A History of the African People / Edition 4

A History of the African People / Edition 4

by Robert W. July

ISBN-10: 0684162911

ISBN-13: 9780684162911

Pub. Date: 01/28/1980

Publisher: Cengage Gale

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Cengage Gale
Publication date:
Edition description:
3d ed

Table of Contents

Part IAncient Africa1
1The Beginnings of African History3
The Geographic Base3
The Genesis of Homo Sapiens9
Africa and the Origins of Agriculture13
The Agricultural Revolution in Egypt17
The Distribution of African Populations21
Suggestions for Further Reading26
2Africa in the Ancient World27
Egypt and Kush27
Mediterranean Africa37
The Ancient Land of Axum41
Suggestions for Further Reading45
3The States of the Western and Central Sudan47
The World of the Desert47
The Ecology of Sahel and Savanna51
Traders in the Sahara and Sudan54
The Golden Commerce57
The Mercantile Civilization59
Sudanic State Systems63
The Kingdom of Ghana65
The Rise and Fall of Mali67
The Empire of Songhai69
Kanem-Bornu and the Hausa States72
Suggestions for Further Reading78
4The Cosmopolitan World of East Africa79
The Rise of the City-States79
The Portuguese on the East African Coast84
The Omani Suzerainty88
Ethiopia--The Trials of Isolation92
Christians and Muslims in the Eastern Sudan100
Suggestions for Further Reading102
5The West African Forest Civilization104
The Land and the People104
The Daily Life112
Ife, Oyo, and the Rise of the Yoruba117
The People of Benin119
The Kingdom of Dahomey122
The Akan States of Asante and Fante123
Suggestions for Further Reading127
6The Great Migrations129
The Civilization of Zimbabwe129
The Bantu Speakers132
Bantu Cultures136
Cushitic and Nilotic Movements139
Some Bantu and Nilotic Communities141
Central African Bantu141
Bunyoro and Buganda142
The Kikuyu144
Turkana Pastoralists146
Suggestions for Further Reading148
7The Coming of Europe150
The Roots of European Expansion150
The Imperial Design of Portugal152
The Portuguese in Kongo and Angola153
The Arrival of the Dutch157
The British and French in West Africa163
The Nature of the European Impact164
European Commerce170
Africa and the Atlantic Slave Trade172
Suggestions for Further Reading176
Part IIRevolutionary Africa179
8The Genesis of Modern Africa181
The Age of Revolution181
Muhammad Ali and the Modernization of Egypt183
Suggestions for Further Reading187
9Religion and Empire in Western and Central Sudan188
Prelude to the Great Jihads of the Nineteenth Century188
Usuman dan Fodio and the Sokoto Jihad190
Seku Ahmadu in Masina196
The Jihad of al-Hajj Umar198
Al-Kanemi and His Successors in Bornu200
Samori and Rabih203
Suggestions for Further Reading208
10The Eastern Sudan--Egyptian Expansionism and the Mahdist Revolution209
Invasion from the North209
The Ecology of Poverty211
Egypt in the Sudan214
The Southern Sudan and the Slave Trade218
Backdrop to the Mahdi221
The Mahdist Revolution222
Epilogue--The Khalifa Abdallahi225
Suggestions for Further Reading227
11Population Explosions in Southern Africa228
Mfecane--The Road from Zululand228
Central Africa and the Great Ngoni Trek233
The Search for Security--Sebetwane and Mzilikazi236
Moshoeshoe and the Diplomacy of Self-Defense239
The Boer Trekkers241
The Shape of Things to Come--South Africa at Mid-Century245
Suggestions for Further Reading250
12West Africa and Europe's Humanitarian Revolution252
The Enlightenment in West Africa252
Colonization, Christianity, and Commerce255
Senegal--The Jacobin Heritage258
The Bible and the Plough259
West African Kingdoms in the Nineteenth Century264
The Vanishing Dream268
Suggestions for Further Reading273
13Commerce and Statecraft in Eastern and Central Africa275
The Rise of International Trade275
The Economic Imperialism of Sayyid Said279
Firearms and the Shifting Ecology of the Interior283
