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A Catastrophe of Nerdish Proportions (Nerd Girls Series)

A Catastrophe of Nerdish Proportions (Nerd Girls Series)

4.8 5
by Alan Lawrence Sitomer

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The Nerd Girls are back. And though they seek to leave behind all the drama with the popular girls, the ThreePees feel they have a score to settle with the Nerds and will stop at nothing to do so. Fed up with the perpetual infighting, the school principal insists that if the two groups want to continue to "compete" with one another, they will do so in a productive


The Nerd Girls are back. And though they seek to leave behind all the drama with the popular girls, the ThreePees feel they have a score to settle with the Nerds and will stop at nothing to do so. Fed up with the perpetual infighting, the school principal insists that if the two groups want to continue to "compete" with one another, they will do so in a productive manner and thus forces all six girls, Nerd Girls and ThreePees, to participate in the Academic Septhalon. But Maureen has family troubles. And issues of self-esteem. And a desire to bury her head in the sand and pretend that all of the very real issues she's facing as a kid who is now growing up are not really happening to her. Are cupcakes, a sarcastic sense of humor and a hope that it will all "just go away" on its own enough to get Maureen through eighth grade? Will Beanpole wake up and smell the coffee? Will Alice really be able to cure herself of the allergies that plague her? It's A Catastrophe of Nerdish Proportions, a fast-paced, funny, foray back into the lives of the three nerds we got to know and love in Nerd Girls Book I: The Rise of the Dorkasaurus.

Editorial Reviews

School Library Journal
Gr 6–8—When readers left the Nerd Girls in The Rise of the Dorkasaurus (Hyperion, 2011), they had gotten just a smidgen of revenge against the group of mean girls in the school, the ThreePees. Unfortunately, this just added fuel to the ThreePees' fire. After a prank traps the middle schoolers in the art room with flying paint and supplies (thereby destroying school property), both groups are given a choice by the principal: join together to form the school's Academic Septathalon team or face suspension and possibly expulsion. Meanwhile, narrator Maureen has returned to junk food and sarcasm to cope with a personal crisis: her long-gone father has reappeared and wants to be a part of her life. Maureen, Barbara, and Alice work together once again to deal with the ThreePees and study feverishly to try to win the Septathalon. The sarcasm still makes it difficult to form an emotional bond with Maureen, but her personality underneath is showing through just a tad more, and Barbara and Alice also become a little more sympathetic as their home lives come into focus. The televised Septathalon is suspenseful, but the action comes a little too late, and the tension between the two groups seems more forced than realistic. For the most part, the adults and the ThreePees stay one-dimensional, and with the way he's portrayed, one wonders why Maureen would want to know her father at all. This installment is better than the first book, but is still just an additional purchase.—Kelly Jo Lasher, Middle Township High School, Cape May Court House, NJ
Kirkus Reviews
Defiantly nerdy and full of spunk, Maureen along with friends Alice and Barbara return in this boisterous sequel. The feud between Maureen's group and the trio of "Pretty, Popular, Perfect girls" known as the "ThreePees," begun in Nerd Girls: The Rise of the Dorkasaurus (2011), continues unabated. The escalating series of pranks they play on each other attracts the attention of the school administration, and the girls are given an ultimatum: compete as a team in the upcoming Academic Septathalon or be suspended. Suddenly, Maureen is the captain of a team comprised of skirmishing factions and preparing for a rigorous academic competition. However, unexpected alliances form as these archenemies struggle to work together. Their captivating drama culminates during the televised contest. Sitomer gives several returning characters greater depth and invigorates a familiar storyline with intriguing subplots. "Allergy Alice," weary of her mother's overprotectiveness, embarks on a quest to gain independence, with alarming results. Meanwhile, Maureen's long-absent father reappears to repair the family relationship--much to Maureen's consternation. Readers ultimately realize that, regardless of the Septathalon's outcome or family dramas, the Nerd Girls will prevail due to their steadfast, enduring friendship. Truly, as Maureen triumphantly proclaims, "Nerds rule" in this satisfying sequel. (Fiction. 12 & up)

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Nerd Girls Series
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11 - 14 Years

Meet the Author

Alan Lawrence Sitomer is California's 2007 Teacher of the Year. In addition to being an inner-city high school English teacher and professor in the Graduate School of Education at Loyola Marymount University, Mr. Sitomer is a nationally renowned speaker specializing in engaging reluctant readers who received the 2004 award for Classroom Excellence from the Southern California Teachers of English and the 2003 Teacher of the Year honor from California Literacy. Alan's previous books include The Hoopster, Hip-Hop High School, Homeboyz, and The Secret Story of Sonia Rodriguez. Alan is also the author of Hip-Hop Poetry and The Classics, a text used in classrooms across the United States to engage disengaged students.

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A Catastrophe of Nerdish Proportions 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Beverly_Stowe More than 1 year ago
Nerds and bullies. Pranks and slam books. Just another day in eighth grade. Maureen (Mo) knows she’s a nerd. She describes her friends, Barbara (Bean Pole) and Alice (Q), and herself as quirky, do-well-in-school, socially awkward, and get laughed at by other kids. On the outside, she’s loud and opinionated. On the inside, she’s insecure and dealing with not only the bullies at school but her divorced mom who is now re-dating her re-divorced father. Yeah, figure that one out. Author Alan Lawrence Sitomer’s MG/Tween novel, NERD GIRLS, A CATASTROPHE OF NERDISH PROPORTIONS is a story of friendships, family, and consequences. From locking the Nerd Girls in the booby-trapped art room to booby-trapped cookies, the Three Pees (Pretty, Popular, Perfect Girls), Kiki, Brittany, and Sofes cause trouble. The Nerds plan revenge. Finally, the principal has had enough. He gives them one way they can get out of the punishment they deserve. I don’t want to spoil the fun, so I’m saying no more, except that I laughed. I cried. And I remembered my junior high days, the slam books especially. I think NERD GIRLS will appeal to middle school students, especially girls, that may be going through similar challenges at school and/or at home. The author has captured those in-between years when life is a drama and every event a catastrophe. Every middle school library should have a copy of this novel. Of course you’ll want a copy for your personal library, too. The author provided me with a copy of the book for our Good Reads discussion group. ###
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this book it is awesome. And it is cool because my friends and call ourselves nerds
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Chucie Upkins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
;/ :) ;D