You look better than you have in a very long time.

Wouldn't it be terrific if that image in the mirror could become reality for you? Well, it can, and it will. And you won't have to starve yourself down to size. Or punish yourself with unending reps, sets, laps, and other sweaty, exhausting forms of exercise.

Welcome to my 6-Day Body Makeover, a one-of-a-kind plan that is completely customized to your own body type and metabolism, and designed to accelerate your weight loss so that you see dramatic results-quickly. How quickly? In just six days. You can lose up to a pound each day, or more, depending on how much you weigh to begin with, plus trim off flabby inches from your body. What you'll experience will be so motivating and so simple that you will want to continue your weight loss beyond those six days, right on toward your goal weight, because you look and feel so fabulous.

There's more: To achieve your goal weight, you can apply the very same principles of this program, modified for longer-term weight loss, and ultimately get to your goal. You'll find out how to transition from the 6-Day Body Makeover to a program that will help you keep going toward your ideal size. What's more, you can stay at that size by putting into practice the keep-it-off guidelines you'll learn here. Once you lose all the pounds you want to lose, you'll want to stick to your new eating and exercise habits because you will look and feel so terrific. In fact, those new stay-in-shape habits will become your normal way of life.

How can I be so sure?

Because over the past two decades, I've worked with thousands of people, from every walk of life-people just like you-to help them transform their bodies into a shape they once only dreamed about. They turned their dream bodies into reality by using a diet designed just for them to totally make over their bodies in a very short time, melting away as much as 10 (or sometimes more) pounds in just under a week, then going on from there to shed even more weight. And you can do it, too. I'm very excited for you because you're going to see over the next six days such a dramatic change in what your body looks like and feels like that everyone you know will keep asking for your secret.

That "secret," found in this book, is an accelerated version of my 6-Week Body Makeover, a program that I've developed over the past 20 years that allows you to eat more and exercise less, yet still lose weight and reshape your body, all in as little as six weeks. It's a comprehensive program that includes targeted body-sculpting routines that you can follow if you need to lose more weight. Later in the book, I'll give you more information on how to get started on that program. For now, let's get focused on the next six days.

When I set out to design the 6-Day Body Makeover, I wanted to fill a huge void in the weight-loss market. Thousands and thousands of "diets" are available telling you how to lose weight, but most of them are usually difficult to stick to because it takes too long to succeed, and these diets typically involve deprivation. So when faced with any temptation, whether it's an ice cream sundae or a bag of chips, most dieters throw in the towel, get discouraged, and feel like they can never succeed on any type of diet. Until the 6-Day Body Makeover, there really hasn't been a practical program for rapid, short-term weight loss that allows you to lose a lot of weight in a short time, and do it safely, without deprivation.

Working directly with thousands of people over the years gave me the unique opportunity to listen to what they most desired in a weight-loss program. And what they wanted was to see results fast-so that they could lose weight quickly and keep it off. People were constantly asking me, "How can I get in shape for my daughter's wedding ... for a pool party next weekend ... for an important date ... to fit into a dress that's now too snug?" They'd tell me, "I don't have time to lose weight. I've only got a week! It's too late to start a diet!" Desperate questions and comments such as these made me realize that millions of people could benefit from a simple, practical program that would take off pounds and inches in a very short time-just six days-and drop one whole dress or pant size. Yes, there's a need in this country to shed multiple pounds to help eradicate the alarming rise in obesity in this country. And this program will help jump-start your metabolism so you can begin this journey. The 6-Day Body Makeover is the tool that will help people like you begin to see positive changes in your weight in just under a week-and teach you to maintain those positive changes. That's why I decided to create this program. My clients who have used the 6-Day Body Makeover are amazed at how quickly they see results, and it gives them the confidence to go on to lose even more weight if they need to. This is a simple, doable program, with a refreshing and unique promise: dropping a whole dress or pant size in six days. And I know you can do it.

Okay, ready, set ... put your thumb in the waistband of your jeans or skirt. Could you use a little more room there? Do you want to fit into a smaller size? Or do you have a party or a big date this weekend that you want to look your best for? How about an upcoming class reunion or a family gathering? Wouldn't you like to fit into that new outfit you just bought in order to make a great first impression? Do you need to fit into a wedding dress, a cocktail dress, or a tux? Do you wish you could drop those stubborn, final pounds and get closer to your goal weight? Wouldn't you like to shed unwanted weight that you gained over a holiday or vacation?

The 6-Day Body Makeover is a surefire way to get that weight off very quickly-and do it with maintainable results. It's a very practical tool for achieving any of the above goals. The story of Margaret, one of my makeover clients who used this tool, is typical.

