Changed Heart

Changed Heart

by David Haas

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Gia Publications


  1. You Welcome in Me  - David Haas
  2. Down to the River to Pray  - David Haas
  3. You Are Always Present  - David Haas
  4. Enter God's House  - David Haas
  5. We Are on Holy Ground  - David Haas
  6. Summer Sun or Winter Skies  - David Haas
  7. Alleluia: Our God Is Speaking  - David Haas
  8. Jesus Christ Is Lord  - David Haas
  9. We Will Rise Up and Follow  - David Haas
  10. God, Grant This Suffering Soul Release  - David Haas
  11. For the Glory of God  - David Haas
  12. My Soul Waits for God  - David Haas
  13. Sing a New Song  - David Haas
  14. You Are My Friends  - David Haas
  15. All Is Brought to Life  - David Haas

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

David Haas   Primary Artist,Synthesizer,Percussion,Piano,Cantor,Choir Director,Handbells
Marc Anderson   Percussion,Conga
Bobby Fischer   Acoustic Guitar,Mandolin,Choir, Chorus
Dick Hedlund   Bass
Gordon Knudtson   Drums
Lucia Newell   Choir, Chorus
Paul Tate   Piano,Choir, Chorus
Mark Thomas   Choir, Chorus
Bonnie Faber   Choir, Chorus,Handbells
David Livingston   Clarinet,Recorder,Choir, Chorus
Lisa Habeck   Choir, Chorus,Cantor
John Snow   Oboe
David Berget   Choir, Chorus
Marcia Peck   Cello
Dan Westmoreland   Choir, Chorus,Handbells
Eileen Bird   Flute,Choir, Chorus
Jack Gunderson   Choir, Chorus
Rob Strusinski   Choir, Chorus,Handbells
Vince Therrien   Choir, Chorus
Lori True   Choir, Chorus,Cantor
James Waldo   Choir, Chorus,Cantor
Ray East   Choir, Chorus
Rob Glover   Choir, Chorus,Handbells
Lisa Cressy   Choir, Chorus,Cantor
Steve Kron   Choir, Chorus
Katherine True   Choir, Chorus,Cantor
Erin Anhut   Choir, Chorus
Stephen Petrunak   Acoustic Guitar
Zachary Stachowski   Acoustic Guitar,Violin,Choir, Chorus
Tyler Jensen   Cantor
Joel Fischer   Choir, Chorus
Jessica Garceau   Choir, Chorus
Freda Myhrwold   Choir, Chorus
Francis Glover   Choir, Chorus,Handbells
Elizabeth Glover   Choir, Chorus
Claire Leiter   Choir, Chorus
Allison Peterson   Choir, Chorus
Molly Dumond   Choir, Chorus
Megan Mader   Choir, Chorus
Matt Reichert   Choir, Chorus,Handbells
Will Creel   Choir, Chorus
Tim Westerhaus   Choir, Chorus
Rachel Armstrong   Choir, Chorus

Technical Credits

Steve Wiese   Engineer,Mastering
David Haas   Arranger,Composer,Lyricist,Producer,Mastering,Adaptation
Eileen Bird   Flute Arrangement
Brother Roger of Taizé   Inspiration
Zachary Stachowski   Violin Arrangement
Mary Louise Bringle   Composer,Lyricist,Text
Andrew Schultz   Art Direction
Miles Hanson   Engineer,Mastering
Alec Harris   Executive Producer
Adam M.L. Tice   Composer,Lyricist,Text
Shirley Erena Murray   Composer,Lyricist,Text
Rebecca Gaunt   Oboe Arrangement

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