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Blessing to People

A Blessing to People

by The Dixon Brothers
While a four-volume series on Document presented the Dixon Brothers' complete work in chronological order, this four-CD box set goes yet better in its thoroughness. In addition to all the duo's commercially released 1936-1938 recordings, it has the sides Howard Dixon recorded with Frank Gerald; the ones


While a four-volume series on Document presented the Dixon Brothers' complete work in chronological order, this four-CD box set goes yet better in its thoroughness. In addition to all the duo's commercially released 1936-1938 recordings, it has the sides Howard Dixon recorded with Frank Gerald; the ones Howard Dixon and Gerald cut with Mutt Evans, and the tracks (six previously unreleased) Dorsey Dixon did with his wife Beatrice. That takes up three of the four discs; the fourth CD is devoted to recordings Dorsey Dixon made as a solo artist in 1961 and 1962 during the folk revival, two-thirds of which were previously unissued. Adding up to 121 selections in all, it demonstrates the brothers' wide range (whether working together or in a different context) of repertoire, encompassing socially conscious songs about taxes and working conditions in textile mills; Appalachian country-folk arrangements of Tin Pan Alley tunes; country gospel, and other songs of romance and tragedy. As close-harmony pre-World War II country brother duos go, the Dixon Brothers may not be as accessible as some, like the Delmore Brothers and the Blue Sky Boys, as the vocals were less sweet and more wizened. It's a lot of homily-laden, often moralistic material to take in at once, and as even the liner notes admit, on the somewhat informal Dorsey Dixon early-'60s recordings (done shortly after Howard Dixon's death), "many of the songs he recorded varied little in key or tempo." Yet as a definitive consolidation of the Dixon Brothers' work, it's hard to imagine how this could be bettered, unless the four lost masters from a September 25, 1938 session (three by Howard Dixon and Frank Gerald, and one by the pair with Mutt Evans) can be found. The 164-page, LP-sized hardback book accompanying the CDs is, like those found in numerous other Bear Family box sets, a work in itself. In addition to extensive biographical essays and song-by-song annotation from Patrick Huber, it's abundantly illustrated with photos of the brothers and scenes from the kind of child-labor-exploitation mills in which they worked; vintage advertisements for their records and gigs; paperwork documenting their recording sessions, and sheet music covers for some of the songs they waxed. There are also both of the multi-page memoirs Dorsey Dixon wrote; handwritten lyrics from his notebooks; a meticulous discography, and even a reprint of a Dorsey Dixon poem about the Newport Folk Festival that appeared in Sing Out! magazine. Though it might miff those who bought the Document series to purchase that material (with some extras) again in this format, by definition anyone who wants the complete Dixon Brothers must be a serious fan, and that book might just be worth the price on its own even if you already have many of their recordings.

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Release Date:
Bear Family Germany


Disc 1

  1. Weave Room Blues
  2. Two Little Rosebuds
  3. Sales Tax On the Women
  4. Intoxicated Rat
  5. Not Turning Back
  6. White Flower For You
  7. Answer To Maple On the Hill, Pt. 1
  8. Answer To Maple On the Hill, Pt. 3
  9. Greenback Dollar, Pt. 2
  10. Spinning Room Blues
  11. My Girl In Sunny Tennessee
  12. A Wonderful Day
  13. Are You Sure?
  14. That Old Vacant Chair
  15. I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out of Jail, Pt. 2
  16. Never To Be Sweethearts Again
  17. Bonnie Blue Eyes, Pt. 2 (Hush Little Bonnie)
  18. Ocean of Life
  19. Rambling Gambler
  20. Dark Eyes
  21. Easter Day
  22. That Old True Love
  23. Answer To Maple On the Hill, Pt. 4
  24. Beautiful Stars
  25. I Will Meet My Precious Mother
  26. Weaver's Life
  27. Darling Do You Miss Me
  28. Little Bessie
  29. How Can a Broke Man Be Happy

Disc 2

  1. How Can a Broke Man Be Happy
  2. The School House Fire
  3. She Tickles Me
  4. Fisherman's Luck
  5. At Twilight Old Pal of Yesterday
  6. Call Me Pal of Mine
  7. I Won't Accept Anything For My Soul
  8. What Can I Give In Exchange
  9. What Would You Give In Exchange, Pt. 5
  10. The Girl I Left In Danville
  11. Two Little Boys
  12. The Lonely Prisoner
  13. The Old Home Brew
  14. Always Waiting For You
  15. When Jesus Appears
  16. Satisfied At Last
  17. Shining City Over the River
  18. Honey It's Just Because
  19. Back To My Wyoming Home
  20. I Can't Tell Why I Love You
  21. Under the Old Cherry Tree
  22. Blessed Promise In Store
  23. Anywhere is Home
  24. Beneath an Old Maple
  25. Fields On Fire
  26. The Blood of Jesus Saved Me
  27. Where Shall I Be
  28. Promise In the Book of Life
  29. Broken Hearted Girl
  30. Woman's Answer To 'What is Home Without Love'

