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A Dog Worth Stealing

A Dog Worth Stealing

by William Corbin

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Corbin vividly combines backwoods hiking lore with the rugged beauty of Oregon's mountains to create an exciting tale about a young man's steps toward self-mastery. Jud, 16, breaks a promise to his father by losing his temper yet again, and beats up a boy named Mattingly who insults him at school. Jud takes off alone into the Kalmiopsis Wilderness where he sees a magnificent German Shepherd, Bo, guarding a marijuana plantation. The plantation is owned by brutish Bull, whose girlfriend tells Jud that Bo is going to be turned into a vicious killer. Jud ``rescues'' Bo, pursued by Bull and a thuglike crony. Figuring out how he's going to keep Bohis stepmother is terrified of dogsis the least of Jud's worries, after his father tells him he has to apologize to Mattingly. Jud gets a powerful lesson in self-control from Bo, and learns that sometimes it's harder to make friends than to fight. But even after he makes peace with his enemy, more trouble is in store for Jud. Readers will be glued to the action-filled story until its upbeat and unmawkish ending. Ages 10-up. (September)
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
Gr 7-12 In this fast-paced adventure novel, 16-year-old Jud Linden has a chip on his shoulder because of his young stepmother and the changes in his family. In a fit of explosive anger he hits another student; then, angry with his father, he heads off alone to hike in the Kalmiopsis wilderness near his Oregon home. He stumbles across the hidden campsite and marijuana grove of a bully aptly named Bull, who lives with his naive girlfriend and a trained German Shephard named Bojangles. Risking his life in a dangerous cat-and-mouse game, Jud steals the dog from the campsite to rescue it from its brutal master. He returns home to find his stepmother strangely understanding and his father somewhat ambivalent about his actions. Many of the details seem cliched (the stepmother is both pregnant and terrified of dogs), the ethics are shaky, and large and dangerous problems are solved too easily, but readers will enjoy the suspense of Jud's rescue of the dog and relish the happy ending. Libraries with a big demand for adventure novels and animal stories might want to consider purchasing this book. Barbara Chatton, College of Education, University of Wyoming, Laramie

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Scholastic, Inc.
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10 Years

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