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A Day in the Life of America

A Day in the Life of America

by David Cohen, Collins

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These two books share the same purpose: to present a ``collective snapshot of one extraordinary country on one ordinary day.'' Both involved the efforts of hundreds of photographers, spread out across the country, taking pictures during a single 24-hour period. Smolan and Cohen employed the same formula they used to produce their previous ``Day in the Life'' projects (Japan, Canada, Hawaii, and Australia): they had some of the world's finest photographers take pictures for a day, then chose the best shots. The photographers viewed subjects ranging from the stock market to Vegas night life to dawn atop Mt. Washington with wonder, affection, and amusement. How accurately the pictures reflect the routine rhythms of life is questionable, but they make for a marvelous album. The Carvers took a grassroots approach. Working under the auspices of the National Council of Mayors, they had local governments sponsor photo contests. Not surprisingly, these photos reflect a lot of civic prideMain Streets and city halls. Overall they do not possess the sophistication, visual appeal, and professionalism found in the ``Day in the Life'' project. Rather, they ``testify to the fact that Americans basically eat well, keep themselves groomed, are patriotic, and maintain a consumer society.'' Both of these books will have general appeal beyond photo collections. The ``Day in the Life'' book contains better pictures and is more successful in reflecting this country's amazing diversity. Frank Schroth, Technology Training Assocs., Cambridge, Mass.

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