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A Concise Dictionary of Theology

A Concise Dictionary of Theology

4.5 21
by Gerald O'Collins, Edward G. Farrugia (Joint Author)

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A Concise Dictionary of Theology is the most up-to-date work of its kind. It will be useful to students, educators and others who require a convenient reference for theological terms. The present work reflects contemporary biblical, liturgical and historical awareness. Although written by Roman Catholics, it is sensitive to ecumenical issues. This comprehensive


A Concise Dictionary of Theology is the most up-to-date work of its kind. It will be useful to students, educators and others who require a convenient reference for theological terms. The present work reflects contemporary biblical, liturgical and historical awareness. Although written by Roman Catholics, it is sensitive to ecumenical issues. This comprehensive dictionary offers clear explanations of more than 1000 words and phrases dating from early Christianity to topics as current as 'liberation theology.'

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This second edition of the favorably reviewed 1990 work of the same title (LJ 5/1/91) remains much the same, with only the addition of some 50 new entries, corrections, expansions, and an index of names. The approximately 1200 alphabetically arranged theological terms and phrases span the entire course of Christian history. Individual entries are concise, balanced, and clearly written and range in length from a single sentence to a full-page essay on selected topics. Although the work is ecumenical in perspective, Roman Catholicism and theological developments in biblical, catechetical, ethical, historical, liturgical, and philosophical studies since Vatican II receive the major focus. Regretfully, this second edition fails to add bibliographies; however, Jesuit theologians O'Collins and Farrugia skillfully refer to biblical and ecclesiastical documents, providing the reader with a more complete discussion. Cross-references abound, and though there are no biographical entries, this is a useful resource for students and others seeking basic theological information. Libraries already owning the first edition, however, need not replace.--John-Leonard Berg, Univ. of Wisconsin, Platteville Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.\
Defines and explains key words and phrases used in contemporary theology, encompassing biblical, catechetical, ethical, historical, liturgical, and philosophical terms that theological students are likely to encounter. This revised edition adds 50 new entries, an index of names, a stronger emphasis on ecumenical issues and Eastern Christianity, and updated explanations reflecting research since 1990. O'Collins teaches theology at the Gregorian University, Rome. Farrugia teaches dogmatic theology and Eastern patrology at the Pontifical Oriental Institute in Rome. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)

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A Concise Dictionary of Theology 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Khalani ^^^ <p>Nicknames: Kala [Kuh-La] <p>Age: 18 <p>Gender: Female <p>Persona: Very curious, observant, intelligent in some aspects, music lover, and a bit shy. <p>Attire: She wears a black and white sleeveless button up shirt; the shirt has black chevron print with a white background and red pocket on the upper right side. She also wears red leggings and her shoes are black Toms. <p>Looks: Long, unruly, curly black hair that reaches the small of her back; heavily lashed pale green eyes and olive toned skin. She has full light pink lips and high cheek bones; both of hose being prominent features of being Russian. She is short in stature however d a tad on the curvy side, only reaching the height of 5"4, weighing 140 pounds. <p>Relationship Status: Single and not sure if looking. <p>Other: She has a tattoo on her left wrist that reads, 'Always on my mind, Forever in my heart' in cursive writing. Right below that is the Roman numerials IV-I-MMXI
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
