Circle Is Cast

Circle Is Cast

by Libana

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Libana   Primary Artist
Judy Kaye   Vocals,Soloist
Lisa Bosley   Vocals,Soloist
Jane Goodman   Guitar,Vocals,Soloist
Charlotte Miller   Recorder,Vocals,Soloist
Marytha Paffrath   Drums,Recorder,Vocals,Soloist,Tongue Drum
Janet Penn   Recorder,Vocals,Soloist
Susan Robbins   Dulcimer,Tom-Tom,Psaltery,Hammered Dulcimer,Soloist
Anne Slepian   Recorder
Linda Ugelow   Soloist
Cheryl Weber   Vocals,Soloist
Karen Thomas   Vocals

Technical Credits

Bruce Bartone   Engineer
Alan Mattes   Engineer
Marytha Paffrath   Liner Notes
Susan Robbins   Arranger,Art Direction
Linda Ugelow   Arranger
Anna Dembska   Arranger
Mary Azarian   Cover Art,Woodcut

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