A Guys' Guide to Conflict/A Girls' Guide to Conflict

A Guys' Guide to Conflict/A Girls' Guide to Conflict

by Jim Gallagher, Dorothy Kavanaugh

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VOYA - Dotsy Harland
This cleverly designed series explores selected emotions and offers strategies for handling them. Each volume has a section geared toward boys, with a note on the cover instructing girls to flip the book over, and vice versa. When the volume is flipped, a book for the opposite gender is revealed. The book about conflict focuses on how to avoid it by improving one's communication skills and how to positively resolve unavoidable conflict. The girls' section, written by a female author, offers advice on handling cliques, "mean girls," bullies, and parents. Much of the information is repeated in the boys' section. Interestingly the girls' section includes a chapter on divorce and blended families, a topic not addressed in the boys' section. In contrast, the boys' section, written by a male author, includes the chapter, "Are You a Bully?" which takes a different approach than the discussion in the girls' book. Both sections pop with color photographs and interesting inserts. The volume on stress mirrors the format of the volume on conflict, and includes examples of healthy and unhealthy ways to deal with this emotion. Again much of the information is the same in the girls' and boys' portions of the book, and parts of both sections could be useful to anyone. All four authors have lively writing styles that readers will enjoy. Each volume includes Web sites and hotline telephone numbers that will come in handy for teens in need. Other emotions covered by the series include anger, jealousy, loneliness, and love. Reviewer: Dotsy Harland
Children's Literature - Wendy M. Smith-D'Arezzo
Flip-it-over books contain two books in one; one is directed at teen girls and the other is directed at teen boys. In this book on conflict, the authors begin by explaining how conflict is connected to emotions. While the beginning chapters in each book address similar issues and both cite recent brain research information about how male and female brains react to conflict, the chapter titles are somewhat sexist in their approach; for girls, the first chapter title is "Conflict and your Emotions" and for boys, it is "What is Conflict?" Both books deal with conflict between friends, issues at home and bullying. Each book contains realistic photographs representing teens of many racial backgrounds; in addition any given chapter includes fun facts, quotes from famous people, lists of tips and results of scientific studies, all offset using colored backgrounds and fonts to visually stimulate the reader. Chapter notes, a glossary, resources both print and Internet and an index finish off the text of each book. The subtle sexist issues aside, the material is presented in a way that will hold the attention of a teen reader; this is a relatively quick read and it contains useful information. The presentation of a boys' side and a girls' side may intrigue some teens, leading them to pick up the book to see what it is all about. Reviewer: Wendy M. Smith-D'Arezzo
School Library Journal

Gr 6-9- Despite the Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus approach, these his and her guides follow roughly the same outline. They define conflict, show how it manifests in different relationships, and suggest how to deal with it, providing tips on communicating effectively. The information is sound enough, but the psych textbooklike tone does not mesh well with the packaging. Full-page quizzes, in the style of teen magazines, are inserted mid-sentence, but even CosmoGIRL! quizzes are less predictable and have better insight than the ones found here. The photographs are obviously staged, the hypothetical situations employ unrealistic dialogue, and the motivational quotations sprinkled throughout come from figures who do not have much relevance to teens' lives (Frank Tyger, Garth Brooks, Henry Boyle). This awkward fit of instruction and self-help may better serve adults looking to initiate discussion on the subject rather than teens.-Joanna K. Fabicon, Los Angeles Public Library

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Flip-It-over Guides to Teen Emotions Series
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