80's Box: The Ultimate Compilation Of Eighties Hits

80's Box: The Ultimate Compilation Of Eighties Hits


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Disc 1

  1. We Built This City  -  Starship
  2. Everlasting Love  - Howard Jones
  3. Flashdance... What A Feeling  - Irene Cara
  4. Love Is In The Air  - John Paul Young
  5. Walking On Sunshine  -  Katrina & the Waves
  6. Wild, Wild West  -  Escape Club
  7. Right Between The Eyes  -  Wax
  8. People From Ibiza  - Sandy Marton
  9. Video Killed The Radio Star  -  Buggles
  10. Forever Young
  11. Take My Breath Away  -  Berlin
  12. Leaving Me Now  -  Level 42
  13. Only The Lonely  -  Motels
  14. All Out Of Love  -  Air Supply

Disc 2

  1. Kiss  - Tom Jones
  2. The Safety Dance  -  Men Without Hats
  3. West End Girls  -  Pet Shop Boys
  4. Live Is Life  -  Opus
  5. Face To Face/Heart To Heart  -  Twins
  6. Pump Up The Jam  -  Technotronic
  7. Just An Illusion  -  Imagination
  8. Heat Of The Moment  -  Asia
  9. Holiday Rap  - Deejay Sven
  10. Call Me  -  Spagna
  11. Can't Shake The Feeling  -  Big Fun
  12. Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now  - Samantha Fox
  13. I Love My Radio (Midnight Radio)  -  Taffy
  14. Ooops Up  -  Snap!

Disc 3

  1. Heaven  -  Warrant
  2. China In Your Hand  -  T'Pau
  3. Every Rose Has Its Thorn  - Bret Michaels
  4. Just When I Needed You Most  - Randy VanWarmer
  5. Because I Love You  - Stevie B
  6. Fear Not the Sword My Son  - Boy George
  7. Lost In Your Eyes  - Debbie Gibson
  8. Could've Been  -  Tiffany
  9. Sara  -  Starship
  10. Carmen  -  Anything Box
  11. The Promise  -  When in Rome
  12. Destination Unknown  - Dale Bozzio
  13. Never Ending Story  -  Limahl
  14. Careless Whisper  - Gloria Gaynor

Disc 4

  1. Sunday Morning  -  Bolshoi
  2. Love Removal Machine  -  Cult
  3. Cuts You Up  - Peter Murphy
  4. The Motion Of Love  -  Gene Loves Jezebel
  5. So Alive  -  Love and Rockets
  6. Too Shy  -  Limahl
  7. C'est La Ouate  - Caroline Loeb
  8. I Ran (So Far Away)  -  Flock of Seagulls
  9. Our Lips Are Sealed  - Jane Wiedlin
  10. I Want Candy  -  Bow Wow Wow
  11. In A Big Country  -  Big Country
  12. I Melt With You  -  Modern English
  13. Right Here  -  Go-Betweens
  14. Butterfly On A Wheel  -  Mission UK

Disc 5

  1. City Lights  - William Pitt
  2. Wonderful Life  -  Black
  3. You Are So Beautiful  - Kenny Rogers
  4. No One Is To Blame  - Howard Jones
  5. Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime  -  Korgis
  6. Bette Davis Eyes  - Kim Carnes
  7. Irresistible  -  Stephanie
  8. Words  - F.R. David
  9. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now  -  Starship
  10. I Eat Cannibals  - Toto Coelo
  11. Baila Bolero  -  Fun Fun
  12. If You're Ready (Come Go With Me)  - Jonathan Butler
  13. Under The Milky Way  -  Church
  14. Stray Cat Strut  -  Stray Cats

Disc 6

  1. What's On Your Mine (Pure Energy)  -  Information Society
  2. Eye Of The Tiger  -  Great White
  3. Cum On Feel The Noize  -  Quiet Riot
  4. Seventeen  -  Winger
  5. Desire (Come And Get It)  -  Gene Loves Jezebel
  6. Running In The Family  -  Level 42
  7. Bridge To Your Heart  -  Wax
  8. King Of Wishful Thinking  -  Go West
  9. Only In My Dreams  - Debbie Gibson
  10. Boys (Summertime Love)  -  Sabrina
  11. I Think We're Alone Now  -  Tiffany
  12. White Lines (Don't Do It)  - Joseph Saddler
  13. Rapper's Delight  -  Sugarhill Gang
  14. Heart And Soul  -  T'Pau

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Boy George   Composer
Debbie Gibson   Composer
Billy Preston   Composer
Prince   Composer
Andrew Ridgeley   Composer
Jo Bogaert   Composer
Irene Cara   Composer
Keith Forsey   Composer
Andrew Gold   Composer
Graham Gouldman   Composer
Randy VanWarmer   Composer
Giorgio Moroder   Composer
Jane Wiedlin   Composer
Brian Setzer   Composer
Dale Bozzio   Composer
Lisa Loeb   Composer
Ian Astbury   Composer
Homer Banks   Composer
Bert Berns   Composer
Terry Bozzio   Composer
Warren Allen Brooks   Composer
Mark Brzezicki   Composer
Warren Cuccurullo   Composer
Clive Davis   Composer
Jackie DeShannon   Composer
Carol Decker   Composer
Geoffrey Downes   Composer
John "Virgo" Garrett   Composer
Trevor Horn   Composer
Howard Jones   Composer
Jan Kalicki   Composer
Chris Lowe   Composer
Frank Maudsley   Composer
Grant McLennan   Composer
Amos Pizzey   Composer
Kimberley Rew   Composer
Graham Russell   Composer
Ali Score   Composer
Mike Score   Composer
Paul Statham   Composer
Bernie Taupin   Composer
Neil Tennant   Composer
John Themis   Composer
Diane Warren   Composer
James Warren   Composer
Ina Wolf   Composer
Pascal Wuthrich   Composer
C.C. DeVille   Composer
Aitken   Composer
Colin Vearncombe   Composer
Ewald Pfleger   Composer
Deborah Gibson   Composer
C. Strilio   Composer
Lois Blaisch   Composer
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Cecchetto   Composer
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C. Farrington   Composer
Musumarra   Composer
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Bonsanto   Composer
B. Woolley   Composer
B. Watson   Composer
T. Tanner   Composer
N. Holder   Composer
Tony Butler   Composer

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