A Dubious Position: A Colton Banyon Mystery # 7

A Dubious Position: A Colton Banyon Mystery # 7

4.4 9
by Gerald J. Kubicki
In the seventh Colton Banyon mystery, Banyon starts a new position at a prestigious law firm. The job has been arranged by the President of the United States. He quickly discovers that this is no ordinary law firm. All the workers have special talents and are often called upon by the government to help stop situations that the government can't solve themselves. Banyon


In the seventh Colton Banyon mystery, Banyon starts a new position at a prestigious law firm. The job has been arranged by the President of the United States. He quickly discovers that this is no ordinary law firm. All the workers have special talents and are often called upon by the government to help stop situations that the government can't solve themselves. Banyon finds that many of the female employees are very different and alluring. He is on the job for only a few hours when a major crisis arises. War between Mexico and the United States is brewing, and he needs to find a way to defuse it. Someone is creating disasters on both sides of the Rio Grande, and they must be stopped.
Loni and the Patel sisters are not around to help. They have left the country for an adventure of their own, one in which they have the opportunity to find a valuable treasure. Only Eric Grey and Banyon are left to solve and stop the crisis. They employ several of the law firm's contract employees and set about finding answers. On top of that, they must deal with murders, kidnappings, bombings, and a Mexican hit squad out to kill them.
They soon discover that the Effort, the longtime American Nazi organization, is involved, and Banyon hatches a complicated plan to take down the leaders. He then lures the hit squad to Las Vegas for a final showdown in one of America's national parks. But things never go as planned.

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I was born and raised on Eastern Long Island in the Westhampton area. My youth was full of adventures since we had miles of woods surrounding my home and we were near the ocean. I didn't know until I reached college that most people didn't have celebrities living nearby. The Hamptons are loaded with them. I considered myself an athlete and excelled in baseball. My goal was to play major league baseball, but a shoulder injury ended that dream.
I attended college at Suny Plattsburgh on an academic scholarship and I am a proud member of Theta Kappa Beta fraternity. My mother told people that I was an educated bum.
I moved to New York City in 1970. My degree was useless and I worked a variety of jobs including food service, bartending and recruiting models and secretaries. That was fun, but not much money. I eventually entered the business world.
My first real job was in the Consumer Products industry. I was hired by a major manufacturer of food products. They trained me to be an executive and also to believe that anything is possible. They exposed me to the broader world. After ten years my division was sold and I moved on to the car wax business in an executive position and started to travel to other countries increasing my knowledge base. Eventually I went to work for the huge conglomerate, where I became involved with trade organizations for consumer products companies. As the age of computers blossomed I became an expert in developing business for our customers and developed many trusted contacts in business. This resulted in my development of a consulting business.
My hobbies are golf, reading, writing, traveling, all sports, cooking and even a little gambling. I am an accomplished speaker and have been certificated in Behavior Modification, facilitation, and business organization. I studied business management at Hofstra university. In addition to owning a consulting business, I also started an English language school in China.
My basis philosophies are: History will repeat itself, we are products of our environment, knowledge is always the key and everyone deserves justice. They are reflected in my books. One more thing, I also believe that there are unexplainable phenomena in the world, like spirits and curses.

