A Dark Inheritance (UFiles Series #1)

A Dark Inheritance (UFiles Series #1)

4.6 9
by Chris d'Lacey

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From NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Chris d'Lacey comes a brand-new action-adventure series!

When Michael Malone discovers his supernatural ability to alter reality, he is recruited by an organization dedicated to investigating strange and paranormal phenomena. He joins in hopes of finding his father, who mysteriously vanished three years earlier. Michael's

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From NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Chris d'Lacey comes a brand-new action-adventure series!

When Michael Malone discovers his supernatural ability to alter reality, he is recruited by an organization dedicated to investigating strange and paranormal phenomena. He joins in hopes of finding his father, who mysteriously vanished three years earlier. Michael's first task is to solve the mystery of a dog he rescued from a precarious clifftop -- a mystery that leads him to a strange and sickly classmate and a young girl who was killed in a devastating accident. Stakes are high as Michael learns to harness his newfound ability and uncover the deadly truth about his father's disappearance.
A bold and thrilling tale of alternate realities, paranormal mystery, and extraordinary adventure.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
D’Lacey (the Last Dragon Chronicles) launches the UFiles series with a fast-paced yet convoluted offering. When teenager Michael Malone rescues a stray dog, it sets off a chain of events in which he learns he can alter reality under emotional duress, such as changing history so his sister has always played the flute. He is subsequently recruited by an enigmatic agency known as UNICORNE, which may know what happened to Michael’s missing father. However, UNICORNE’s leader, Amadeus Klimt, doesn’t necessarily have Michael’s best interests at heart, constantly forcing him to expand and explore his powers in new ways. In investigating the ties between the dog, a new classmate, and a girl who died several years earlier, Michael is swept up in a strange adventure that’s part murder mystery, part reality-twisting trial by fire. The premise has plenty of potential, but the storytelling suffers from too many disparate elements and a lack of focus. Some twists are unclear, others ask a lot of readers, and the ending leaves many questions unanswered. Ages 8–12. Agency: Johnson & Alcock Literary Agency. (June)
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Praise for the Last Dragon Chronicles

"Chris d'Lacey's writing is sometimes exciting and sometimes silly. But that seems in keeping with the worlds he created -- one that seems almost real and one that is beyond imagination." --THE WASHINGTON POST
"An entertaining adventure." --KIRKUS REVIEWS
"D'Lacey's characters are realistic and engaging. . . . A page-turner." --THE HORN BOOK
"The story, with its involving and thought-provoking plot full of clever little dragons, mystical polar bears, and spiritual and ecological aspects, will appeal to many fantasy lovers." --SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

Children's Literature - Shirley Nelson
The strangeness began one morning as Michael Malone’s mother was driving him and his sister Josie to school. They had to travel the coast road because of flooding when they were stopped at a roadblock; suddenly Michael jumped from the car to save a dog that was about to go over the cliff, or at least that is how it seemed to witnesses. Actually, Michael somehow knew the dog planned to jump and managed to stop time briefly. This incident is just the beginning. Michael is instantly a hero, but he attracts the attention of UNICORNE, a secret agency that studies paranormal activity. He is approached by Mr. Amadeus Klimt, a man who knew Michael’s father who has been missing for some time. Apparently, Mr. Malone was an agent of UNICORNE. If Michael will use his new ability to stop time to help Mr. Klimt, he will then assist Michael in finding his father. Michael decides he has no choice but to work with Mr. Klimt and thus embarks on an adventurous summer in which he learns to use his newfound talent to solve the mystery surrounding a young girl who died on the coast where he had saved the dog. The conclusion of this fast-paced story will leave readers wanting more. Reviewer: Shirley Nelson; Ages 8 to 12.
Kirkus Reviews
This admixture of suspicious deaths, ghosts, shifting realities, weird science, teen issues, family issues, secret organizations and unexplained events in a British town will all, no doubt, come clear in future episodes. As the story opens, Michael suddenly develops the ability to read a suicidal dog's intentions and teleport himself a short distance to rescue it. After this remarkable occurrence, he is forcibly inducted into a group called UNexplained Incidents, Cryptic Occurrences, Relative Nontemporal Events by the sinister, inhumanly strong Amadeus Klimt and his hot, surly, butt-kicking assistant Chantelle. Learning that he can alter events by "imagineering" himself into alternate universes, Michael squeaks past multiple murder attempts while stumbling through a nightmarish mystery. This involves moody goth schoolmate Freya and Rafferty, the killed (but not gone, thanks to "cellular memory") former owner of both the dog and Freya's transplanted heart. For comic relief, d'Lacey adds a younger but smarter sister to expedite Michael's relations with the opposite sex. He also chucks in strange revelations about their long-missing father, a luridly icky science lab scene, dragons, unicorns, UFOs (possibly), a melodramatic climax featuring literal cliffhanging and several encounters with dead teens. No genre trope is left in the basket, making the result more a crazy quilt than a free-standing series opener. (Fantasy/science fiction. 11-13)
School Library Journal
Gr 6–8—"It was the day Mom took the coast road to school. The day I tried to save a suicidal husky. One day before I would begin to wonder if my father was still alive." So begins Michael Malone's journey and this first installment in the "UNICORNE Files." Michael's father disappeared three years ago without a trace. Lately, Michael's been experiencing lightheadedness and shortness of breath, which the doctors diagnose as asthma. Even more strangely, Michael begins to notice after these episodes is that his reality has changed—his sister, who never played the instrument before, is a violinist, and an au pair is suddenly part of the family but his mother and sister act as if she's always been there. Baffled, Michael soon meets Amadeus Klimt, the leading member of a covert organization called UNICORNE. Klimt tells Michael that his father may still be alive, but in order to find out for sure, Michael must agree to take on an assignment for the secret agency. This book will hook readers from page one and won't let up until the dramatic conclusion. D'Lacey manages to make the implausible seem possible. While many questions are left unanswered, they are likely to be answered in the next installment. Fans of action-packed adventure will devour this new series.—Kathy Kirchoefer, Henderson County Public Library, NC

