A+ Certification Interactive Workbook

A+ Certification Interactive Workbook

by Emmett Dulaney, Emmitt Dulaney

The Hands-On A+ Preparation System That's Fast, Easy & Web-charged!

FREE Access to Interactive A+ Certification Training Web Site.

  • Get ready to take the of A+ Certification test-now!
  • Real-life labs and Q&As cover every A+ exam objective
  • PC components, peripherals, networking, and more
  • Installation, configuration, upgrades, repair,

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The Hands-On A+ Preparation System That's Fast, Easy & Web-charged!

FREE Access to Interactive A+ Certification Training Web Site.

  • Get ready to take the of A+ Certification test-now!
  • Real-life labs and Q&As cover every A+ exam objective
  • PC components, peripherals, networking, and more
  • Installation, configuration, upgrades, repair, maintenance, and troubleshooting

A+ Certification is hot-and this hands-on workbook will help any PC technician, administrator, or support professional get certified fast! Master every skill covered in both A+ exams through a series of real-life labs-with detailed introductions, practical exercises, and self-review questions. It's all here: motherboards, processors, memory, printers, notebooks, networking, file management, installation, configuration, upgrades, troubleshooting, safety, preventive maintenance, even customer satisfaction!

Totally integrated with a FREE, state-of-the-art A+ Certification learning Web site!

Every Prentice Hall Interactive Workbook is fully integrated with its own exclusive Web site, giving you all this and more:

  • "Test Your Thinking" project solutions and detailed explanations
  • Author's Corner: Your personal connection to this book's expert author
  • Additional self-review exercises with instant feedback and explanations
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Just the facts! No endless, boring discussions here! You'll learn hands-on, through practical exercises, self-review questions and real-world answers. Exclusive "Test Your Thinking" projects guarantee you'll go beyond rote knowledge to really master the subject! It's an integrated learning system that's proven to work!

  • Dozens of exercises cover the real world tasks that matter most!
  • 100s of self-review questions and answers make sure you understand!

Editorial Reviews

Covers skills tested in both of the A+ Certification exams for PC technicians through a series of real-life labs, with detailed introductions, practical exercises, review questions, and explained answers. Areas covered include motherboards, notebooks, networking, installation, safety, and customer satisfaction. Dulaney is an A+ Service Technician and is author or coauthor of over a dozen certification titles. Bogue is chief operating officer of a software development and systems integration company. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)

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Interactive Workbook Series
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Welcome to the A+ Certification Interactive Workbook. You're about to embark on a unique learning experience, one that we hope will not only help you to pass the A+ Certification exam, but will also give you a complete understanding of the subject matter and make you a successful technician. Much like learning to repair an automobile, it's one thing to read about procedures in a book and answer questions about what you read. But it's another thing entirely to lift up the hood and dig right in, and you won't get to the other end of this book without doing that. In fact, in the very first chapter, you will completely disassemble your PC and reassemble it again!

Who This Book Is For

Frankly, this book is for anybody who wishes to pass the A+ Certification exam, no experience necessary. Even more importantly, this book is for anybody who wishes to become a good computer technician.

If you are already an experienced technician who needs to become certified, you are free to pick and choose the Exercises that you need to freshen up your skills, take the Self-Review quizzes for practice, and be on your way. This book should also serve you well in the field as a comprehensive reference.

If you are relatively new to this business but would like to gain some experience and become certified, this book will help you get there. It will also help you not just to memorize information (which is all too easily forgotten), but also to roll up your sleeves and learn by doing. And when you become active in your learning process, you retain far more than you would by simply memorizing abstract information.

You should note that theexam assumes only six months of on-the-job experience. This is an important point for all audience members. If you are a seasoned technician, don't assume that the test is beneath you or will be a breeze to pass. Do you know how many feet in front of a Stop sign you are supposed to stop like you did when you first passed your driving test? There are bound to be some fundamental details like this that you have forgotten, so the best way to make sure that you are prepared is to study and practice. And that applies to everybody! That's where this book can help!

How This Book Is Organized

The Interactive Workbook series offers an extraordinary opportunity to explore your computer system and learn through a journey of discovery. In this book, you are presented with a series of interactive Labs that are intended to map to each of the CompTIA objectives. Each Lab begins with Learning Objectives that show you what Exercises (or tasks) are covered in that Lab. This is followed by an overview of the concepts that will be further explored through the Exercises, which are the heart of each Lab.

Each Exercise consists of a series of steps that you will follow to perform a specific task, along with questions that are designed to help you discover the important things on your own. The answers to these questions are given at the end of the Exercises, along with more in-depth discussion of the concepts explored.

At the end of each Lab is a series of multiple-choice Self-Review Questions, which are designed much like the questions you will see on the A+ exam. If you feel certain that you already understand a certain Objective, you are free to skip that Exercise, but are still encouraged to take the Self-Review quiz at the end of the Lab, just to make sure. The answers to these questions appear in Appendix A. There are also additional Self-Review Questions at this book's companion Web site, found at ...

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