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A Dubious Position: A Colton Banyon Mystery # 7 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
bravewarrior More than 1 year ago
Uncorrected copy/Thriller: Book #7 of the Colton Banyon series. I have really mixed feeling about this book. Good Morning America did a story of some sort on George Clooney this morning. While Colt is middle-aged, I really don't see him as Clooney, Brad Pitt, or my future ex-husband Keanu. I picture him as more of a punchy Ned Beatty or Gil Gerard. Yet, all these younger nubile women throw themselves at him. It must be the money. I liked the premise of setting and Colt's character to a point. He just seems indecisive at times and really needed a backbone; not just with the two girls, but everyone. I liked the whole supernatural aspect of the book, but at times Wolf made situations way too easy. I really liked the writing style of short chapters that made it easy to read during my breaks at work. I liked that only important facts were brought up from past books without bombarding me with useless information. Why did the book lose so many stars? One word: Mandy. I couldn't stand her. I wanted Colt to get a gun and shoot her, strangle her corpse, and throw it in a lagoon of piranhas. Heather at least knew when to shut up and take orders. Mandy is an immature child who pouts when her boss gives her an order she doesn't like. She throws herself at Colt sexually and can't figure out why a 63 year-old man might feel creepy about a 21 year-old parading around naked. Granted, Colt has the sexual maturity of a 15 year-old teen and likes the attention; or he would be more careful to lock a door every once in a while! But with fiction, you need drama. My biggest peeve is Colt picks Mandy to be a bodyguard (of course) and he even has reservations about her being able to kill someone if necessary! Well Colt is old enough to have seen the movie "Brubaker" Brubaker with Robert Redford, which was based on a true person. If you haven't seen it or it's been a while, the most intelligent decision Warden Brubaker makes when he arrives at the prison is who will be manning the watchtowers. The towers are watched with armed prisoners, usually with several kills. Brubaker orders that only prisoners with one kill are allowed on the tower. Why? Because a man with no kills will hesitate too long and a man with too many kills will shoot too quick. Mandy is the former and should have never been brought on the mission. She never, never follows directions or even listens to directions unless threatened with job termination. Even then she doesn't listen. I could never figure out if she was just low IQ, had Asperger's, or borderline autistic. But saying that is probably an insult to people who have those conditions because she has something fundamentally wrong with her reasoning of consequences. It's one thing to be a sexy Bond girl and it's another to insulting to every female born. Disclaimer: I was given a copy of the book from the author for an honest review. While I would not mind reading any prior books in the series, I don't think I would want to read and future books in the series because of Mandy.
kgoetchius More than 1 year ago
Gerald J. Kubicki and Kristopher Kubicki’s seventh Colton Banyon novel, A Dubious Position, is written with an interesting mix of superstition, mystery, humor, somewhat magical characters. The reader follows the protagonist, Colton Banyon, through a series of intertwining events that force him to use his resources promptly in order to save the lives of the American people. Colton Banyon represents a modern day superhero, except doesn’t obtain the traditional super powers; instead, he has a supernatural sidekick as his weapon for contest. The Kubicki’s blend together a combination of modern day government with the fantasy of old-time comic books. Colton Banyon works independently with his private team, yet, in A Dubious Position, he is now challenged to use the resources the government has provided for him to keep the USA safe. Colton must save young women from kidnapping in Mexico, prevent the declaration of war between Mexico and the USA, while also bringing down their own fellow American government representative from his corrupt and devious plan to take down the president. Throughout this havoc Colton’s main task of bringing down the Effort, a longtime American Nazi organization, intertwines with the current uproar America faces with Mexico. The most appealing piece of the novel is the characters. The Kubicki’s bring variety to the characters and offer them an edge giving them a specific purpose throughout the story. The female characters share many of the same characteristics; however, their skills serve a purpose for Colton Banyon’s ride toward saving the people of his country. In addition to these diverse characters, the Kubicki’s write back and forth through scenes and settings which would seemingly confuse a reader; instead, the chapters are short and make it easier to move through the novel and catch each of the multiple crisis’s and clout of mayhem Colton’s character is introduced to. The novel straddles between a teen male adult and adult crime/mystery novel allowing a wider audience to appreciate the Colton Banyon series and the action his character encounters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In Gerald Kubicki and Kristopher Kubicki’s novel, A Dubious Position, Colton Banyon must save the President’s daughter from kidnappers in Mexico, which happens to be related to the Nazis. Countless of times, the President confides in Colton to get any requested job done and with perfection. In every given project, Colton is always given the best work setting. This time, Colton is given an office at a law firm and extraordinary colleagues, who will help him get to the President’s daughter. However, help wouldn’t be totally accomplished with out the help of Wolf. The spirit of Wolf gives Colton complete insight to the kidnap of the President’s daughter. Wolf gives Colton first steps to the situation and then Colton relates this information to the President. This specific novel is past pace, which is represented through twists and turns. The twist and turns will keep individuals connected to the characters. The development of the settings was quite remarkable. I enjoyed the transition of the past to the present. Overall, if you’re looking for a thrill, definitely enjoy A Dubious Position.
MrCHeadley More than 1 year ago
