9/11: Stories of Courage Heroism and Generosity

9/11: Stories of Courage Heroism and Generosity

by Tim Zagat

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Courage, heroism, and generosity only skim the surface of palpable emotions in these wholly virtuous profiles. Opening with commentaries from former Mayor Giuliani and Governor Pataki, the latter tells of eschewing security arrangements and heading downtown to witness the determination of civilians and civil servants, while Giuliani provides a snapshot of a day in the life of New York's main decision-maker. The collective, sacrificial action of those aboard Flight 93 saved potentially thousands of other lives and is memorialized in heart-wrenching, inspirational testimonies from nearest and dearest. Many chapters tell of individuals going above and beyond any normal call of duty, the kindness of strangers, and the fellowship of New Yorkers-from the city's Michelin star chefs to clergy, teachers, and businessmen. The New York Times' moving "Portraits of Grief" seemed an impossible and controversial undertaking, but became a unique 21st century tribute to the minutiae of human existence. "Speaking for the Dead" tells of Lee Ielpi, who lost his son in the attacks, but founded a tribute center at Ground Zero, while the selfless "New York Says Thank You" truck of Jeff Parness encapsulates the spirit of the book.
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