hellooo. you may or may not know me, it's been awhile since i was last on this rp. but, i'm back. did ya miss me? (no, probably not, but who cares, i'm back anyways.) okay, so yeah, this is me apologizing in advance because i tend to make my bio's quite long. so, yeah.. and like, watch this not post or something because that's just my life. i'll probably spend like thirty minutes typing this out, just to have it not work. but here goes nothing. <p> name : like i said... Onyx. <br> gender : i'm a girl. <br> age : 18. <p> appearance : well, let's see. i'm extremely short and skinny for my age. 5'1 and 97 pounds.. which really is not the best thing, because i'm frequently mistaken for a 13 year old. i have pale, almost translucent skin, and big grey eyes with purple-looking flecks in them.. hence my name. my eyelashes are long and thick, my nose is small, and my lips are usually dark red. my hair is pitch black and falls in loose waves down to my waist. anywho, i tend to dress like i live inside a thrift store.. oversized old lady sweaters and black leggings are my thing. my nails are always painted black, and i do this weird thing where i constantly have anywhere from 3 to 5 rings on. {gah, why am i going into such detail? i'm over the whole appearance thing, okay? i'll post my outfits occasionally.} <p> likes : music. music. music... more than anything. singing. playing guitar. piano. harmonica. ukulele. writing songs. singing. etc. i also like my friends. and reading. call me a nerd, but i looove reading. and i like the walking dead. doctor who. american horror story. bates motel. i like being sarcastic. and i like music again. just to make that clear. <br> dislikes : i'll spare you the agony of reading that list. <br> history : meh. go away. <br> extra : okay, so forgive me for being completely and utterly boring, but i'm running on about an hour of sleep and i simply cannot be bothered to go into as much detail with this as i intended. i'm a vegan. just throwing that out there. anything else, feel free to ask. okokokokok bye.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Okay, so this is probable going to be long so im appologizing in advanced. Name: Saphire^^ Grender: Um, I'm a girl. Age: 18 Appearence: I have blonde hair that is a couple of inches above my waist. Full eyelahes, high cheek bones, bright red lips that are full, and I'm naturally tan. I'm tall and surprisingly dont weigh a lot. I weigh only 95 and i'm just a couple of inches short of being 6' even. I used to wear band tees, leggings and black combat boots, but now i dress in a modernized 60's look. Likes: Music, and acting. I will learn to play any instrument i can get my hands on and i love to sing. I also am pursuing a job in acting. I also love The Walking Dead, American Horor Story, and Bates Motel. Dislikes: The list is pretty long so i dont want to trouble you by making you read it. History: Thats pretty long to and i dont want to get into it. The past is the past. Extra: Uhh, the only thing i can think of is the fact that i am a vegan. Anythingelse you can just ask.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hey! Its Rylie Kern here! Im 15 almost 16 and i am a girl. I am about 5'2" with a decent tan. I have golden brown hair that is straight and falls down to the bottoms of my shoulder blades! I love my eyes. One is a bight blue and the other is a brown and green mix (in rl to! I got some tar in my eye)! I usually wear shorts with a tee and vans. Im nice but when people are mean to people i love im a bitc.h. im alittle wierd and random but haters gonna hate! Btw my nicknames are Ry-guy and Kernel. Call me either. I do like someone but i ant gonna tell you! Im not dating. Cu!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
