A Higher Court, One Man's Search for the Truth of God's Existence

A Higher Court, One Man's Search for the Truth of God's Existence

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by John L. Betcher

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My name is William Kensey. I have a wife and two great kids. Until very recently, I was a well-respected and financially successful trial attorney.

I was also a man who was comfortable with his religion. I preferred it served at arm's length from the pulpit on Sunday morning. And would rather not discuss it the rest of the week.

The circumstances


My name is William Kensey. I have a wife and two great kids. Until very recently, I was a well-respected and financially successful trial attorney.

I was also a man who was comfortable with his religion. I preferred it served at arm's length from the pulpit on Sunday morning. And would rather not discuss it the rest of the week.

The circumstances that led me to write A HIGHER COURT changed all that. The entire experience was both bizarre and unavoidable. You see, I was summoned to serve as a juror in an improbable trial -- a trial to determine whether God exists.

I know.

You think that sounds ludicrous. I did, too . . . until the trial began.

Witnesses buried me under mountains of scientific evidence. My own eyes forced me to confront the reality of extreme human suffering. God seemed less and less relevant -- even absent -- as the trial progressed.

At the close of the trial, I had to render my verdict -- "God" or "No God." Affirm a new and deeper faith in a Creator, or confess the triumph of science.

A HIGHER COURT is the story of how I discovered the ultimate truth. I invite you to join me in this revelation. You won't be sorry.

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Amazon - Anna Sota

I absolutely LOVED this book. It was NOT a "slow read". Quite often I found myself going back to re-read a paragraph or two because I didn't want to miss anything. The ending blew me away--I woke up a couple of times through the night thinking about it. I have already read the book twice and I will probably read it again. I would recommend this book to Christians and Non-Christians alike. It is very factual and well researched.

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Meet the Author

A USA Today Bestselling author, John L. Betcher holds a Bachelor's Degree, cum laude, in English from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Minnesota Law School in Minneapolis.

He has practiced law for more than twenty-five years in the Mississippi River community of Red Wing, Minnesota. He has also been a long-time supporter and coach of youth volleyball there.

In addition to A HIGHER COURT, Mr. Betcher has published a bestselling and award-winning series of "Beck" suspense/thriller novels. The first five are THE 19TH ELEMENT, THE MISSING ELEMENT, THE COVERT ELEMENT, THE EXILED ELEMENT and THE CRITICAL ELEMENT.