Margaret had a closet full of two sizes of clothes-what she considered her "fat" clothes (size 16s) and her "thin" clothes (size 10s). Using one of my makeover programs, Margaret lost 32 pounds in six weeks and was able to fit in size 10 dresses. But to hit to her desired weight of 135, she had to break through a plateau. Margaret had been in a holding pattern above 140 pounds for a couple of weeks.

Frustrated by her inability to reach her goal, she wanted to smash her scale into smithereens because the pounds wouldn't budge. I suggested that she try the 6-Day Body Makeover in order to get the needle on her scale out of the "stuck" position. She agreed to give it a whirl. After completing the six-day program, Margaret lost 6 pounds. She was looking better than ever and feeling more energetic than ever. She fit beautifully into a size 10 and looked gorgeous in her new clothes. (Incidentally, I told her to rid her closet of those "fat" clothes so that she would no longer have reminders of herself as a "fat person," or think of herself in that self-defeating way.)

Here's what Sally, another makeover client, told me recently: "I love the 6-Day Body Makeover! Last summer, I used it to get in shape for my son's wedding. I lost 9 pounds and 11H inches that week. The program took me from a size 18 to a size 16."

Sally continued to use my makeover techniques to lose additional weight, ultimately reaching her goal of wearing a size 8. At one point, she gained several pounds over the Easter holiday. This discouraging experience motivated her to use the 6-Day Body Makeover again. To her surprise, she lost 8 pounds in just six days. "I never would have believed I could lose that much weight, so quickly. The 6-Day Body Makeover has made all the difference. It's just a part of my life now." Even today, Sally still uses the program to manage her weight and stay at a size in which she looks and feels her best.

Nancy also represents the type of client who knows how valuable the 6-Day Body Makeover can be. Listen to what she told me: "This program has changed my life and prepared me for one of the most important days of my life, my wedding! I've successfully used the 6-Day Body Makeover several times. It is amazing and really works! I use it when I feel like I've added a few pounds and want to get them off quickly; when I'm on a plateau, it seems to shake things up and start the weight loss again. I've lost anywhere from 4 to 6 pounds in the six days and easily an inch or more on my waist. I've recently gained back over 10 pounds since my wedding, and I'm planning a 6-Day Body Makeover next week! I'm sure it will be just what I need to get back on track."

As you and I go through this book together over the next six days, you'll learn in greater detail how you can make the 6-Day Body Makeover part of your life, too. Once you discover how you can lose pounds and inches and drop an entire size in just six days-and once you learn how easy this is to do-you, too, will become a believer.

For now, I understand how frustrated you've probably been with your efforts because you've gotten nowhere. Why even put in the effort if you're not going to see results? I always say, "Don't go to work unless you're going to receive a good paycheck." Like that paycheck, you need a reward, and you'll get lots of rewards with this program! This time will be different. This time you'll lose fat, trim inches, eat foods that love your body, and recharge your self-esteem. You'll feel good, you'll be energized, and you'll be in a positive frame of mind.

If you follow the exact instructions outlined in this book, in just six short days you'll lose enough weight to fit into clothes that are one whole size smaller than you are wearing at this very instant. There are no gimmicks, because the program is based on basic, sound science. It isn't one of those diets where you eat nothing but cottage cheese and grapefruit. This isn't one of those programs where you have to mix up foul-tasting powdered drinks or take pills. On this program, you eat nothing but delicious natural foods. In fact, this plan uses food as a tool to burn fat.

The 6-Day Body Makeover approaches the goal of weight loss from an entirely different perspective than the low-calorie model or the low-carb model. You eat, and eat a lot-and drop pounds without feeling deprived or having to count calories. In fact, for the 6-Day Body Makeover to work, you must eat frequently in order to speed up your metabolism to the point that it burns calories faster. Eating constantly and eating all the required food on the plan are very important to your success. This plan is designed to produce quick results-and let's be honest, that's what you want-not because it starves you down to size but because its carefully designed balance of food adjusts your body metabolically so that you burn fat, day in and day out. You'll probably eat more than you've ever eaten on any other diet before in your life. Because the key to this program is just that: eating. You'll eat five to six times a day and you'll still lose weight, steadily and efficiently. This is just the kind of reward that can turn these next six days into a lifelong desire to achieve and maintain a beautiful body.

There's no carb counting on this program, either. When you follow the eating plan that is tailored for you, you automatically consume the correct amount and type of carbohydrates for your metabolism. You do not want to cut carbs from your diet, since this practice is extremely self-defeating. If you cut out the carbs, at some point your body will go into what is known as a catabolic state-it begins consuming its own muscle tissue for energy. You need muscle tissue for body shape and to support an active, fat-burning metabolism. Carbohydrates supply the bodily energy to support the growth and repair of muscle tissue, as well as the fuel to support brain function. You cannot build and maintain lean, toned muscle without carbohydrates. And you need muscle for curves, definition, tone, and overall shape.

