A Highlander in L.A.

A Highlander in L.A.

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by J.P. Bowie

An 18th century time travelling Scot finds the man of his dreams in present day Los Angeles.

When on duty LAPD officer, Darren Holden, is told to check out a possible dead body lying in an alleyway, he finds a man who is unconscious but very much alive. Not only alive, but gorgeous—and wearing a kilt. Darren is sure he knows the man, he just


An 18th century time travelling Scot finds the man of his dreams in present day Los Angeles.

When on duty LAPD officer, Darren Holden, is told to check out a possible dead body lying in an alleyway, he finds a man who is unconscious but very much alive. Not only alive, but gorgeous—and wearing a kilt. Darren is sure he knows the man, he just can't remember where or when they might have met. It isn't until that night, unable to sleep, that he realises the stranger is a man he'd been dreaming of for some time—a man who had made love to him night after night.

The Last thing Duncan MacGregor remembers is that he was home in Glen Ardor, Scotland, betrothed to Margaret Macallister as a bond between their two feuding clans.

Darren isn't sure if Duncan is playing a game, suffering from amnesia of just plain nuts, but his attraction to Duncan outweighs his scepticism and he takes him home, determined to find the truth.

Duncan believes he was enchanted by a witch who told him his destiny was not in Scotland, nor to be married to Margaret but to have a life of love and adventure with a man—the man he had dreamt of night after night—Darren.

As much as Darren wants to believe him, his common sense warns him of the sheer impossibility of Duncan's story. Nevertheless, the overwhelming sexual attraction both men feel for one another leads to a night of passionate lovemaking.

Even then, Darren's logical mind refuses to accept that such a thing is possible, but when a dangerous event threatens to tear them apart, Darren must be a believer or lose Duncan forever.

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Eighteenth-century Scotland

From her vantage point where she sat on the hillside, Fiona MacDonald watched as the young Highlander approached. She sighed as she took in the sheer wondrous physicality of the man. Braw is only half o' it, she thought. Duncan MacGregor was the epitome of masculine grace and beauty-a prize that any lass would be proud to call her own. But for as long as Fiona had known Duncan, she had also known it was unlikely that any lass would ever bed with him.

Duncan was different from the other men in his clan-and Fiona could only be glad of that, for some of them were rogues, guid-natured rogues perhaps, but lacking the substance that set Duncan apart from them. Not for one moment could Fiona ever imagine any of them stopping to admire the splendour that surrounded Glen Ardor. The forests of lush dark green, the silver rivers where the salmon leapt over rocks, the bluebell and heather-covered hills, the majesty of the mountain crags and the serenity to be found in the quiet of the glens.

No, Duncan's brothers and friends would no doubt laugh with scorn if they knew that one of them was inspired or even cared about what nature provided. They were far more interested in brawling with the MacAllisters, their neighbouring clansmen, or trying to get between some unsuspecting lassie's thighs. There was guid in them, Fiona would allow, in that they provided food and warmth for their families, but yearning for something more-something life-changing-was not ever in their minds, not even for a fleeting second.

Fiona knew that Duncan longed for another life. True, he loved the Highlands. He even loved his brothers and friends regardless of their uncouth ways and talk, but Fiona knew there was a secret longing deep in his heart for a different way of life-a life of adventure-and love. Fiona even knew, for that was the way of the witch, that Duncan himself did not fully realise the kind of love he craved. Time and again, she had tried to extract from him in their conversations just one tiny admission that what he felt in his heart and what he dreamed of while lying in his lonely bed was not what his father had planned for him.

Now, watching him climb the hill towards her, she could tell from the brooding look on his handsome face that all was not well with her friend. He raised his hand in greeting, and Fiona smiled, subtly shielding the light of admiration in her eyes for his tall, broad-shouldered figure.

"Fiona, I was hoping I'd find you here."

His deep voice never failed to send chills of secret delight through Fiona's blood. She had loved him since they had played together as children-a love that had not faded with time nor the knowledge that he could give her no more than his loving friendship.

"I would have come to you, if I had not been banished from the village by your faither and the elders," Fiona said. Her voice still held the bitterness she felt towards Duncan's clan, a clan that had been hers too until the accusations she could not deny. Whatever they might think of her, she would not lie about her 'gift'.

"Aye, I'm sorry about that, Fiona." Duncan shifted uneasily but didn't look away from her steady gaze. "I've argued about it 'til I'm blue in the face, but the auld scunners just willna' listen. If you had just denied the witchcraft charge-"

"And you know why I will not, Duncan! I told them my gift is for the benefit of a' the folk, but they're a bunch of dunderheids and canna' see beyond their own superstitions. Anyway..." She shrugged and shook her head in dismissal, "Enough of that. You look dour. What ails you, Duncan?"

"Och..." He flung himself down on the ground near her. "Faither has told me I'm to marry Margaret MacAllister. She's a bonnie lass, but..."


Meet the Author

J.P Bowie was born in Scotland and toured British theatres in numerous musical shows including Stephen Sondheim’s Company.

Emigrated to the States and worked in Las Vegas, Nevada for the magicians Siegfried and Roy as their Head of Wardrobe at the Mirage Hotel. Currently living in Henderson, Nevada.

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A Highlander in L.A. 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Usually I'm not into time travel but this one I loved. The men are so well written i kept wishing I knew them personally - Darren or Duncan or both together - even better. The story is fun and very sexy especially when Darren finds out just whats under Duncan's kilt!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Darren is an LAPD cop, Duncan is a Scot from another time! Destiny brings them together and the result is one of the best time travel stories Ive read in ages. The guys are hot, Duncans innocence is both endearing and hilarious at times. I loved this story and only wish there was a sequel. I coud read about men in kilts all year, especially ones as hot as Duncan.