A Guide to Civil War Sites in Maryland: Blue and Gray in a Border State

A Guide to Civil War Sites in Maryland: Blue and Gray in a Border State

by Susan Cooke Soderberg

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The state of Maryland was unique at the time of the Civil War. Geographically, it sat between the North and the South; traditionally, it had been a Southern state. But because of the change from an agricultural to an industrial society and with the influx of many Pennsylvania Germans, it was no longer Southern either economically or culturally. Within the state itself, opinion was divided. As a result, people from neighboring towns found themselves fighting on opposite sides during the war. Soderberg, a historian and author of several other books about the Civil War, offers a complete history of Maryland's complex role during the Civil War. To introduce us to the various Civil War sites, she has divided the state into nine sections, with a map for each one. Her sites include everything from the Antietam National Battlefield to Clara Barton's house to the Chesapeake Maritime Museum. She provides directions for each site and sometimes a telephone number and hours. The sites are not rated as to their importance during the war or their interest as tourist attractions. In addition, the maps are not highly detailed, and without a map of the whole state showing the locations of the nine sections it is difficult to imagine using them as a basis for a tour. Soderberg is clearly knowledgeable about Civil War events in Maryland, so as a history, this book is detailed and informative. As a travel guide, however, it is less successful. Recommended for libraries with large Civil War collections.--Julia Stump, Voorheesville P.L., NY

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