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Scholastic, Inc.
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UFiles Series, #1
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5.60(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.20(d)
590L (what's this?)
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8 - 12 Years

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A Dark Inheritance (UFiles Series #1) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I couldn't put it down
Anonymous 4 months ago
This book was amazing. I loved how detailed D' Lacey made this book. How he explained about a boy named Michael who unsuspectedly saved a dog's life and was asked by Unicorne to work for them. Michael was a brave boy to go to the dog's owner's house and try to make up with Freya and trying his hardest to help find out about Rafferty and Freya for Unicorne. This book is very mysterious and adventourous at the same time. Thank goodness Michael had an assistant name Chantelle because without her Michael woudn't be able to go to Rafferty's home at all or even go to school. Overall, this book is really good for you and I'm excited to go get the second book called Alexander's Army!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name-stone/gener-male/bios-black hair blue eyes muscular and 16 years old/ is human
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It's true!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
&iota<_>g&eta&iota<_>s &sigma&#131 &kappa&sigma<_>r&sigma&eta&alpha &#22768 <p> Ag&epsilon :: <br> Too long to tell... <p> G&epsilon&eta<_>d&epsilon<_>r :: <br> &male <p> A&rho&rho&epsilon&alpha<_>r&alpha&eta<_>c&epsilon :: <br> A massive male dragon with golden eyes; a circle of black horns circle his majestic head, a pair of horns ejecting from his lower jaw on each side; his claws are black, too; his scales are scarlet in the sun, but they gleam like lifeblood in the night moon; he has a wingspan of 40ft; claws tip his wingtips. <p> P&epsilon<_>rs&sigma&eta&alpha :: <br> Get to know him... <p> O&tau<_>h&epsilon<_>r :: <br> He was once king of the dragons in Korona. When it fell and his mate left him, he was broken. But a young dragon fleeing her past rescued him from his sorrows and brought him to Noro. But Noro fell. He wandered till he found Rittan, but it quickly crumbled. After that, he escaped to the RP at 'secret water', but it fell into ruin as well. Now, he hopes he might call this plce home. For good. <p> ~~~ <p> &#131&epsilon|&sigma&eta&gamma &#22769 <p> Ag&epsilon :: Just don't... <p> G&epsilon&eta<_>d&epsilon<_>r :: <br> &female <p> Occ&upsilon&rho&alpha&tau&iota&sigma&eta :: <br> Assassin // Thief <p> A&rho&rho&epsilon&alpha<_>r&alpha&eta<_>c&epsilon :: <br> Small, muscular women with straight raven black hair and tan skin; green eyed. <p> P&epsilon<_>rs&sigma&eta&alpha :: <br> Know her... <p> O&tau<_>h&epsilon<_>r :: <br> She, too, hails fron a fallen kingdom. She was once of Rochdale village, but it fell. She knows no surname, growing up an orphan; she has known love, but it got her nowhere. She has a large blacl Clydesdale with white socks.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Avara. <br> Type: dragon. The last female. <br> Abilities: Avara is a powerful dragon that posses the worldstone, which gives her any power she needs. But, if taken away, she can barely even spit a spark! The worldstone is hudden... Her powers: she can create icicles, shoot frost, spit acid, cough poisonous gas, venomous fangs, shoot crystalite from tip of tail (crystalite causes no pain, dries in 90 seconds, but if it gets inside you it will kill you.), she can cough a mist of tiny crystals that eat any living matter, disapear with camoflauge, create wind with her wings, she can shoot boiling hot water, she can breath underwater, she can make her scales drip with lava, and finally, she can shoot a jetstream of hot fire for up to an hour. <br> Looks: she is beautiful, with scales that are normally black, red, and light blue. She is paterned like a snake, her frill membrane and wing membrane is light blue. <br> Gender: /)~o <br> Kin: :T <br> Mate/children: >:T
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago