Feast of Irish Folk [Harp]

A Feast of Irish Folk [Harp]


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Dolphin & Dara Rec.

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Disc 1

  1. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore
  2. Faraway in Australia
  3. The Bramble and the Rose
  4. Easy & Slow
  5. Ships in Full Sail
  6. A Place in the Choir
  7. Tripping Up the Stairs
  8. Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway
  9. O'Carolan's Draught
  10. The Star of the County Down
  11. O'Sullivan's John

Disc 2

  1. I Live Not Where I Love
  2. Spancil Hill
  3. The Wren's Nest
  4. The Chandelier Shop
  5. Copper Kettle
  6. The Blarney Roses
  7. Arthur McBride
  8. The Lark in the Morning
  9. The Life of a Rover
  10. The Lonesome Boatman

Disc 3

  1. The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
  2. John O'Dreams
  3. Merrily Kissed the Quaker
  4. Carrickfergus
  5. Ríl An Spideal
  6. The Field Behind the Plough
  7. The Britches Full of Stitches
  8. The Banks of the Roses/Hollow Rock Waltz
  9. Farewell to Nova Scotia
  10. The Captains and the Kings
  11. Salonika

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