Feast of Lebanese-Style Home Cooking: Recipes from Comptoir Libanais

Feast of Lebanese-Style Home Cooking: Recipes from Comptoir Libanais

by Tony Kitous, Dan Lepard
Feast of Lebanese-Style Home Cooking: Recipes from Comptoir Libanais

Feast of Lebanese-Style Home Cooking: Recipes from Comptoir Libanais

by Tony Kitous, Dan Lepard


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A Feast of Lebanese-Style Home Cooking makes this exotic cuisine easily accessible at home, with 80 recipes for dishes that blend traditional cooking with modern flavors.

Tony Kitous’s 23 (and counting!) Comptoir Libanais restaurants in London celebrate the riotous flavors, colors, and textures of Lebanese, Mediterranean, and North African food. Not since the opening of the Ottolenghi food shops in London has that city embraced a cuisine from that region with as much fervor.

This cookbook covers everything from a wide range of mezze—small dishes, including salads, dips, and hot dishes—to grills and barbecues to spectacular recipes for soups, breads, pastries, beverages, and desserts, while ensuring that each dish uses readily available ingredients and basic kitchen equipment.

Featuring the striking food photography of award-winning baker Dan Lepard, which accompanies each recipe, A Feast of Lebanese-Style Home Cooking is a culinary celebration that satisfies readers’ yen for delicious, stylish, and simple recipes—perfect for fans of Jerusalem and Ottolenghi.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781468316742
Publisher: Abrams
Publication date: 11/06/2018
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 1,143,939
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Tony Kitous is the restaurateur behind the stunningly successful chain of Comptoir Libanais restaurants in London. This is his first cookbook.

Dan Lepard is an award-winning baker who has worked for great chefs all over the world, including Giorgio Locatelli and Alastair Little. His latest book is the home baking compendium, Short and Sweet.

Table of Contents

Tony Kitous 8

Introducing Comptoir Libanais 14

Mezze Salads 20

Tabbouleh 24

Comptoir tomato and halloumi salad 26

Comptoir tomato and halloumi salad, step by step 28

Bulgur salad with fresh peas and mint 30

Fattoush with pomegranate molasses dressing 32

Stuffed vine leaves 34

Grilled eggplant with oil, garlic and mint 36

Fried zucchini with yogurt, tahini, and garlic 38

Lamb's tongue salad 40

Fresh figs or pears with halloumi and arugula 42

Fried eggplant with pomegranate molasses 44

Leeks with tahini 46

Cured beef with cheese 48

Octopus salad with chile 50

Mezze Dips 52

Labneh 56

Labneh with black olives and mint 56

Labneh with vegetables 58

Labneh balls preserved in olive oil 60

Labneh with za'atar (or herbs) 62

Labneh with beets 64

Warm lentil purée with onions 66

Comptoir hummus 70

Comptoir hummus, step by step 72

Smoked eggplant purée, with garlic, tahini, and mint 74

Roasted peppers, nuts, chile, and cumin 76

Mezze Baked and Fried 78

Sambusak or fatayer pastry 82

Sambusak filled with cheese and mint 84

Rakakat with chicken and sumac 86

Fatayer with cheese and spinach 88

Baked sambusak with potato, cheese 90

Lamb kibbeh filling 92

Kibbeh 94

Pumpkin kibbeh 96

Falafel 98

Falafel, step by step 100

Spiced fried potatoes 102

Spiced fried potatoes, step by step 104

Mezze Hot Dishes 106

Almond-crusted squid with sumac mayonnaise 110

Pomegranate-sautéed chicken livers 112

Potato fritter filled with spiced lamb 118

Zucchini fritters 120

Sesame- and black-seed-crusted goat's cheese with mint 122

Moussaka with tahini 124

Grilled eggplant with feta 126

Grills & Barbecues 128

Pan-fried shawarma 132

Lamb and pistachio kofta 136

Chicken wings 138

Comptoir kofta hot dog 140

Comptoir kofta hot dog, step by step 142

Cinnamon-marinated quail 146

Chile-marinated jumbo shrimp 148

Pomegranate molasses-marinated salmon 150

Tabkhat 152

Spiced baked fish 156

Fried eggplant with yogurt, crispy onions, and toasted pita 158

Spiced ground lamb with tomato, zucchini, and eggplant 160

Rice with vermicelli 162

Tomato-crust potatoes 164

Meatballs 168

Braised chicken with beans 170

Fried sea bass with tahini and rice 174

Stuffed eggplant 176

Cumin-braised neck of lamb with baby okra 178

Breakfast 182

Feta and za'atar omelette 186

Comptoir Libanais za'atar mix 186

Full Lebanese breakfast 190

Lebanese tortilla with sausages 192

Broad bean dip 194

Breads 196

Pita bread 200

Pita bread, step by step 202

Tahini butter buns 204

Saj bread 208

Black seed and halloumi flatbreads 210

Mini lamb flatbreads 212

Za'atar flatbreads 214

Soups, Sauces & Pickles 218

Lentil soup 222

Pumpkin soup 226

Garlic sauce 228

Tahini sauce 228

Homemade tahini paste 230

Yogurt, chile, and dried mint sauce 232

Chile paste 234

Natural pickle brine 236

Pickled cucumber 236

Pickled turnip and beets 238

Sweets, Desserts & Jams 240

Rose marzipan-stuffed dates with yogurt 244

Frozen yogurt 246

Pumpkin, sesame, and labneh tart 250

Plum cheesecake 252

Lebanese date pastries 254

Date jam 256

Fig jam 258

Drinks 262

Pomegranate and orange blossom lemonade 264

Fresh lemon and lime lemonade 266

Rose lemonade 268

Lebanese wines and arak 272

Lebanese coffee 276

Mint tea 276

The Authors 278

Index 282

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