&bull; Name: Abigail Hazel Springsteen... but please, leave it at Abbi <p> &bull; Gender: ?! What . The . He<_>ll... <p> &bull; Age: 18 ... why did i have to be the younger one? WHY??!? <p> &bull; Looks: ok, so everyone around here is saying how awful and ugly they are, but then they describe some 10+ star super freaking model. I'm just gona state the facts, and move on. I have pale skin, and long, thick blond hair. It's funny... considering i'm from California, you'd think i'd be tan... nope-_-. Anywho, i gots myself some pretty cute(not to brag) sky blue eyes, that are sprinkled with flecks of dark violet along the edge of my irises. I wear basically the entire store of Hot Topic... with a splash of Rue21 in there;) <p> &bull; Personality: i don't give a da<_>mn about anyone's opinion. Except Adam's of course. If you'r kind, i'll be kind back. If you're a bi<_>tch, you best be running like he<_>ll if you're to cross me the wrong way. That's just life. <p> &bull; Family: i've only got one. My twin brother, Adam <p> &bull; History: sad, depressing crap. Adam and i have been through the foster care program our whole lives, cuz our shi<_>tty mom decided she'd rather not deal with kids, and would much rather party in Vegas... psh... who needs her anyways? <p> &bull; Crush: ... <p> &bull; Major: i'm planning on majoring in Writing, and minoring in Vocal Music <p> &bull; Likes: PTV, SWS, MCR, He Is We, Ghost Town, Nirvana, All Time Low, Aerosmith <p> &bull; Dislikes: country music, Miley Cyrus, BVB, Math class, rude people <p> &bull; Theme Song: i'd like to think my theme song would be Long Live The Reckless and The Brave, by All Time Low <p> <p> - Name: Adam Joseph Springsteen <p> - Gender: ummm...... <p> - Age: 19:) thank god for my mom's weird contraction-thing that made this miracle possible <p> - Looks: i guess i got the better end of the bargain, huh Abbi?[heard in background: shut up fu<_>ckface!] jeez... anyways, i've got a nice tan(advantages of growing up in Cali) and what you'd call a "swimmer's body". My hair is thick, dirty blond, and long enough where it hangs in my eyes, but not so long where it's classified as the "Justin Bieber". My eyes are green. Just plain green. None of that weird stuff Abbi got stuck with;p[someone being slapped is heard in background] ow! I-Im roughly 6'2"... <p> - Personality: i care what others think of me and despite what it seems like, i have a lot of respect for my sister... pft... haha! That was hard to even finsih... :D *runs in terror from Abbi's anger* <p> - Family: my crazy twin sister Abbi <p> - History: i think you know that story already... :/ #thatawkwardmoment <p> - Crush: urm... uh... i have a hard time believing that i'll ever find someone i like, who likes me back... so why bother? <p> - Major: i'm majoring in Marine Biology, and minoring in Geneology <p> - Likes: pop music, classic rock, surfing, swimming <p> - Dislikes: haters, judgy people, Abb-[heard in bakground: what?!]uh.... nevermind! <p> - Theme Song: definitley going with Party In The Gravyard, by Ghost Town
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Josh Smith. Age: 21(junior). Gender: male. Desc: white blond hair, light tan, muscled but not overly so ice blue eyes with white and blue flecks. Personality: extremely witty to the point of being slightly arrogant, but is easygoing, hard working, funny, and kind. Other: majoring in writing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Allison Brown// Gender: famale// Age: a number// Appearence: curly brown hair hazel eyes 5'8"// Personality: get to know me// Ask me for anything else
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Wasley Blake......Gender: Male.....Age: Old enough.......Appearance: 5'5, untidy black hair, and green eyes.........Clothes: Black sweatshirt, jeans, sneakers. Simple enough......CRSH/GF: None.....Persona: Well....you'll just have to meet him.....Likes: Darker areas, high places, books, LOTR, POTO.......Dislikes: The color white, arrogant people, CAPITALS...........Friends: Ally and Emma...........&bull;|||||&bull; Name: Emma Blake....Gender: Female....Age: Same as brother. Younger by 5 months, though......CRSH/BF: None. Not looking, either......Appearance: 5'6, Dirty blonde pixie cut, blue eyes......Clothes: A Weeping Angel graphic-tee, jeans, and converse....Persona: Total opposite of her brother......Likes: Music, Weeping Angels, Painting....Dislikes: Idiots, Girly-girls, and smart-azzes.....Friends: Her brother.