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A First Look at Poisonous Snakes

A First Look at Poisonous Snakes

by Millicent Ellis Selsam, Joyce Hunt, Harriett Springer (Illustrator)

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School Library Journal - School Library Journal
Gr 2-4 Although limited in scope, this simple introduction to poisonous snakes effectively combines a clearly written text with large, distinct pencil sketches. Focusing on the major differences between poisonous snake species, the book divides them into two groupssnakes with short, fixed fangs (i.e., cobras, coral snakes, etc.) and snakes with long, hinged fangs (i.e., rattlesnakes, vipers, etc.). It then briefly describes the special physical or behavioral characteristics of 18 different species (including cobras, rattlesnakes, mambas, sidewinders, sea snakes, etc.); gives their geographical range; discusses ways they benefit humankind; and lists a few safety precautions that should be followed in the wild. Several simple exercises are included in which readers are directed to find the illustration of a species through its distinctive marking of special physical characteristic. Well-executed sketches closely match the short blocks of text throughout the book. Other books cover this topic at greater depth, most notably Simon's Poisonous Snakes (Macmillan, 1981). Zim's Snakes (Morrow, 1949) also has a section on poisonous species. Both books, however, are on a slightly higher reading level and neither has the same emphasis on differences between snake species as Selsam and Hunt's book does; this emphasis underscores the importance of careful observation, the basis of all scientific study. Karey Wehner, San Francisco Public Library

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Walker & Company
Publication date:
A First Look at Series
Age Range:
6 - 9 Years

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