Mirambo, Tippu Tip, and the Demise of Merchant Imperialism286
Buganda and the International Trade289
Suggestions for Further Reading291
Part IIIColonial Africa293
14The Partition of Africa295
The Berlin Conference295
Partition--The Causes298
Partition--The Process303
Partition--The African Response310
Modernization and Independence in Ethiopia314
Suggestions for Further Reading320
15Early Nationalist Stirrings in West Africa322
Adaptation and Survival322
Politics and Commerce in Senegal324
Sierra Leone and African Nationalist Self-Consciousness328
Edward Blyden Creates a Philosophy of African Nationalism331
Liberia and the Tribulations of Independence335
The Demise of the Forest Kingdoms337
Abortive Alliance--The Westernized Africans and the Traditional Authorities340
Suggestions for Further Reading344
16The Foundations of Progress and Poverty in Southern Africa345
The Birth of a New Society345
Britain and Complexities of Colonial Stewardship346
The Revolution of Diamonds and Gold348
The Road to Union352
The Other Union358
Beyond the Limpopo--363
--And Across the Zambezi368
Suggestions for Further Reading374
17Colonialism and Nation Making in East Africa375
The Logic of European Imperialism375
British Paternalism in Uganda376
Kenya--Racialism in a Colonial Society380
Kenya--Alien Rule and African Response384
Kenya--The Onset of African Political and Social Aspirations386
The Tanganyikan Colony and Mandate389
Multiple Colonialism in Zanzibar392
British Rule and Nationalist Stirrings in the Nile Valley394
Suggestions for Further Reading397
18Between Two World Wars--Nationalist Frustrations in West Africa399
West Africa and the First World War399
The Theory and Practice of Colonial Administration400
Nationalist Politics in West Africa Between the Two World Wars404
The National Congress of British West Africa414
The Pan-African Movement416
Liberia and African Nationalism419
Suggestions for Further Reading422
19In the Heart of Darkness424
The Unity of Diversity424
The Belgian Congo425
French Equatorial Africa433
Portuguese Angola and Mozambique438
Suggestions for Further Reading442
20The Two Societies of Southern Africa444
Apartheid--Colonialism in South Africa444
Apartheid and the Republic of South Africa451
African Nationalism in South Africa453
South-West Africa and the High Commission Territories458
The Theory and Practice of Partnership in Central Africa460
The Rise and Fall of Federation in Central Africa464
Suggestions for Further Reading469
Part IVIndependent Africa471
21Toward Independence473
The Foundations of Freedom473
The Changing World479
Independence Movements in the Northeast481
The West African Catalyst484
Independence--The French-African Variant491
The Crisis of Independence in the Congo495
East African Uhuru499
Black and White Independence in Central Africa507
The Haves and the Have-Nots511
Suggestions for Further Reading512
22Independence Economics515
The Meaning of Freedom515
Alternatives of Economic Development516
The Problems of Modernization520
The Vagaries of Economic Growth528
The Crisis of Foreign Debt534
A Faltering Development536
Suggestions for Further Reading539
23States and Nations540
The Indispensable Unity540
Decline of the Parties541
The Soldiers549
Civil War553
Suggestions for Further Reading563
24Disintegrating Citadels in the South564
Portugal Bows Out564
From Rhodesia to Zimbabwe568
Namibia--The Last African Colony572
The Afrikaner Laager574
"Freedom in Our Lifetime"578
A New South Africa582
Suggestions for Further Reading583
25African Cultural Independence--Ideals and Complexities585
An Independent African Civilization589
Europe and the African Personality592
The Victims596
Independence and the African Woman599
Ecological Imperatives602
Economic Development and the Wars605
Suggestions for Further Reading607

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