Centenary Celebration

A Centenary Celebration

by Jessie Matthews

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Avid Records Uk

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Disc 1

  1. Got to Dance My Way to Heaven {From It's Love Again}
  2. I'm Only a Baby (I Maybe Only a Baby)
  3. Silly Little Hill {From the Charlot Show}
  4. The Good Little Girl and the Bad Little Girl {From the Charlot Show}
  5. Friendly Ghosts {From the Charlot Show}
  6. Journey's End {From the Charlot Show}
  7. My Heart Stood Still {From One Dam Thing After Another}
  8. A Room with a View {From This Year of Grace}
  9. Just a Memory
  10. Let's Do It {From Wake Up and Dream}
  11. Out of the Blue {From out of the Blue}
  12. Let's Be Sentimental {From out of the Blue}
  13. Hold My Hand {From Hold My Hand}
  14. Try to Forget {From the Cat and the Fiddle}
  15. Turn on the Music {From Hold My Hand}
  16. By the Fireside
  17. One More Kiss
  18. One Little Kiss from You {From the Midshipmaid}
  19. I'll Stay with You {From There Goes the Bride}
  20. Three Wishes {From the Good Companions}
  21. Let Me Give My Happiness to You {From the Good Companions}
  22. Dancing on the Ceiling {From Evergreen}
  23. Just by Your Example {From Evergreen}
  24. When You've Got a Little Springtime in Your Heart {From Evergreen}
  25. (A) Tinkle Tinkle Tinkle/(b) Over My Shoulder {From Evergreen}
  26. Say the Word and It's Yours {From First a Girl}
  27. I Can Wiggle My Ears {From First a Girl}

Disc 2

  1. Everything's in Rhythm with My Heart {From First a Girl}
  2. The Little Silkworm {From First a Girl}
  3. It's Love Again {From It's Love Again}
  4. Tony's in Town {From It's Love Again}
  5. I Nearly Let Love Go Slipping Through My Fingers {From It's Love Again}
  6. Head Over Heels in Love {From Head Over Heels}
  7. Looking Around Corners for You {From Head Over Heels}
  8. There's That Look in Your Eyes Again {From Head Over Heels}
  9. May I Have the Next Romance with You? {From Head Over Heels}
  10. When You Gotta Sing, You Gotta Sing {From Gangway}
  11. Moon or No Moon {From Gangway}
  12. Gangway {From Gangway}
  13. Lord and Lady Whoozis {From Gangway}
  14. My River {From Sailing Along}
  15. Trusting My Luck {From Sailing Along}
  16. Souvenir of Love {From Sailing Along}
  17. Your Heart Skips a Beat {From Sailing Along}
  18. Look for the Silver Lining {From Wild Rose}
  19. Whip-Poor-Will {From Wild Rose}
  20. I'd Like to Share with You {From Candles at Nine}
  21. Sleepy Lagoon {From Life Is Nothing Without Music}
  22. Life Is Nothing Without Music {From Life Is Nothing Without Music}
  23. I'll String Along with You {From Potted Pantomime}
  24. I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now? {From Potted Pantomime}
  25. (A) Wouldn't It Be Loverly?/(b) I Could Have Danced All Night {From My
  26. Introduction to Harriet Green {From Evergreen}
  27. Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me a Bow-Wow {From Evergreen}
  28. The Farewell Speech of Harriet Green {From Evergreen}
  29. Reprise: Over My Shoulder {From Evergreen}

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jessie Matthews   Primary Artist
Carroll Gibbons   Piano,Conductor
Fred Elizalde   Piano
Debroy Somers   Conductor
Peter Yorke   Conductor
Harry Jacobson   Piano
Fred Hartley   Piano
Jay Wilbur   Conductor
Simon   Piano
Bob Busby   Piano
Louis Levy   Conductor
Charles Williams & His Concert Orchestra   Conductor

Technical Credits

Richard Addinsell   Composer
Jessie Matthews   Cover Photo
Lew Brown   Composer
Buddy DeSylva   Composer
Ray Henderson   Composer
Michael Antonio Thornton   Liner Notes
Hoffman   Composer
Maurice Sigler   Composer
Rex Evans   Introduction
Goodhart   Composer
Harry Parr-Davies   Composer

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