Disc 3

  1. Hobo Jack the Rambler
  2. More Pretty Girls Than One, Pt. 3
  3. There's a Place In My Home For Mother
  4. Bootlegger's Story
  5. Wonder Who's Kissing Her, Pt. 2
  6. Prisoner's Plea
  7. Faithless Husband
  8. Down With the Old Canoe
  9. I Didn't Hear Anybody Pray
  10. Glorious Light is Dawning
  11. Have Courage To Only Say No
  12. A Mother, a Father, a Baby
  13. A Church At the Foot of the Hill
  14. By Himself
  15. Tempted and Tried
  16. Time For Me To Go
  17. Beyond Black Smoke
  18. When Gabriel Blows His Trumpet For Me
  19. Speak Evil of No Man
  20. Jimmie and Sallie
  21. The Story of George Collins
  22. The Light of Homer Rogers
  23. After the Ball
  24. 'Twas Only a Dream
  25. Answer To Broken Engagement
  26. By the Old Oaken Bucket, Louise
  27. Honey Baby Mine
  28. My Trundle Bed
  29. New Trouble

Disc 4

  1. Babies In the Mill
  2. The Factory Girl
  3. Hard Times In Here
  4. Weave Room Blues
  5. Twister Room Blues
  6. When Weaving Time is Over
  7. The Wreck of the Old 97
  8. The Cleveland School House Fire
  9. Wreck On the Highway
  10. Naomi Wise
  11. Our Johnny
  12. Mommy, Will My Doggie Understand?
  13. Bill Dodson's Last Run
  14. The Great Convoy
  15. Jesse James
  16. Give Me My Flowers While I'm Living
  17. Be At Home Soon Tonight, My Dear Boy
  18. Tomorrow
  19. The Worried Bum
  20. She Tickled Me
  21. Timothy Kelly
  22. The Burglar Man
  23. The Christmas Cake
  24. The Hungry Hash House
  25. I'm Not Turning Backward
  26. Somebody Touched Me
  27. Across the Shining River
  28. My Name In the Book
  29. When That Beautiful City Comes Down
  30. Will the Circle Be Unbroken
  31. I Shall Not Be Moved
  32. I Didn't Have a Friend
  33. The Church At the Foot of the Hill

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Dixon Brothers   Primary Artist
Howard Dixon   Steel Guitar,Vocals,Soloist
Mutt Evans   Banjo,Guitar,Mandolin,Vocals
Frank Gerald   Guitar,Vocals
Dorsey Dixon   Guitar,Vocals,Soloist
Beatrice Dixon   Guitar,Vocals

Technical Credits

Gene Autry   Composer
Jim Eanes   Composer
Cliff Carlisle   Composer
Charles K. Harris   Composer
Dorsey M. Dixon   Composer
Paul Dresser   Composer
Joseph E. Howard   Composer
Eli Oberstein   Producer
Roy Turk   Composer
Stanley Carter   Composer
Sam M. Lewis   Composer
Henry Clay Work   Composer
Karl Davis   Composer
Bob Shelton   Composer
Joe Shelton   Composer
Hartford Taylor   Composer
Norm Cohen   Illustrations
Richard Weize   Reissue Producer
Dave Samuelson   Reissue Producer
Joe Young   Composer
J. Russel Robinson   Composer
Jimmy Long   Composer
Edward Madden   Composer
Archie Green   Producer
Alfred Bryan   Composer
Gus Edwards   Composer
Tom Hanchett   Illustrations
Will D. Cobb   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Frank Mare   Illustrations
Christopher [1] C. King   Reissue Producer,Illustrations,Photo Scanning
James Rowe   Composer
John Reedy   Composer
Andreas Merck   Photo Scanning
Gene Earle   Producer
Charles H. Gabriel   Composer
Harold Dixon   Composer
Mychael Gerstenberger   Artwork
Homer F. Morris   Composer
Tullius C. O'Kane   Composer
C. Frank Horn   Composer
Harold Orlob   Composer
Gussie L. Davis   Composer
Bert Grant   Composer
Carson J. Robison   Composer
James D. Vaughan   Composer
Rev. W.B. Stevens   Composer
Alfred H. Ackley   Composer
Dorsey Dixon   Liner Notes
Franklin Eiland   Composer
Sam Malbuch   Photo Restoration
Malcolm Vidrine   Illustrations,Photo Scanning
Ada Habershon   Composer
Earle C. Jones   Composer
Charles D. Tillman   Composer
Cameron Shipp   Liner Notes
Armand E. Blackmar   Composer
Horatio M. Palmer   Composer
William Walker   Composer
Tom Warlick   Illustrations
J.H. Hieronymus   Composer
Charles M. Fillmore   Composer
Patrick Huber   Liner Notes
Monroe H. Rosenfeld   Composer
Lawrence Perricone   Composer
Judson L. Moore   Composer
Joe Gerald   Illustrations
James M. Henson   Composer
Harry I. Davis   Composer
Harry C. Shunk   Composer
Harry Braisted   Composer
Ed Kahn   Producer
David Diehl   Illustrations
Dan Lewis   Composer

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