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A Gypsy at Almack's

A Gypsy at Almack's

by Chloe Cheshire

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Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
This debut Regency novel is a sprightly, amusing tale of manners and romance. Completing her third unsuccessful London season, overweight and overemphatic Lucy Saint-Clair seems unlikely ever to find a husband among the society eligibles, who prefer vapid, delicate, retiring young women. In desperation, Lucy's godmother, Tabitha Teale, seeks help from her brother, the dissolute but socially powerful Lord Rune, begging him to spark some interest from potential suitors by publicly paying attention to Lucy. The bored Rune agrees against his better judgment and, to his surprise, finds Lucy refreshingly unique; her honesty and directness both appall and delight him. His interest in life renewed, Rune undertakes Lucy's social advancement while she, predictably, falls in love with him. Readers will easily guess the outcome, but Chesire makes it all good fun with her well-rounded characters, witty dialogue and vivid descriptions. ( Jan. )
Library Journal - Library Journal
Cheshire, a pseudonymous school librarian and first novelist, begins with an unusual premise (a heroine in her fourth season!) that quickly turns prosy and boring. Lucy St. Clair is a vicar's plain, overweight, outspoken daughter. With two of her own daughters to launch, her grandmother despairs of Lucy's ever ``taking.'' So she turns to her brother, Lord Rune--a dull, prosaic, hypochondriacal, if handsome gentleman of uncertain age--and prevails upon him to make Lucy ``all the crack'' so that she will get an offer of marriage. With no more plot than this, abysmal dialog, and dimwitted characters--not to mention a misleading title--this book gets no vouchers for Almack's.-- Paula M. Zieselman, Ful bright & Jaworski, New York

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St. Martin's Press
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1st ed
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5.80(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

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