Deniable Death

Deniable Death

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by Gerald Seymour

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Pulse-pounding action and a climax that will have readers on the edge of their seats.

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Pulse-pounding action and a climax that will have readers on the edge of their seats.

Editorial Reviews

The Washington Post - Patrick Anderson
…an extraordinary work of fiction…Serious readers will find in A Deniable Death not only suspense, strong characters and a realistic look at the world of espionage, but a majesty that is rare in fiction. At a certain point, the novel rises to a mythic level, portraying courage and loyalty and sacrifice almost beyond understanding.
Publishers Weekly
Veteran thriller writer Seymour’s outstanding 26th novel chronicles a British “interdiction” mission in contemporary Iraq and Iran. MI6 agent Len Gibbons assembles a team charged with the “deniable” assassination of “the Engineer,” an Iranian bomb maker whose handiwork (“improvised explosive devices” and “explosive force devices”) is killing U.S. and British soldiers on the Iraqi border. That team includes covert operatives Joe “Foxy” Foulkes and Danny “Badger” Baxter, who undergo an excruciating ordeal in a covert hideout near the Engineer’s home. Seymour (Harry’s Game) is strong on the details of surveillance and spycraft, but on even surer ground with his characters as he focuses on Gibbons’s stoic dedication, Badger’s ruthless single-mindedness, and Foxy’s prideful professionalism. Even the Engineer comes across as a human being, thanks to a complex subplot about getting his wife to the West for cancer treatment. Once the narrative gains momentum, it’s hard to put this one down. Agent: Jason Bartholomew, Hodder & Stoughton. (Feb.)
Kirkus Reviews
The latest thriller from British author Seymour (The Collaborator, 2011, etc.) isn't the kind you'd turn to for fast action and relentless plot twists. Rather, it's a book for those seriously into espionage who want to absorb every detail of how a spy mission is planned and carried out. The book's very title hints at the outcome, as a team of agents is deployed to covertly remove an Iranian bomb expert, turning the actual killing over to an operative. The mission's two chosen leaders--grizzled veteran Joe "Foxy" Foulkes and 28-year-old police officer Danny "Badger" Baxter--are an instant mismatch; their mutual dislike and frequent clashes provide the human-interest angle. Their target, Rashid, also has a back story; his wife has a life-threatening brain tumor, and his attempts to get her an operation will make him vulnerable. The book gains momentum once Badger and Foxy get to the Iran–Iraq border and begin their "hide"--a grueling undercover slog. The suspense hits its peak as Foxy is captured and tortured--also in grisly detail--with lit cigarettes. The mission's conclusion inevitably goes less smoothly than planned, as Seymour plays his one big action scene for all it's worth. The book's conclusion cleverly circles back to its prologue. Some may be frustrated by the slow pace, as it takes more than 100 pages to even get the team selected and the operation underway, but for patient readers, Seymour's painstaking attention to detail is a plus, as it gives the story an authentic ring and lets the reader experience the mission in real time.

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