There's another crucial problem with low-carb diets: They deprive your brain of its favorite fuel source: carbs! Brain cells need glucose from the breakdown of carbs to function; it is the fuel your brain normally uses. In absence of glucose, you can feel spacey, unable to think or perform correctly at work, at school, or anywhere. Plus, it can cause you to be moody, and even unmotivated to achieve your weight-loss goals. Faddish low-carbohydrate diets are unhealthy and damaging to your body, mind, and spirit.

And if you're hypoglycemic (low blood sugar), which is relatively common in our society, you really don't want to cut out carbohydrates, because carbs help keep your blood sugar at an even level. You shouldn't go on a low-carbohydrate diet of any type if you expect to look and feel your best.

With this book, I'll take you through easy-to-follow, step-by-step guidelines on what you can do to succeed. Essentially, this plan provides customized menu plans that can help you drop inches and pounds fast. Through my exclusive Body Type Blueprinting system, you'll determine your body type, how your body reacts to food, and how your metabolism is programmed to process the foods you eat. Some people can eat foods such as pasta or bread and not gain an ounce of weight. With others, it seems all they have to do is think about processed carbohydrates, and they pack on the pounds. That's because everyone's metabolism is different. Your best friend may be able to burn up bowls of pasta, while you do better by staying away from it. Because of these metabolic differences, everyone must select the specific types of food to work with their individual metabolism. You have to take into account your body's own chemistry and know which foods work best for you. Once you have this information, you can stop the frustrating cycle of going on and off diets that don't work. When you eat foods especially selected for your body chemistry, while eating more meals each day, you experience the rapid weight loss you are hoping for. My unique Blueprinting system will help you identify your specific body type and identify the right foods to spark weight loss for you. Blueprinting is what makes this program work, and it is what other weight-loss programs lack.

The 6-Day Body Makeover will also introduce you to a totally different approach to cardiovascular exercise that will accelerate your fat loss, but without the drudgery of high-intensity workouts.


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6-Day Body Makeover 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 47 reviews.
AmberSunrise More than 1 year ago
This plan did help me drop about 8lbs in a week but it is a lot of work to prepare the meals. If you like to cook this is a great plan though. The recipes are all very tasty and now part of my regular collection. I learned a lot about the foods I eat on a daily basis and to watch my sodium intake as much as calories.
bigbellyfatboy More than 1 year ago
There are some changes that I think need to be made from this book. If you are a female over 150 pounds, totally ignore what is recommended for females and only eat from the male side. Next you have to buy a food scale and a scale for yourself. Also buy a buttload of tupperware, you are definately going to need it. I recommend preparing all meals at least a day in advance to avoid snacking. The first 3 or 4 days is going to be hell, no salt or processed foods will make you unhappy. I hated salt substitute and you probably will too, so Mrs Dash is what you need. This really is a lifestyle change. I have never watched my portions as religiously as I have on this thing nor have I ever eaten 6 meals in a day. If you are like me you probably skip breakfast, eat fast food for lunch and whatever else for dinner with a lot of sncking inbetween. I guarantee you dont drink 100 oz of water. Eating the way this book outline had me dropping from 211 to 202 pounds in just 6 days. Most of it is water weight, however I am sure I will continue to lose weight just not as rapidly by modifying my diet like the book suggest. I am not sure why anyone would need the six week makeover after buying this, but whatever. If you want to lose real weight, this is the way.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Last summer I did the 6 week makeover. I didn't have time to read everything or have alot of time to spend preparing meals. I only ate from the fast track card with a little modification here and there. Within in the first 6 weeks, I lost approx. 20 pounds, by the end of 3 months I had lost 38 pounds. I went from a size 12 to a size 4. This plan works and if you feel hungry or weak just eat a little more but stick to the foods for your body type. No salt or sugar does take some getting used to so use lots of different low or no sodium spices and once your body and mind adapt to the new way of eating, you won't miss it. Also I was able to stop taking my blood pressure meds. It does take about 2-3 weeks for your body to adjust.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Don't believe those saying it is strictly water weight. It really gets your metabolism going! The amount of foods eaten, portions, and distribution of foods (proteins, fat, etc), is what really does the trick. And eating several small meals throughout the day is what really kick-starts your metabolism. I've tried diets where I only seem to lose "water weight" in the first week, and it didn't add up to a whole pants size! If you follow this plan, you WILL lose weight AND see results in six days. I was hardly ever hungry, and if I happened to be, I would have some grapes and a glass of water. It won't set you back. I was so happy to put on those smaller jeans at the end of the six days!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago