A Basic Guide to Figure Skating

A Basic Guide to Figure Skating

by Griffin Publishing, Thomas Pickering

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Children's Literature
Part of the "U.S. Olympic Committee Sports" series, this book explains how the sport changed from its original "figures"�literally, figures carved slowly in the ice by skate blades�to the strenuous, show stopping modern mix of dance and athleticism. Kids who followed the 2002 Winter Olympics will be thrilled to recognize the first entry in the "Current American Skaters" chapter--Sarah Hughes, the teen who shocked the world by winning the gold. This book is more of a reference work than a book most kids would read for fun, but any child interested in skating will find it fascinating and a kid who just needs to write a report will find everything heor she needs in its pages. 2002, Griffin Publishing, $22.60. Ages 8 to 12. Reviewer: Donna Freedman

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Griffin Publishing Group
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Official U. S. Olympic Sports Series
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