A History of Modern Yemen

A History of Modern Yemen

by Paul Dresch

An accessible and fast moving account of twentieth-century Yemeni history.See more details below


An accessible and fast moving account of twentieth-century Yemeni history.

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Table of Contents

List of illustrations
List of maps and figures
Preface ad acknowledgements
List of abbreviations
1Turkey, Britain and Imam Yahya: the years around 19001
Imperial divisions3
Premodern Yemen11
Political connections18
Forms of life22
2Yahya and the British: 1918-194828
Control of Yemen28
Aden's hinterland and Hadramawt35
A geographical intersection41
The dynastic state43
Modernist contradictions49
The coup of 194854
3A new form of politics: the 1950s58
Changes in the South58
The Aden hinterland62
Ahmad's domain65
The new politics71
Cairo and Sanaa77
Constitutions and revolution85
4Revolutions and civil wars: the 1960s89
Revolution in the North89
Armed struggle in the South96
Aden as political focus99
'Abd al-Nasir and Yemen102
The end of the British in the South108
The end of the Egyptians in the North114
Consolidation of two states118
5Two Yemeni states in the 1970s120
Socialism in half a country120
Iryani, Hamdi and Salmayn124
Two states in a sea of migrants131
Salmayn and Ghashmi135
The culture of two states140
Politics and economics145
6Yemen in a wider world: politics and economics through the 1980s151
Rivalry across the central area151
The Northern state156
Oil and gas160
Intellectuals, economists and soldiers163
The Southers state168
Modern Yemen172
Regional and wider politics179
7Yemen as a single state183
Yemen and the Gulf crisis183
The "transitional period"186
Control of Yemen195
Political economy198
The wider world204
Someone else's millennium209
App. 1Major tribal groupings of the North215
App. 2: A different history216
Brief chronology219

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