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name:Dharma Jaylene (jaylene is my middle name, i will not say my last cuz i hate it.) Age15 Eyes:blue green Hair:short and black like kellin quinn's Skin: about the shade of a piece of printer paper Nicknames:Sebastian, Dharmy, Soul Likes:youtube,music,kellin quinnn, marilyn manson, dubstep, shane dawson , eric light, computernerd01, omfgitsjackanddean, bmth, sleep, my little pony, doctor who, greys anatomy, being lazy, anime - black butler, hetalia, fma, ah! my goddess. Diikes:preps,jocks, haters, sex crazed people, drugs, non bronys. Appearence: normally wears skinny jeans and band tees, along with converse boots , almost always has a white krochet beanie on her with her prized possesioned neon orange hipster glasses, almost always has her red headphones around her neck, blaring some type of "emo" music, she always wears navy blue eyeliner, and black mascara. Jared~ Name: Jared Ellis (ellis is his last name) Nick names: jare with an a, jare, jare bear. Eyes:brown Hair:brownish blonde Skin: like zack efrons (soery dont kn whoto compare it to.) Likes:Dharma,hollister,aeropostle,sleep ,pizza, walking, doctor who, explosives, cake, eating,food Dislikeshaters
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Charlie Summers <p> Gender: male <p> Age: 21 <p> Appearance: Has brown chocolatey hair, emerald green eyes, a bright smile, a shaved beard , wears polo shirts mainly but also prefers other types of clothing like guy tank tops, regular graphic tees, and suits. He wears khaki or blue jeans mainly with his polos but he may wear gym shorts some days. He wears converse or vans. Has one pair of addidas and jordins. <p> Personality: Charlie is a cheerful kind of guy who loves to make people laugh is a great listener. He loves being active and traveling. He draws or reads in his free time. He also enjoys watching tv or going on walks. <p> Major: Architecture <p> Possessions: include a cross given to him by his dead mother, a ring from his father, and a pair of reading glasses from his grandfather. <p> Siblings: Samantha Summers and Rodrick Summers <p> Likes: Going out, parties, happy ppl, sports, swimming, anything to do with architecture, Rootbeer, sweets, movies, the color green, and cooking. <p> Status: currently single <p> And thats my bio. Good bye now.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Emily Knight <p> Looks: bright blue eyes, straight brown hair, white teeth and natural blond highlights. <p> Age: 17 <p> Major: Musical Theatre (the arts) <p> Personality: book worm, bubbly, smart, fun. <p> Likes: singing, dance(modern & ballet), reading, Starbucks, art class.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Looks: brown waved hair. He has a chiseled face. His tall and muscly. <h> Single: yes. He does not want to date right now since a loss... <p> He is very friendly so I don't mind having a couple of friends. Anything else just ask.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Honest to god it's above. Gender: I'm a Male. Age: 17 Description: Jet black hair with bright green eyes. Tall about 6'. Lean and well put together. Attire: Usually wears shorts and a t-shirt with sunglasses that never leave the top of his head. Has his back pack slung over right shoulder. Relationship status- Dating the beautiful Dice. Yes Dice you're beautiful and a amazing. Personality: If you must know I am very friendly and out going. I work and strive for my goals and beyond. I try to be a good friend, boyfriend, son, brother etc. Very athletic and plays various sports. Doesn't tolerate disrespect and rudness. History: Well I try to be as normal as possible. The story tells that l was abandoned in a broken down house. A woman found me and claims to have raised me. She did nothing on my part. My brother is biological and no I'm not human. I try to be a normal human teenage boy is it working? Siblings: Kyleer Jave. Sheen Desa. Kia Dowington. Lonu Havek. And Many more. I jave been turned down, rejected, and sent away from many of my problems that were caused by history. Species: that's for you to find out, whether you want it to remain a mystery or you want to find out. That's for you to decide and me to know. Things to know: if you ever need someone to talk or need help hey I'm here. Don't mess with my girlfriend or my little brother Kyleer. Stay out of trouble be what ever you want to be. Friends: Most of the people here. Enemies: do I really have to mention who you are because you should know exactly who you are. I'm here to help you out academically or spirts wise anything else you want to know ask. I don't bite. Or do I? That concludes my really long bio that half of you aren't going to read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