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A Higher Court, One Man's Search for the Truth of God's Existence 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
FAE35 More than 1 year ago
A HIGHER COURT raises the qusestion DOES GOD EXIST?The trial of course takes place in a court of law amongest jurors,and counsels representing repudiation,and existence.The jury is made up of different races,backgorund,and religious believe.The counsels from both parties has the duties in trying to prove to the jurors of whether or not GOD exist. The repudiation,and existence's both produces expert testimonies,as well as individual testimonies of people in different curcumstances.When I read the excerpt,and the title I figured I knew what the book was going to be about.Wrong!I got to the part of " DOES GOD EXIST"and that's what peek my interest in reading on,also I wanted to know what the verdict would be.Well,I found out the verdict,and NOW you (the reader) have to read the book for your self to see what the verdict is.A MUST READ!!!!!!!!!
Barry_Parham More than 1 year ago
A jury summons is delivered to a man mourning the loss of his parent and, elsewhere, there are eleven other summonses being read by eleven other men and women. These twelve strangers have been asked to appear in an actual (but teasingly surreal) courtroom and deliver a rather important verdict: does God exist? It's hard to describe how well-written this story really is, and equally difficult to discuss it without imparting too much. Author (and attorney) John L. Betcher pilots you unerringly through one of the most fascinating tales I've ever read, as twelve unique (though, ultimately, not so very different) humans listen to testimony, attend to arguments from counsels for and against, weigh the evidence and, ultimately, cast their votes: Is there a God? Beautifully told, exceptionally well-paced, with a stunning ending. You won't soon forget this one.
Merlyn74 More than 1 year ago
When I first read the premise of the book: a successful lawyer, William Kensey, is called summoned for jury duty to rule on the existence of God, I was intrigued. I will not present a synopsis, others have done admirable work in that regard. After I downloaded and began reading the book I was presented with some of the most powerful evidence, for and against God's existence, from witnesses that span the spectrum from an angry sheet metal worker to broadly learned cosmologists. When Betcher's protagonist discusses each testimony-the reactions of his fellow jurors are, in themselves windows into the minds and souls of diverse people. I was drawn into the trial and fascinated by the interplay of religious vs. agnostic vs. atheistic viewpoints regarding evidence for and against the existence of God. Whatever the reader's point of view, this book will challenge his or her perceptions and leave a lasting imprint. The final scenes of the book took me by surprise. I highly recommend A Higher Court.
shewriting More than 1 year ago
As I prepared to write my review of the book, A Higher Court by John L. Betcher, a phrase I once heard immediately came to my mind: "It is more important to experience the experience than to explain the experience." For you to appreciate the depth and magnitude of this novel's implications, you have to read it for yourself. I cannot adequately explain it to you because your experience will be as unique as you and your own spiritual journey are. Although the book is fictional, it intricately portrays each side of the "does God exist or not?" debate. Whether you are a believer, an agnostic, or an atheist, I highly recommend that you read this book with an "open mind" (as stated in the "opening arguments" of chapter six.) If your experience is similar to mine, A Higher Court will take you on a journey through logic and reason, faith and doubt, stories of hardships and triumphs, and ultimately, to an ending that will leave you feeling as if you are a member of this unique jury. What will be your verdict? Does God exist or doesn't He? Read A Higher Court and decide for yourself.
ApexReviews More than 1 year ago
William Kensey is many things: a husband, a father, a successful trial attorney. One thing he isn't, though, is overly religious, preferring to relegate his faith to a laconic sermon every Sunday morning. All that changes, though, when William is summoned one day to serve on the jury of a rather unlikely trial: one designed to determine whether or not God really exists. Suddenly thrust in the midst of a heated battle between science and religion - not to mention forced to face his long-buried conceptions of God Himself - William eventually comes to grips with a startling ultimate truth - one that manages to stir even such a settled soul as his own... A Higher Court is an eye-opening, thoroughly enlightening read. Through a compelling central storyline and a standout cast of characters, author John Betcher provides the reader with a fresh spin on an age-old debate that rages on to this day. While tackling what is clearly a controversial topic, Betcher manages to steer clear of any semblance of proselytization, instead presenting clear, cogent points supporting both sides of the argument - a difficult task to pull off, but one that Betcher makes look easy. Grippingly insightful, A Higher Court forces readers to gaze through the introspective lens of self-reflection, inviting them to give deep, serious thought to an issue that - while no doubt able to stir considerable passion - is more deserving of our collective applied wisdom and understanding. Highly recommended. Dominique Sessons Apex Reviews
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Martha-A-Cheves More than 1 year ago
