A Guide to Usability: Human Factors in Computing / Edition 1

A Guide to Usability: Human Factors in Computing / Edition 1

by Jenny Preece, Gordon Davies, David Benyon, Laurie Keller

ISBN-10: 020162768X

ISBN-13: 9780201627688

Pub. Date: 04/30/1993

Publisher: Addison-Wesley

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Table of Contents

About this Guide.
Who Is This Guide For?
How to Use This Guide?
1. Introduction to HCI.
What Is HCI?
Why HCI Is Important.
The Scope of HCI.
The Contributors to HCI.

2. The Human Element: Applying Psychology.
Why Apply Psychology?
What Is Cognitive Psychology?
Organizational and Social Aspects.
How to Apply Psychology.

3. System Development.
System Development Life-cycle.
Modern Approaches to System Development.
Early Design Stages.
Later Design Stages.
The Relationship between Methods.
Guidelines and Standards.

4. System and Interface Features.
Screen Design.
Communication Styles.
User Support.
Types of System.

5. Software Tools and Prototyping.
The Need for Software Tools.
General Purpose Tools.
Integrated Environments.

6. Evaluation.
What Is Evaluation?
When to Do Evaluation.
Methods, Techniques and Tools.
Which Method and When?
Two Approaches to Evaluation: Usability Engineering and Contextual Inquiry.

7. Future trends.

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