&star NAME &star "Well, hi. I'm Odessa Marie Sparks Gonzolas Knightly. But to protect my friends from hypervenalation every time they greet me, I spare them and give them the honour of calling me Dessa. Which I believe is a very established and unique name." <p> &star GENDER &star "Well that is a very silly question. Don't you ever use common sense?" <p> &star AGE &star "I turned eighteen two weeks ago, kind of young in this mix of twenty year olds. But I'll work with it." <p> &star PERSONALITY &star "I'm a very open and trustworthy type of person, which has led me to get my heart broken many times. But I've learned to cope with my worry free self, and coming to college is going to turn my life back onto the right track. Among other things I've also been known as a bubbly and happy go lucky kind of girl." <p> &star APPERANCE &star "I find this very silly to be saying but I've been called beautiful in many different times and places. From the first as a toddler by my adoring mother, to the most recent by my ex- boyfriend who of course was just looking for one thing... That last time has completely ruined my image of myself, probably for good. But if you insist. I'm what you could say medium height with almost wavy, but straight black hair. And just the right amount of curves and freckles. My face is heart shaped and I have a tiny almost invisable nose ring. Hoodies are my dream wear, I usually wear a dark purple one that matches my oddly colored violet eyes. Another one of my favourite things is skinny jeans. I love the ones that are ripped and torn. They just make me feel wild and crazy. For shoes I wear black Toms or my favourite bright white tennis shoes." <p> &star OTHER &star "I have a beautiful black German Shepherd named Akella, that some say strangely looks like me."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Age is 19****i am a female******i am five feet five inches*****i have straight black waist length hair*******i have olive skin*****i have hazel eyes*****my personality is nice geeky and bad*****last is i have a crush on no one and i am dating no one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Whitney's Boss As<_>s Bio <br> Name~ Sweetie Look Up. Whitney Ross <br> Age~ 17 v.v <br> Hair~ Brown <br> Eyes~ Golden Brown <p> Status~ Single <br> Crush~ No. Just. No. <br> Fave Song~ Twerkin KreyaShawn. DollHouse Melanie Martinez. <p> Kadence's Rat<_>chet Bio. <br> Name- Bruh You Need Glasses. O-O Kadence Ross <br> Nicknames- Kadey Kade. <br> Age- 18 <br> Hair- Blonde <br> Eyes- Sky Blue <p> Status- Single <br> Crush- Wellllllllll :S No Comment. <br> Fave Song- Animals Nickelback. Daughters Of Darkness HaleStorm. <p> Abigail's Sweet Bio <br> Name: Abigail Ross <br> Nicknames: Abby <br> Hair: Red <br> Eyes: Percing Green <br> Age: 15 Just Turned 15 <br> Status: Single <br> Crush: O.o Nobody. <p> Whitney and Co Add Ons <br> Friends EVERYONE!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Marianna Dohrs <br> Gender: Female <br> Age: 21<br> Looks: Marianna has wavy, ash blonde hair, that falls just a little past he chest. Her eyes are a pretty sapphire blue color which are framed in dark eyelashes. She is 5'6" and has a cute sprinkle of freckles across the bridge of her nose. She also has her ears, nose, and bellybutton pierced.<br> Major: Biology <br> Personality: Marianna likes to keep to herself most of th time. There are the occassional instances where she will come out of her shell though. She tends to meet people through her daughter. She's afraid of being hurt again. Oce she trusts someone, she is a sweet person. <br> Likes: Terra, people who like Terra, chocolate, softball, watching Disney movies, watching football, puppies, 5SOS, and beanies. <br> Dislikes: Spa's , Popcorn, Minty things, anything hazardous to Terra, Elmo, Horror movies, roses, and worms. <br> Crush: None yet <br> History: ... <br> Other: Terra is her daughter. <p> Name: Terra Dohrs <br> Gender: Female <br> Age: 4 <br> Looks: Terra has curly pale blonde hair, that is a litle longer than where her ears are. She has really bright blue eyes, and the same sprinkle of freckles as her Mom. <br> Personality: Terra is a very talkative little girl. She has a bubbly personality that helps her in wanting to meet new people. She always wants to make new friends, and is constantly searching for a Dad. She is very determined and sometimes stubborn. <br> Likes: Too much of everything to list <br> Dislikes: Spiders, worms, and people who don't like her Mom. <br> Other: Nothing much