"Thank you for coming today. My first announcement may be a surprise to some of you who are familiar with typical jury selection procedures. But there will be no voir dire - no questioning of Jurors for today's trial." The Judge seemed to be looking directly at me as he continued to speak. "All of you have been chosen to serve as Jurors in this matter. There will be no further selection process. There will be no alternates. No one will be excused. To be perfectly clear.every one of you will serve." So much for my day of contemplation and reflection. But what in the hell was this Judge thinking? Maybe he was a more pitiable specimen than I had first surmised. There were more than thirty of us prospective jurors here. The Judge's statement was absurd. The court couldn't empanel more than twelve jurors, plus a couple alternates. The law didn't allow for it. Before I had finished considering the Judge's bizarre statement, he interrupted my thoughts with another declaration.a statement I could never have anticipated.and words I will never forget. "Today you will determine if God exists." William Kensey has been summoned for jury duty. Being an attorney himself, he knows what goes on during a trial. He knows what questions and answers are important, needing to be listened to carefully and which are fluff. He is expecting to spend the "fluff" time thinking about his lack of feelings after the passing of his father. But nothing could have prepared him for the trial he will be acting as a juror for. As the trial proceeds the Counsel for Repudiation and the Counsel for Existence will both present witnesses who deliver rather strong testimonies to their beliefs. As I read each argument, I found them to be a test for my own faith. I read about the Big Bang Theory presented by the professor dealing in the area of cosmology. What he said could make sense when he explained that earth was a lot older than the Bible tells us. My personal answer to this is "how long was a day in God's time?" The question arose that man couldn't have been made from "dirt." "What was God's dirt?" "From the beginning, when the Almighty first gave man a soul, man has been stubborn and disobedient. Man has never been satisfied being man. He lusts to be God - an aspiration he can never achieve. So for the most part, man has chosen to separate himself from God.to make his own way in the world." Looking at the world both past and present, I find this statement to be 100% true. Another statement made that I feel is so true with the world and man was the Author's conclusion that there are five obstacles that prevent mankind from attaining faith. They are - Anger, Fear, Ego, Idolatry and Comfort. Again, as I read the reasons behind these five obstacles I have to say that I agree. After reading The Shack, many asked what I thought and should they read it. My answer to them was that I felt it should be read with an open mind. If read with an open mind, I feel you will receive the message intended for you. That is exactly how I feel about A Higher Court. By reading with an open mind, you become one of the jurors and will be able to make up your own mind as to whether God does or doesn't exist. I could spend all day expressing my feelings for A Higher Court but will leave it at this. While reading A Higher Court, I actu
WRPotter More than 1 year ago
Author John L. Betcher boldly places the existence of God on trial in his extraordinary new book A Higher Court: One Man's Search for the Truth of God's Existence. We meet William Kensey shortly after his father was struck and killed in a crosswalk by a distracted soccer mom. At his father's service, William turns down the reverend's offer of a private time of prayer believing his time is best served with his wife and children. A few days later, still troubled by his lack of distress over his father's death, William receives a summons for jury duty. On arrival at court, he quickly realizes this is no ordinary trial. No juror could be excused, nor could any cell phone, time piece, or electronic device be brought into the courtroom. He, along with thirty-five other jurors, must hear evidence offered by witnesses claiming expertise regarding God's existence or lack thereof. In the end each must render a verdict...God or No God! Handicapped and mysterious Judge Jonathan Cole presides over the case with two lawyers, Counsel for the Repudiation of God and Counsel for the Existence of God. And so the trial begins with each lawyer calling witnesses including an anthropologist, philosopher, theologian, cosmologist, minister, and an average Joe, to name a few. Each witness gives testimony that proves or disproves the existence of a higher power. Four individual stories of tragic loss and hardship are also heard, both for and against God. These testimonials add a poignant yet disturbing element to the proceedings. Along the way are seven deliberations where the jury is split up into small groups of 4-6 to discuss the previous evidence. William's group includes a Muslim, Native American, atheist, and a naïve teen, setting off some lively debates. At first William believes the trial must be a hoax but before long he begins to understand the importance of what is unfolding in front of him. He is face to face with every human's trial of a lifetime with no choice but to deliver a verdict that will change his life and perhaps the world as well. This entertaining and thought provoking read will appeal to readers from all denominations, to those unsure of their faith, and even to those who consider themselves atheists. John L. Betcher doesn't preach or push his own beliefs on his audience. His research is intensive and he presents the facts and his findings for the reader to decide. A Higher Court will definitely have you considering or reconsidering your thoughts on God. This book is well written in every aspect. It caught my interest early, and kept me hooked with insightful information, crisp dialogue, and then finally, an ending I didn't see coming. I can't imagine anyone reading A Higher Court and not feeling moved to recommend it to a friend or family member. I asked my wife to read it. Rated a Must Read by William Potter