A Dubious Position, by Gerald and Kristopher Kubicki, is a phenomenal novel that will allow readers to step into their imagination. Readers will enjoy the exciting journey of Colton Banyon. Hired by the President of the United States, Banyon must save the President’s daughter and other individuals. Due to the severity of this specific hostage, Banyon connected with a spirit throughout his journey of rescue. As readers get deeper into the novel, Banyon’s team of unique individuals, which provides Banyon with support. However, it is the spirit that makes Banyon ahead of the game. There is a major task list for Banyon to accomplish, which consists of the following: saving the President’s daughter, preventing a possible ward, and putting the end to a past and currently present Nazi-related dilemma. Based on reading this novel, the flow was quite enjoyable. The constant interaction with the characters definitely provided an engagement and connection between readers and characters. Kubicki’s character development brings a sense of boldness to all characters. This specific thriller allows readers to stay at the edge of their seats and yet experience an easy read. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In Gerald J. Kubicki’s and Kristopher Kubicki’s novel, A Dubious Position (the seventh Colton Banyon mystery), you discover that Detective Banyon has been recruited by the President of the United States to join the Dewey & Beatem law firm, which has to be the strangest company I ever read about. There, he and his ragtag employees assist the President in covert missions to prevent a war between Mexico and the United States. Along for the ride is Wolfgang Becker, a spirit who helps Banyon with capturing and killing members of the Effort who are American Nazis. Will Banyon and his motley crew succeed and save the innocent people as well as themselves? Find out! Having never read the Colton Banyon mystery books, I had no idea what to expect. Yet each page drew me in further and further into this spectacular and magical world. I was completely enthralled by the action and suspense, even though Banyon wasn’t even physically present in most of these missions. The Kubickis sure know how to create a great mystery; every chapter is succinct and so inventive. I also love how the chapters end in an enticing way, making you want to read more and more. All in all, this was a grand adventure. I wasn’t at all lost, but I was captivated by the witty and raunchy, but not over the top banter. I was surprised over and over by where the plot was heading towards and even by the character development. Reading this book made me want to read the previous mysteries and see how it all started. I’m especially curious about the ghost Wolf and his origin story. If you’re looking for an on-your-toes thriller, this is definitely it.
Ccromley More than 1 year ago
In Gerald J. Kubicki and Kristopher Kubicki’s crime thriller, Colton Banyon is a veteran at being the President’s right-hand man in ensuring the safety of the United States. Tough, resourceful, and clever, Banyon knows how to get the job done. However, in the seventh book in the series, he learns that sometimes one can’t get by without a little help from his friends. Colton is given a new job by the president to work at a law firm where he encounters many interesting co-workers. There’s Mandy, the lightning-fast and limber young receptionist, as well as Timmy, the world’s best hacker, and Heather, whose sexual prowess tangles the senses of anyone she comes into contact with. With a legal Justice League of sorts by his side, Colton receives aid in saving the President’s granddaughter from the Mexican sex slave trade, just one factor in the brewing war between Mexico and the United States. The authors swirl between past and present in the novel, showing the long-standing presence of Nazis. In this fast-paced novel, Colton must stop bombings, traitors, kidnappings, and the Mexican hit squad tracking his every move. It climaxes with an unforgettable showdown between good and evil, leaving the reader reeling in the aftershock. The authors have a colorful cast of characters in the novel, weaving an interesting combination of humorous and terrifying people throughout the plot. However, the women in the novel leave more to be desired; their looks seem to be valued more than their personalities. Also, random tricks seem to be thrown in haphazardly, such as the fact that Canyon has an ability to talk to a ghost named Wolf. The novel seems to try and do a lot at once, finding success in thrills and faltering in plot holes and character development. Despite this, the foundation for the novel and the passion for writing are clearly strong. With a few tweaks, Colton and his gang have the potential to be larger than life.
Jcroichy More than 1 year ago
Ready! Set! Go! Colton Banyon is back in action again with A Dubious Position. In this series, Colton is racing against time to save the President’s daughter. Banyon must save the President’s daughter, along with other young females – which is all under the American Nazi organization. With a unique team of talent individuals, Banyon must put an end to all crime rumbles. Readers will be engaged to the words on each page – Kubicki’s descriptive expressions of action allow readers to visualize every aspect of the author’s thoughts. As the story’s plot thickens, a past series of crime and distraught emerges and reflects throughout Colton’s journey of rescue. Readers will unravel the footsteps of Mexico’s criminal past with Germany to the correlation of United States’ present. The long, bitter interaction of different groups replicates the severity of the President’s daughter kidnapping. One of the most interesting touches to A Dubious Position would be Banyon’s source of information, which happens to be a spirit. Wolfganger Becker, a spirit, detects the President’s daughter in a heartbeat, which is a surprising spin to the story. Moreover, the smooth transition from the past to the present makes the reading quite enjoyable.
Alise7 More than 1 year ago
Another booked in the Colton Banyon mystery series, this book offers plenty of intrigue and action. It is really interesting to read about the main character and his adventures. Great character development and a great plot. I definitely recommend reading this book!
SandraP1 More than 1 year ago
We enter this seventh installment of the Colton Banyon series with Colton taking on a new position...at an attorney's office full of sexy women. He's right at home. But, his latest adventure has nothing to do with a courtroom. He has to locate the President of the United States' kidnapped granddaughter, who has gone missing from Cancun and sold into the sex trade. As usual, nothing goes as planned for Colton, but you can rest assured that you are in for a great ride. I love Mr. Kubicki's use of tight dialogue to drive the action forward. The backdrop for the story is rich and three dimensional thanks to the author's use of historical facts and superb descriptions. As with all of the Colton Banyon books, the pace is quick, delicately interweaving Colton's personal life in with his professional exploits, which provides cohesion to the entire series. A Dubious Position is a great new installment to the Dubious series. I highly recommend it.