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name:christine elizabeth jones//age:16// looks: long brown hair and brown eyes/ a radient smile// status at this point: shes looking for love// she loves reading,acting,and singing// ask away for info// dorm located at 'christine' res one
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm bored. To. Death. Literally. It's 12:53, but I'll bee saying the time throughout my bio. I'm watching a Gravity Falls short-film, and it is now 12:54. <p> Hai &bull;~&bull; <p> Full Name- <br> Ashleigh Eris. Obviousleh! Earlier today during dinner, I was talking to my mom about names, and Ashleigh came up in the conversation. Appearently, the spelling and name in general originated as a guy's name. Yeah... It was awkward. <p> Name- <br> Dice. Yeah... Unique, right? Uh-huh... In a long-run or when male-Dice comes on, I result to Chance, Eris, Probability, or Checkers. Ta-da. <p> Age- <br> This is personal information, but... I'll tell ya' anyways. I'm sixteen, and no oonger the youngest student here. Like, two or three other geople are fifteen, and a handful are sixteen like me. <p> Gender- <br> Are you fuc<_>king kidding me? I have a boyfriend, boobs, and a GIRL'S NAME!, so I must be a fuc<_>king guy. Now, all of you crazed fools that believe that, you need help. []It's 1:01 now.[] <p> Appearence- <br> Gah... I'm ugly. My hair is darkening slightly! Yay... &bull;~&bull; Okay. I cut my hair again! It now goes to my... Uh... Shoulders? Yeah! My shoulders. Actually, I think it's slightly shorter than my shoulders. Yay.... I like my hair short. My bangs are straight across, and naturally pitch black with blond polka dots. The rest of my hair has natural Raven-colored streaks. Ooh! And, my hair is naturally straight. <br> Time for my eyes. I think my eyes are the only semi-pretty part about me. My eyes are almond-shaped, and Carribean Sea Blue. Usually lined in dark make-up, my eyelashes are naturally thick, dark, and long, yet I wear mascara... o.o <br> I'm skinny. Like, I lost weight. 100lbs is freakishly underweight for my age and height, 5'3". My skin in the color of EggNog. I have three tattoos. The first in on my lower back, the Roman Numerals I-II-III-IV in dark blue and blood red tye-dye. The second is in between my shoulder blades, and it is a 'DragonFly' in several different shades of blue. The last is on my wrist. It's a Cross with Defy Your Destiny above, in, and under it. <p> Majoring In- <br> 'The Arts.' I sing, play instruments, make Dubs, and dance. <p> Likes- <br> Dark colors; such as black, navy, onyx, and blood red. I like white somtimes, and even certain bright colors. I like gold, dark and neon pink, and my eye color blue. Hurm... I like to gamble and play Poker, but that's what I did with my 'friends' before they started trying to kill me. I like other stuff, too. Like VolleyBall, Dance, Music, my iPhone, my fwayends. Uhm... Clothes. I have enough clothes for thousands of different stores in the mall. Make-up.... Did I mention Music? No? Okay. Music. Music. Music. And... Augustus Waters. And Josh Hutcherson. And Taylor Laughtner. And Of Mice -&- Men. And MCR, BVB, PTV, BMTH, Slipknot, 5FDP, Christina Perri, Iggy Azalea, DubStep, Heavy Metal.... Rock. <p> Dislikes- <br> Too many to name. <p> Friends- <br> Matt. Piercen. Aiden. Cross. Taylor. Aria. Emily. Emilee. Hush. Kova. Jesse. Ren. Emilee. Crypt. Rose. Christine. Christabel. Gaston. Tramp. Mulan. Snow. Kyleer. Hans. Anubis. Carrissa. Christina. Whitney. Kadence. Other people I'm too stupid to think of right now. O.o <p> Enemies- <br> I'll be nice and not call you out... For now. <p> Status- <br> Dating Piercen. I &hearts you, Hun. <p> History- <br> HAHAHAHA! You think I'm going to tell you! You be funnyyy. <p> Other- <br> I'm British, BiPolar, and not Human. I don't know. ~ Dice