Celebration of Irish Music

A Celebration of Irish Music


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Dolphin & Dara Rec.


Disc 1

  1. The Wild Rover
  2. The Craic Was Ninety in the Isle of Man
  3. The Rare Ould Times
  4. Muirsheen Durkin
  5. The Fields of Athenry
  6. Dirty Old Town
  7. The Rose of Allendale
  8. Star of the County Down
  9. Easy and Slow
  10. The Bramble and the Rose
  11. Clare to Here
  12. The Galway Races
  13. Grace
  14. Staten Island
  15. The Banks of Roses
  16. Raglan Road
  17. A Place in the Choir
  18. Danny Farrell
  19. The Water Is Wide
  20. Whiskey in the Jar

Disc 2

  1. O'Carolan's Draught
  2. Wheel the Perambulator
  3. Tripping up the Stairs
  4. John O Dreams
  5. Britches Full of Stitches/Hollow Rock Waltz
  6. From Clare to Here
  7. Heather Breeze/My Love Is In America
  8. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore
  9. Polka Selection
  10. The Blarney Roses
  11. Ships In Full Sail
  12. Merrily Kissed the Quaker
  13. A Place in a Choir
  14. Easy and Slow
  15. The Phoenix Reel
  16. Sweet Liberty

Disc 3

  1. Reels: Mulhaire's No. 4/Sporting Paddy/The Mills are Grinding
  2. Jigs: Green Fields of Ardkiernan/Clamp of Turf/Eddie Kelly's Jig
  3. A Long Way from Home/Reevies
  4. Hornpipe: Murphy's
  5. Jigs: Coleman's/Tom Mulhaire's Jig/Apples in Winter
  6. Reel: McMahon's Reel
  7. The King of the Fairies
  8. Jigs: Willie Clancy's/Seán Ryan's/Plains of Kildare
  9. Hornpipes: Seán Ryan's No. 1
  10. Reel: Nine Points of Roguery
  11. Jigs: Fr. Tom's Wager/The Hag with the Money/The Litling Fisherman
  12. March: Brian O'Kane's
  13. Jigs: O'Briens/The King of the Clans/The Lucky Penny/The Rumours of Enn
  14. Set Dance: Charles O'Connor

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